The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Milk Frother

In today’s era peoples always wanted to enjoy the particular test of coffee at home rather than go to coffee shop to drink a cup of coffee. Isn’t it an exciting thing? But why is this mental change happening? Because those days are gone away; when people are just wanted to drink a regular cup of coffee. Now, you may ask a question like “Why this happened”? The only answer is now the coffee era is all about cappuccinos and espressos. In that case, many of the coffee beverage shops offer special coffee like cappuccinos and espressos with foamy topping frothy milked. That is made by aerating warm milk. Resulting, the regular became the special one in test. You may now ask a question like: is it possible to make at home and how? Yes, dear, you can make this with milk frother. In that case, there is question arise how you can find the best milk frother to make this coffee? You can be made it with our Top Milk Frothers by selecting anyone who ensures your demand. Let’s see what they are:





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Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Frothing 4.25 oz./125 ml., Heating 8.5 oz./250 ml.


Norpro Glass Froth Master

Norpro Glass Froth Master

2C / 16oz


MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother, Heater and Cappuccino Maker

MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother

8.0 oz /250 ml (about 1 cup)


HIC Milk Creamer Frother

HIC Milk Creamer Frother



Chef's Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother, Heater and Cappuccino Maker with New Foam Density Feature (New Version)

Chef's Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother

Frothing 4.25 oz / 125 ml | Heating 8.5 oz / 250 ml


15 Best Milk Frother of 2018 – Reviews and Buyer's Guide

1. Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

Breville brand is one of the top performers in manufacturing high-quality milk frother. The Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother has shiny, sleek and robust stainless steel exterior. You will be happy to know about its multifunctional abilities to make different types and flavors of coffee like espresso, smooth latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, hot milk, milk froth and many more.

Key features

  • The induction heating and spinning makes the drink more delicious and tasty.
  • You can adjust the temperature by its user- friendly control settings.
  • The device comes with two frothing discs.
  • The discs have magnetic stirring.
  • This unit comes with latte frothing disc to get the smooth and silky milk.
  • There is the cappuccino frothing disc which makes creamy and thick froth.
  • The weight is 3.6 pounds.
  • The dimension is 6 x 6 x 10.2 inches.
  • The product made of stainless steel. 


  • The milk frother can make various types of milk drinks including hot chocolate, espresso, latte, milk creams, milk foam and many more.
  • It is also a hot chocolate maker. You have to add the chocolate powder, syrup or flakes to the warm milk.
  • The device is much easier to clean than other milk frothers.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Simple temperature control and adjustments have made it a whole milk frother.

Cons of solution

  • The discs must clean adequately.
    It is obvious to clean the whole system so that it works for a long time by giving yummy froths and creams in coffee, milk and many other drinks.


Q: Is there any auto-off system?

Answer: Yes why not, after the desired temperature achieved it is programmed to turn off automatically.

Q: What are the capacities?

Answer: The model has the capacity to make three cups of frothed milk.

Q: What is the location of magnetic storage?
The magnetic storage is at the rear of the frothing disc.

2. Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

NespressoAeroccinoPlus Milk Frother is an automatic milk frother. The product can froth milk in few seconds. It prepares high-quality froth in large proportion.

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Key features

  • The unit takes 120 volts.
  • Its maximum capacity for milk froth preparation is 130 ml. Again for hot milk preparation, its capacity is 250 ml.
  • The use of hot and cold milk froth is to make cappuccinos. On the other hand, hot milk froth required for the latte.
  • You will see the maximum and minimum level with indicators.
  • The base is detachable.


  • The design is durable and elegant.
  • Easy to use and make tea latte, hot chocolate, milk foams, creams, cappuccinos, macchiatos and many more.
  • You can prepare hot milk or cold milk foams and creams.
  • The device is simple to clean.
  • There is no sound while operating the milk frother.

Cons of solution

  • The Nespresso milk frother is not dishwasher safe.
    The cleaning is easy. Within few minutes you can clean the whole system.


Q: What is the proportion of milk for whipping?

Answer: The use of milk depends on the things you want to make hot or cold as frothing.

Q: Is it possible to use the device in the office or commercial places to make the latte?

Answer: Yes, of course, the milk frother is ideal to use at any place including the office. The unit is quiet, and the latte made from this unit also tastes delicious.

Q: What are its customer ratings in the e-commerce sites?

Answer: The customer ratings are 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

3. Electric Milk Frother

The Electric Milk Frother will fulfill your desire to make foam at home. It can turn the milk or cream into the dense foam for your milkshakes, latte, cold coffee, hot coffee, hot chocolates and many other drinks. The frother is very fast, and its torque is very powerful for whipping process. The product runs by its motor. This milk frother for lattes is handheld with a primary body with its whisking head added to its stem.


  • The milk frother made for the handheld.
  • The battery required for operating the milk frother.
  • The unit prepares its exclusive foam to make the cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and many other.
  • The power of the battery must be 2 AA.
  • The item weight is 1.6 ounces.
  • The dimension is 9.4 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches.


  • The product turns the milk or cream into fantastic foam within minutes.
  • The cleaning process is very simple and more comfortable than other devices.
  • The foam of this machine is creamy, fluffy and delicious.
    • The unit is cheap to buy.

Cons of solution

  • The milk frother which is handheld takes much time to whip heavy cream
    Of course it will undoubtedly take time to whip the heavy cream to make a perfect froth.


Q: Who is the manufacturer of this cooling device?

Answer: The manufacturer name is Kuissential.

Q: What are its customer reviews as ratings in an average of all e-commerce sites?

Answer: The average customer ratings are 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.

Q: How to insert the batteries?

Answer: You have to go to the on/off button and slide it.

Q: Which milk frother is okay to use for almond milk?

Answer: Every milk frother is good to use for almond milk. This one is also good.

4. HIC Milk Creamer Frother

The HIC Milk Creamer Frother froths milk in its large pitcher that can hold 14 ounces of milk. You have to pour hot or cold milk into the pitcher to get the rich froth and foam for your drinks and beverage.

HIC Milk Creamer Frother


  • Without electricity or battery, the milk creamer frother creates the foam within seconds.
  • The product made of stainless steel.
  • Its lid is double mesh aerator.
  • There is the grip to handle for natural balance.
  • Its capacity is 14 ounce.


  • The product is durable.
  • You can make foam from whole milk, goat milk, cashew milk, almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, skim milk and from other dairy and non-dairy milk.
  • The HIC milk frother is very economical and cost-effective.
  • It works well with chilled or warm milk.
  • The unit is dishwasher safe.
  • Operation of this unit is effortless and smooth.
  • It does not require any electricity or battery.


  • The unit does not come with an instruction manual
    The manufacturer did not make any instruction manual as its plunger is trouble-free to use.


Q: How to use the HIC milk frother?

Answer: At first you have to measure the hot or cold milk in the frothing pitcher. Then place the plunger carefully inside. The lid should place securely. For 30 to 60 seconds pumping must be done with its handle like up and down. The foam will evolve by its consistency. At last, remove the plunger and pour into your beverage.

Q:Where should I use the foam?

Answer: The foam is prepared to use it in any coffee, milkshakes, milk, hot chocolate, latte, tea and many other beverages.

Q: Who is the manufacturer?

Answer: The manufacturer of this best cheap milk frother is HIC Harold Import Co.

5. MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother

MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother can make froth and foam within seconds. You have to add milk in the carafe and press the button. Lastly pour the froth over the beverage like in cappuccinos, lattes, matcha lattes, hot chocolates and many more.

MatchaDNA Premium Automatic Milk Frother, Heater and Cappuccino Maker


  • The best automatic milk frother has buttons that create the creamy thick foam.
  • Its buttons also heat the milk.
  • The base is detachable.
  • The exterior made of stainless steel.
  • Its interior is of non-stick finish.
  • The product has the warranty support.
  • here are multiple functions like to heat milk, froth milk and many other.
  • The carafe is double walled insulation design which helps to maintain the ingredient temperature.
  • The milk frother is 8.0 oz or 250 ml in about one cup.


  • The device is perfect for frothing hot milk and cold milk.
  • You can effortlessly make froth for using it in cappuccinos, lattes, barista, hot chocolate and many other beverages and drinks.
  • The automatic milk frother is the extended lasting durable system.
  • There is non-stick interior which makes the cleaning process very easy and quick.
  • With the push of the button, you will get the creamy foam.

Cons with Solution

  • Does the automatic milk frother make any noise while using?
    No not at all. The automatic milk frother does not make any noise. The unit is quiet.


Q: Can it whip a couple of eggs?

Answer: It is a bad idea to whip egg with a milk frother.

Q: What is the inside of the carafe made of?

Answer: The inside made of non-stick finish.

Q: Is there any refund facility for this product?

Answer: Yes after following the terms and conditions, the refund is given.

Q: What is the item weight?

Answer: The weight is 2 pounds.

6. Aerolatte Original Handheld Milk Frother

Aerolatte Original HandHeld Milk Frother has the optimum frothing capability. It used in home and professional chefs for its multifunctional use in creating vibrant and creamy foam.

Aerolatte Original HandHeld Milk Frother, Satin


  • The handheld milk frother includes two pre-installed AA batteries.
  • The milk frother is handheld for efficient frothing.
  • Batteries operate the unit.
  • Its whisking head and shaft made of durable stainless steel.
  • The 18/8 stainless steel is food approved.
  • It delivers professional quality performance.
  • The product comes with sleek and attractive satin finish.
  • The handle made from ABS plastic.
  • Its motor has the dry rotation speed function and torque for the better result.


  • It can froth all types of kinds of milk including dairy and non-dairy.
  • The froth used in milkshakes, caffe latte, frappe, cocktails and many more.
  • You can also use this unit to prepare soups, desserts, meringues, custard, omelets and many other dishes and recipes.
  • It comes with warranty and guarantees support.
  • It produces foam very quickly and efficiently.

Cons with Solution

  • The batteries last not so long.
    If you use it regularly it is evident that its battery must change.


Q: Where is the battery plate and how to open it?

Answer: The battery plate is in downward, and you have to open it by sliding.

Q: Can it heats and warm the milk?

Answer: The primary function is to froth the milk.

Q: How to start the operation of the foam?

Answer: You have to push and hold at the time of operation.

Q: Can the product be used to prepare desserts?

Answer: You can prepare different types of soups, desserts, cocktails, mixtures and many other recipes.

7. PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee

With the use of this electric foam maker, you can treat yourself as a café style cappuccino, latte and different types of drinks. You do not have to go to a get an espresso because you can make espresso at your home in the comfort of your kitchen. The product is very versatile for use to use it in the drinks, beverages and also to prepare some recipes.

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel.


  • The PowerLix is a handheld milk frother.
  • The unit is battery powered.
  • Its motor power is 19000 RPM.
  • The whisk frappe made of steel.
  • The product is lightweight of 1.6 ounces.
  • It can froth any liquids other besides milk.


  • The unit is portable.
  • It comes with a stand for proper storage.
  • It can be kept in the countertop.
  • You will get instant froth within seconds.
  • The milk frother is not noisy.
  • Its power button is highly active while using.
  • The functions are versatile in making milkshakes, cappuccinos, espressos, coffee and many others.


  • It is better to froth milk alone why not coffee together.
    At first froth the milk then you can use the coffee. This step by step process must follow.


Q: What is the battery information?

Answer: The battery needed for this milk frother 2 AA.

What is its warranty support?

Answer: The warranty support is for three years with some specific terms.

Q: Is the shaft works well?

Answer: The shaft is sturdy. It will undoubtedly perform well than others for its long-lasting finish.

Q: Can I use the unit for making egg omelets?

Answer: Yes, of course, why not. The device is very versatile and multi-functional.

8. Norpro Glass Froth Master

If you want to get the creamy and creamy foam, then this Norpro Glass Froth Master is the ideal choice for you. You have to fill the glass with 1/3(80 ml) cup of milk. Carefully place the lid and secure it nicely. For about 10 to 20 seconds pump the milk. If you want; you can microwave it for getting the warmth of foam. At last pour it to your coffee, espresso, latte, hot chocolate, desserts or on uncountable recipes.

Norpro Glass Froth Master

Key features of this milk frother

  • It can able to hold the capacity of 16 oz. Or 2 C.
  • The frothing process conducted manually. As a result, the foam becomes long lasting and creamy.
  • The best manual milk frother has the glass beaker, and you have to pump manually.
  • There are recipes and instructions which included the package.
  • Its tempered glass can remove from the rubber base.


  • It can make froth with cream, hot milk, cold milk, dairy milk and non-dairy milk.
  • It does not add steam.
  • It can create lighter foam.
  • The froth quantity is high as it is a manual unit.
  • The froth master can utilize fat or non-fat milk.
  • The cleanup of the device is not time-consuming.
  • The device is highly portable.

Cons with Solution

  • The almond milk takes much time to froth
  • Solution: The almond milk contains extra fiber, so you have to froth more than minutes. 


Q: Who is the manufacturer?

Answer: The manufacturer is Norpo. It made in Taiwan.

Q: Is it possible to make whip cream?

Answer: Yes it is possible to make whip cream.

Q: Can I add sugar?

Answer: For getting sweet taste you can add honey, syrup or sugar.

Q: What is the dimension?

Answer: The product dimension is 8.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

9. ​Ikea Milk Frother 100.763.20

Ikea Milk Frother 100.763.20 is excellent for frothing milk in seconds. The foam will melt in your mouth like a dark cotton candy taste. You can make the foam with any kind of milk including hot milk or cold milk.


  • The milk frother must power by a battery.
  • The system is handheld for swift use into the milk or cream.
  • By using the damp cloth, the cleanup can do.
  • The battery has to collect separately.
  • The battery requirement is 2-AA, 1.5v (Lr6).
  • The product is 4.2 ounces.
  • Its dimension is 11 x 3 x 1.
  • It has made of stainless steel.
  • The seal is silicone rubber, acrylic paint, ABS plastic.
  • It is buttons made with ABS plastic.
  • Polycarbonate plastic used for pipe connections.


  • The device is long lasting.
  • It is a cost-effective device.
  • The product can be used to make foam, mixtures, decorations for desserts and many more.
  • It can froth thick cream, milk and any liquid.
  • The operation is effortless and uncomplicated.


  • It cannot warm the milk.
    The milk must warm in the microwave.


Q: What are its shaft and whip made of?

Answer: The shaft and whip made of stainless steel.

Q: How to warm the milk in stove or microwave?

Answer: You can stove or microwave the milk before frothing.

Q: Can it froth vegan milk?

Answer: Yes, of course, it can froth for vegan milk also like soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and many other types.

Q: Can it froth butter?

Answer: It takes time to froth thick consistency.

10. Aerolatte Original HandHeld Milk Frother

Aerolatte Original HandHeld Milk Frother is a fantastic kitchen appliance. It gives professional service to its users by creating enormous, high-quality froth. It can make salad dressings, soft mousse, omelets and many other items into the frothy texture. The design is very compact and light. So anywhere you go you can take this unit quickly and use it frequently. The whisking tool is for multi-purpose use to make milk froths, cream froths, dressings, desserts, omelets, eggs, gravy, sauces and many other recipes.

Key features

  • It requires 2 AA batteries for operation.
  • Robust whisking tool and stainless steel product.
  • The stainless steel is food approved of 18/8.
  • The product layers are sleek and attractive satin finish.
  • The whisking head is spiral.
  • The motor faces dry rotation speed.
  • Torque and rotation speed required for thick foaming.


  • There are many available colors to match with your kitchen.
  • There is the multi-purpose whisking tool.
  • The device has high durability.
  • Its body inner and outer is rust-proof.
  • It prevents corrosion.
  • There is the guaranteed support.


  • The handheld milk frother is not dishwasher safe.
    Any product of high quality is not dishwasher-safe. Therefore this product is of high quality, so it is not dishwasher safe.


Q: Is there is any use of plastic?

Answer: Yes the handle and the base is made of plastic.

Q: Why is the battery not rechargeable?

Answer: There is a need to change the battery after it finishes its power.

Q: Is there any problem with the switch?

Answer: No there is no problem with the switch in on/off. You have, and that’s it.

Q: How will the milk frother last?

Answer: The milk frother will last depend on your use. You have to use it sincerely and carefully so that you can use it for a long time.

11. Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother

Do you want to get the best frothing experience in your drinks or beverage? If yes then you are in the right place. This Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother is one of the finest automatic milk frothers which will satisfy your taste buds at home. The foam will taste so high that you will think you taste it in an expensive restaurant. It has three settings for frothing and heat up the milk or cream.

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe


  • It can make hot or cold milk froth.
  • It can heat up the milk.
  • The vacuum insulation maintains the temperature.
  • The best electric milk frother is of stainless steel.
  • You can detach the carafe from its base.
  • The capacity is 4.25 oz./125 ml in case of frothing.
  • What the capacity requires for heating is 8.5 oz./250 ml.
  • There are many buttons for easy use and operation.
  • You will get the warranty support.


  • You can make cappuccino, latte, iced drinks, cold coffee, hot chocolate and many other drinks and items.
  • It comes with three settings- hot froth, cold foam and warm milk.
  • The weight is portable of 2.15 pounds.
  • It is ideal for family use.
  • The milk frother made of durable materials in the inner and outer layer.
  • The ratings are 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

Cons with Solution

  • The body is better to clean by hand
    The body is more comfortable to clean. You can clean it every time once you used it for better functioning and performance.


Q: Can it froth the coconut milk?

Answer: Yes, of course, it can froth any milk fat, no fat, dairy, non-dairy, thick milk, light milk and various types of milk.

Q: While frothing can I put the cocoa powder?

Answer: After foam, you can put the cocoa powder.

Q: Why is it hard to froth low-fat milk?

Answer: It is a misconception. You can froth the low-fat milk.

12. Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer are famous for making various kinds of froths from different categories of milk. It also can heat up the milk. The milk frother and warmer is getting favorite day by day for its better warranty support and service. It is nice kitchen gadget that can enhance the taste of your coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, cold coffee, latte, tea and many other beverages and food.

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

Key features

  • The maximum capacity to get the milk foam is 125 ml.
  • You need to fill the maximum capacity of 250 ml. for hot milk preparation.
  • There are signals for maximum and minimum level indicators for milk warm, milk frother and milk level.
  • There is free cleaning brush.
  • The base is detachable.
  • The exterior made of high-quality steel.
  • It also has vacuum insulation.
  • The connections are North American Electrical Standards.
  • It requires 120 volts.
  • You will get warranty support.
  • To make the hot drinks press the on/off buttons once by releasing it immediately. In this case, the heater and frother both will turn on.
  • Again to make the cold drinks press the on/off button and release after 3 seconds. Then only the frother will turn on.


  • The capacity of this milk frother is standard and great for multiple people.
  • The interior and exterior are sturdy and robust.
  • The product is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Its size and dimension are very portable and easy to fit anywhere.
  • It is suitable to make cappuccinos, latte, hot chocolate, heat milk, froth any milk, desserts and many types of drinks and foods.

Cons with Solution

  • This unit required frequent maintenance and should not be wrapped up in water and requires meticulous care.
    Yes, its needs quite sound maintenance but for this maintenance its gives the extended period performance to make huge foamy milk for cappuccino.


Q: Can it froth the milk alternatives?

Answer: Yes, of course, it can froth any type of milk including soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk and various milk.

Q: Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Of course it is best to clean it by hand. It will not take much time. You can use soap, brush and warm water.

Q: What are its average ratings in the e-commerce sites?

Answer: The ratings are 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

Q: What are the watts for 500 ml?

Answer: The frother utilizes 120 volts by pulling 500 watts.

13. MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother

There is a lack of handheld milk frothers in the market. This MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother is one of the high quality best handheld milk frothers. It will help you to serve the coffee, tea, drinks, desserts and many other items in the best decorative way and taste. The foam made from this unit is tremendous in flavor as its feel, taste and look like the thick cloud in a mug or cup.

Key features

  • The device is handheld milk frother which will be much easier to operate.
  • It needs a battery to run effectively.
  • The shaft and whip of MachaDNA made from stainless steel.
  • It also made with ABS plastic body.
  • The power requirement is 2 AA as a battery.
  • The product design is ergonomic in its handle.


  • The milk frother is trouble-free to operate.
  • The clean process is basic and simple only avoid its motor and battery.
  • It creates delicate foam and creamy froth for use in the latte, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, desserts, etc.
  • It works efficiently with all kinds of milk.
  • There is the manufacturer warranty support for one year.
  • You can get the foamy froth within seconds


  • The size is not significant.
    At present portable kitchen gadgets is highly demandable in the market. The milk frother primarily comes in a compact size.


Q: How to clean the carafe?

Answer: After use, you can use regular water and soap to clean it.

Q: Can it handle the whole milk?

Answer: The whole milk can be frothed by this unit very quickly as it is fresh.

Q: How to operate? Give a simple idea

Answer: You have to push the button on top of the gripper handle.

Q: Where can I buy this milk frother?

Answer: You can buy it easily for your home or shop in the e-commerce websites.

14. Chef's Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother

At the push of a button, you will get delicious creamy froth. The sip of the froth will make you feel good. Chef's Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother can create foam and heat the milk. Many customers have used it for a long time for its high ratings and positive reviews.

Chef's Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother, Heater and Cappuccino Maker with New Foam Density Feature (New Version)

Key features

  • There is the exterior made of high-quality steel.
  • It has developed with vacuum insulation for better performance.
  • The carafe can be detached conveniently form its base.
  • The vacuum insulation maintains the temperature.
  • One of its best control systems is the new froth density function.
  • The new froth density function allows you to choose different types of froth like- hot, airy foam, hot, dense foam, hot milk frothing, cold milk frothing and others.
  • The frothing is done in 4.25 oz. or 125 ml.
  • The heating is done in 8.5 oz. or 250 ml.


  • There is the warranty support.
  • It can create immense froth.
  • The foam from this unit lasts long and tastes creamy like a cloud.
  • You can make different textures of foam with its froth density function.
  • You can make iced drinks, hot drinks froths.


  • The warranty is not very extended.
    For this type of products it is difficult to get a warranty. But this brand has given the guarantee for two years which sounds very logical.


Q: Can it work with non-dairy milk?

Answer: Yes, of course, it works perfectly with any kind of milk including non-dairy milk.

Q: What are the ratings?

Answer: The average ratings are 4.4 stars out of 5 stars which sounds fantastic.

Q: Does it take volt?

Answer: It takes the volt of 110.

15. Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother

You will enjoy the true barista at home. The milk frother of Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother is extraordinary in its frothing system, design, motor, and power. This product is loved by many customers for quick service as delivering froth for increasing the taste and decorating the dish.

Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother Handheld, Perfect for the Best Latte, Whip Foamer, Includes Stainless Steel Stand

Key features

  • The device is highly portable.
  • A battery powers bean.
  • The robust motor is powerful.
  • The motor efficiency is 19000 RPM.
  • The stainless steel has the rust resistance.
  • It comes with a stand.
  • The milk frother is quiet during use.
  • Silicone rubber handle is user-friendly to handle.
  • It has the operating buttons.


  • It has the lifetime warranty.
  • You can create high-quality baristas and froths from milk or cream.
  • It can be used to make different dishes.
  • The foam remains creamy for a long time.
  • The item weight is 2.08 ounces.


  • The battery does not come with the product.
    The battery required for this product is 2 AA. You have to buy it.


Q: Why the button has to behold during use?

Answer: The button must push and hold till the frothing process finished.

Q: What is the product dimension?

Answer: The dimension of the product is 10 x 3 x 3 inches.

Q: What is the shipping weight?

Answer: the shipping weight is 5.06 ounces.

Q: Is Bean Envy the manufacturer?

Answer: Yes the manufacturer name is Bean Envy.

Final words:

At the end of the this best milk frother reviews, we tried to find the best seller product those lead the market. At the same time, Our team of expert found the best features that have all our top picks. So, to fulfill your demand, you can buy any of the models that match with your demand. Thanks for reading and have a delightful journey with our top milk frothers and start different test of coffee with creamy foam.

Things to consider before buying the milk frother

It’s true that there are many brands and models of milk frother available in the market. So, its little bit difficult to choose the right one that fulfills your need. In that, circumstances, by robust research, our team of experts found some ways and things to find out the best milk frother. If you follow this instruction and consider these things before buying a milk frother, you will get the best one for sure. Let’s see what things you should consider before purchasing a top milk frother.

Usefulness of deferent types of milk frother:

This most important factor that you have to consider before buy. There are three types of milk frother available in the market. These are Electric milk frother, Motorized whisk, and Hand-pump milk frother. Now you can decide which one is perfect for you. We will discuss in brief later about these three types milk frother and tried to help you to choose which types are best for you in part of the “Types of milk frother.”

Types of milk it can handle:

Coffee toppings milk frother are not just limited to frothing cow’s milk. So, you have to find out which one has the uniqueness of handling a wide variety of milk from soy to coconut, almond, and hemp. We have seen that in the market all milk frothers can correctly froth cow’s milk, but some are of them does not handle other types of milk as we said coconut milk and others. So you have to make sure that the machine you choose to buy is capable enough to froth your favorite dairy whatever it is.

Capacity to control the temperature:

A warm layer of coating is ideal on a cold day, but you may not prefer the same warmth in the middle of summer? So, you have to buy a model that has the features of temperature controller to frothing your milk. In that case, we prefer to buy those models that come with the built-in temperature control to cater your requirements as your on demand.

These models have the capacity to both cooling down and heating up your milk according to your demand. In that case, handheld milk frothers don’t come with temperature control feature due to their low cost and design. But you can still froth the hot or cold milk by using a burner and can change the temperature separately.

Construction of the finest milk frother:

Yes, it’s a universal truth that the quality matters but make sure your desire quality standards match with reality. If you’re willing to choose a stronger frother, then the primary construction material must be stainless steel. Say for example you can buy an epic milk frother which is a market leading stainless steel milk frother that we found in our research.

On the other hand, the glass made from milk frother is another option you can consider to buy. Though delicate, yes it would be a nice addition to your kitchen you have to use this one carefully for longer useful life.

At the same time, plastic made frothers also available in the market. You can also choose them but be sure their models and read the user manual carefully.

The factor of price:

If you’re entirely new to the market for milk frothers, than believe us you must be surprised how expensive they are. If you aren’t careful at the end, you may pay an overstated price for additional features even you do not need these features.

So before buying make your needs clear, and answer the question like “why you need a milk frother”? On the other hand, if you are searching for a cheap milk frother, then the most basic ones are the manual and handheld frothers because these handheld models are the lower price milk frother in the market. But though these cheap models can serve smaller quantities at a time. So if your need is higher than these best cheap milk frother models are not suitable for you.


Those other criteria you have to consider before buying a milk frother. In that case, we found that the most of the handheld frother doesn’t come with the warranty. But electrical and motorized milk frother comes with the warranty. So, when you choose to buy an electric milk frother or motorized milk frother, then it’s better to take those models who have the most extended period warranty. Resulting, the more extended period warranty reduce your tension regarding repairing. Another thing we have seen that most electrical come with 2-years of warranty which is good enough for a milk frother.

Easy to clean:

Yea, this is another essential part that you have to consider before buying a milk frother, and it’s the answer of the question like “is my milk frother dishwasher safe and can I clean it easily”? Today’s milk frother models are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. But in case of the electrical one, you have to ensure one thing, and that is natural part assemble. If your frother parts easily assembled then and you can quickly open them for cleaning purpose than we must those models are best to buy. At the same time, some of the milk frothers can merely washable under a water tap, but others need to rinse out carefully. So, it’s the significant thing that you ensure before buying a frother that easily matches with your demand.


This factor is for those people who are a traveler. The portable design allows the traveler to carry this remarkable tool with them everywhere they go, which means the traveler can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with foamy milk frother anywhere they go for the campaign.

Can milk frother whip cream?

The answer is yes. There are lots of milk frother brand available in the market they produce some models, and they can quickly whip the cream. For example, some of handheld Milk Frother like Aerolatte Original HandHeld Milk Frother model can beat the cream easily. Now if you ask how? Then take a look at what we say:

You need: 

  • Cream
  • A small bowl
  • A handheld milk frother

Now you have to put the cream in your pan and use your milk frother to whip it. That’s it. Isn’t it easy to make milk foam? Yes, it’s so easy to make smooth foam because of your electric milk frother.

Types of Milk Frothers and describe

Types of Milk Frothers

Electric milk frother:

All the electric milk frother look like a small food processor and in the marketplace these types also known as Best automatic milk frother. The electric types of milk frother strongly recommended for individuals who love to make substantial amount batches of cappuccinos at a time. The electric milk frother can able to froth a vast quantity of milk as compared with the other devices available in the market.

In case of price, these electric milk frother models are the little bit expensive than other similar units but it is capable to works fast, and some models can heat the milk during the process of frothing. At the same time, several models of electrically fired milk frother come with a built-in steamer to make frothing in just a single step.

There are enormous benefits you will get to buy an electric milk frother. For example, it saves money for you on coffee and builds your barista-level cup of coffee at home. The suitability of having this milk frother model in your home means; you don’t have to go to a coffee shop every time to take your test of coffee. Because with the powerful frother, you can quickly whip one at home fast and any time you want. This electric milk frother is also used to make other milk-based beverages. At the same time, you can make milkshakes serve matcha tea, and it can use on hot chocolate with this powerful milk frother.

Motorized whisk:

If you are a beginner and searching for best cheap milk frother than the motorized whisk is the best option for you. Let’s why? The motorized whisk milk frother operated electrically means integrated by batteries. This types of milk frother come with a whisk and a propeller. Typically these frother comes as a hand-held device. The whisk of this device connected at the end of the invention that ensures the turns quickly at the moment of switching on.

These motorized models also come with quick rotating motions which imply the milk to fluff and froth, resulting it can create big bubbles in the mix and increase your ultimate coffee test at the highest enjoyable level. Another, most dramatic thing is that you can make any texture foam from the beverage as you wish by using this great device.

On the other hand, for its pretty simple use, the beginners can do hang out by using this specific whisk. Anyone needs to plunge the tip of the whisk in the mixture, press the Start button while foaming; moving the device bit by bit resulting you will get the testy & creamy drink within seconds.

You may think that a motorized whisks frother is costly? No dear, you will get them at a reasonable price. Another important thing is that this types of best milk frother are easy to clean. In case of portability factor, these models are small and light so that you can carry or store them anywhere; you want to go or save. The manufacturer produces these units with durability and longevity taking into the concern.

Hand-pump milk frother

This Hand-pump milk frother device features a needle that attached with a mesh screen which is located on inside a cup, and this unit made with stainless steel. Hand-pump milk frothers are typically cost-effective at the same time easy to use, so they also are known as best handheld milk frother for making a single cup of best-tested coffee. So, to make a good foam, you have to double up the motion effort to get the milk foaming for your desire coffee and the whole process you have done by hand.

Interestingly the whole procedure takes only 3 to 10 minutes, but it depends on how much you want your foaming is looking like. Another notable thing is that the hand-pump models can able to foam all kinds of milk like cow’s milk, coconut, and all others milk.

Our team of expert recommended this hand-pump milk frother for frothing smaller batches of the foaming to make your ultimate coffee. Most importantly thing hand frothing unit does not require regular maintenance, but you have to do this by maintaining a right schedule.

At the end of this session, we can say that what our expert said; these hand pumps milk frothers the best manual milk frother that ensure the quality of frothing any milk and raise your coffee test at a notable level.

What does milk frother do?

A milk frother is a fantastic gadget. This gadget is used to produce the foamy milk texture. On top of hot and cold beverages, you can create milky, creamy foam so that it looks and tastes much better. The creamy topping made by using the milk frother which has been explicitly designed to produce the layer and texture of creamy, delicious, thick, creamy, foam. You can enjoy your latte, milkshake, hot chocolate, dessert, Americano, cappuccino, etc. by making froth with this gadget. There are different types of milk frothers. It comes with shapes, sizes, and colors. The primary function of every milk frother is to mix air into the milk then the cloudy foamy thick texture develops by giving it a sweet and light taste. Manual milk frothers function like a hand pump. On the other side hand-operated motorized frothers functions by its propeller and whisk. Cappuccino machines work by the attached steam and frother arm. Again small electric frothers are like food processor that can make the large quantity of frothed milk for multiple people at the same time.

When to use the milk frother

You can use the milk frother when you are making your daily coffee, tea, milkshake, hot chocolate, desserts and many other drinks and foods. The use of milk frother is straightforward and easy. You need to buy or collect a milk frother to make use of it. Some simple steps of using a milk frother given below-

  • You can froth any dairy or non-dairy milk like skim milk, whole milk, soy milk, cow milk, goat milk, rice milk, almond milk and different types of milk.
  • The milk frother can froth fat and non-fat milk.
  • Frothing vegan milk or non-vegan milk is ideal.

Cappuccino machine frothing:

The cappuccino machines can froth and warm at the same time. It comes with the nozzle which works systematically along with the milk frother.

Hand-pump Milk Frothers:

Hand pump milk frothers come with the vessel, glass, metal, lid, plunger, small knobs and mesh screen. All the things get together in milk frother device and produce fine foam and froth.

Electric milk frothers:

There are different types of electric milk frothers. The counter-top comes with nozzles, container, buttons, and cup. The milk frother follows the instruction of the user. Again other types of electric milk frothers have whisks, base recharger, batteries, etc.

How does milk frother work?

The primary way a milk frother works is by mixing air with the milk. Then rapid agitation takes place, and it increases the volume of the froth. The milk frother functions in different methods it also depends on the types, brand or model you have purchased. If you look at a cappuccino machine, it has a steam frother arm. The arm functions by using the steam. The steam produced after the coffee is heated and prepared in the device.

At last, the steam released as the hot stream into the milk, and it pushes out to be foamy. One type of handheld milk frother works with its excellent mesh screen and hand plunger. The user has to pump the plunger. The plunger gets into up and down a system by users help. Then the air flows through the mesh. That flow allows the milk to aerate.

Another type is the motorized handheld whisk. There is the rotation takes place with the help of a propeller or a whisk to get the foam. There is also electric frothing machine that works close to a food processor. It has the internal whisk to pump air and rotates through its system. Then the milk gets pumped, and you can get the creamy, delicious and thick foam.

How to clean milk frother?

The milk frother is a beautiful kitchen appliance. After regular or occasional use it needs to be clean so that you can the device remains clean and durable for a long time. It is essential to keep the milk frother hygienic. It is better to clean after every use. If not then there is the possibility of developing germs and bacteria into the frother which can mix into your foam. The remaining old spot of milk from the milk frother can create unpleasant smell and eggs. It gets much harder to clean off if you have kept dried on milk for a long time.

So we must clean up the whole system after using it on the spot. Thus there is no chance of harboring any bacteria or germs in the milk frother. Firstly take a damp cloth. Wipe the steam wand of milk frother carefully. Cautiously remove the milk residue and spots of it. In case of handheld milk frother place it in the boiled water in a container for few hours.

On the other side, the steam wand should be cleaned by small brush by removing the wand tip. Many of the milk frothers are dishwasher safe, and some are not. Do not wash the battery, motor or inside of electric milk frother.

How to use milk frother wand?

If you want to know the quickest, fastest and easiest way to froth milk in the kitchen, then the answer is by using the milk frother wand. The milk frother is a compact handheld gadget and appliance. Battery operates the device. Its stainless steel compartment has the area for battery. Thus it powers the coil with the whisk found at the end of the wand. The milk frother is easier to use, work and operate. It requires the touch of the power button so that the whisk gets the start. Therefore to get the best result, some steps have to follow:

  • You should heat the milk with 130 to 155 degrees in your microwave or saucepan. The temperature given is the optimal range to get the foam.
  • To prevent the excess mess, you have to soak the whisk into the surface of the milk.
  • The splashing is controlled and minimized with the adjustable speed settings. You have to start the frothing process from slow speed to higher speed by adjusting the rate of speed.
  • The volume of the froth can increase by raising the whisk when it is at top speed.
  • The amount of the foam can increase by raising the whisk when it is at high speed.
  • You have to turn off the wand.
  • Lastly, pour it into the beverage, and it is ready for service.

How to use milk frother on an espresso machine?

The use of milk frother on the espresso machine given below: 

  • At first, pour the cold milk in the metal pitcher.
  • The steam wand must engage with the espresso machine.
  • You have to insert the steam wand below the surface of the milk.
  • You will see a vortex in the milk when the tip of the wand is kept near to the side of the pitcher.
  • Then you need to move the pitcher so that the air can incorporate into the milk.
  • There will be bubbles.
  • The mixture will increase in size.
  • The wand needs to removed from the pitcher.
  • There you will get the texture and smoothness.
  • Pour the foamed froth into your espresso.

Some extra tips

  • To remove the larger bubbles, you need to swirl the milk.
  • Pour the milk and foam instantly and quickly so that the milk does not break from its froth and texture.
  • Clean the steam wand after every use with water.

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