Best Smoothie Blenders For Delicious Smoothies

What happens if the doctor said to you that take initiative to do one thing daily? That could add some value and it keeps the doctor away from you. Now the question is would you do this? We think you will do that if it was superbly easier, isn’t it?  There is a familiar saying “An Apple or Banana a day with your daily meal; keep the doctors away from you”. It’s true an apple or Banana is an awesome addition to the healthy lifestyle but they actually are not the only thing that keeps you healthy. There is another easier thing that you can drink a day that is a Green smoothie. Because smoothies contain essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that is easily available and absorb-able for the human body.

The notable benefits to drink smoothies it helpful to reduce the weight, toxin and it also raises strengthen your immune system which leads to living a healthy life.

Now you may ask a question how you will make smoothies easily. Yes, dear in the marketplace there are lots of smoothies blenders are available. You can choose anyone but our team of experts founds some best blenders for green smoothies and other smoothies that you can purchase for you to make a healthy smoothie. Basically to choose a smoothie blender our team of expert found 4 main comparison features to find these best blender unit to make a healthy smoothie. 

  • The Capacity of Power

This essential thing for blender. Basically, the power of blender engine differs from brands and models. Power is measured by watts. There 250 watts to 1560 watts horsepower blenders are available in the market. For making a smoothie it’s better to take 800 to the above-powered blender to make a healthy smoothie.

  • A Number of Speeds controller

This is another important that you can look on before buying a blender. In the market there is a wide range of speed controller is available in the market. It’s from single number speed to 11 number of the bleed speed controller.

  • Jar making materials and storage capacity

Generally, blender jars are made of poly-carbonate, glass, plastic and glass mix up with plastic. In the buying guide, we will discuss letter about which materials is the best.

  • Unit price

This is a most important factor when you are going compare each blender with another according to the price. The price of blender varies in wide range and the rage going from 20 dollars to over 500 dollars for luxury or deluxe blender.

There are also more than 17 essential features you have to analyze before buying a blender. In that way our team of experts from Juicer Magazine found 25 best blenders for smoothies making let’s see what are they:

25 Best Smoothie Blenders You Should Be Focusing On: Top Selected Products and Reviews

1. Magic Bullet Mini, High Speed Blender and Mixer

Do you search for a blender that comes in a smaller size but has the higher performance capability like an original magic bullet? Then this most portable Magic Bullet Mini, High-Speed Blender, and Mixer are the perfect one to choose for your kitchen to make smoothies. This unit bled has all the speed and it is also convenient as like as an original magic bullet. This is also the best cheap blender for personal use. Don’t think this cheap blender is not good enough to make your drink. 

By this epic mini blender, you can enjoy your favorite healthy drinks meals and snacks wherever you go for a campaign or at your home and even in your office.

A compact version of Original Magic Bullet: The most interesting thing is that this is a mini blender but it comes with all the performing capability and features like the original. So it is able to give you the best portable performance to make smoothie within 10 seconds.

Power feature: This magic bullet mini blender mixer comes with 120 watts with a 12oz or 8 oz which is actually plenty of the power for this epic cup size mini blender. Resulting, this easier to set and use because this 120 watts electricity panel is available anywhere even in your farmhouse.

Portability: Because of its dynamic cup size design and dimension with lower weight enhance the portability and allow you to take it anywhere where electricity is available. The overall dimension of this unit is all around 9 X 5 X 9 inches and the overall weight is only 2.75 pounds. This is also design to blend a small portion of this fiber from fruits and make healthy smoothies within few seconds.

Blending versatility: This is also notable features of this epic mini blender. Because the manufacturer of this unit design this one with high-speed blender bled to blend difficult ingredients like seeds, frozen fruit, kale and so on. By this unit bled you can also make soup, dips, and sauces easily resulting you can say this one is the best blenders for smoothies with frozen fruit series to make healthy food for healthy living.

Longevity: If you use this mini blender by following its user manual it can give you long time service and it has all the capacity to deliver the best performance that you want from a mini single blender. It's jar made of glass and plastic mixer materials which also ensure the strength and longevity for use in the home or your office.

Which Magic Bullet Is Right For You?

Which Magic Bullet Is Right For You


  • Its high-speed blending capability allows making healthy smoothies within 10 seconds.
  • Its design and size enhance the easier portability.
  • It takes smaller place in your kitchen
  • You can blend everything whatever it’s a kale or frozen fruit it can able to blend within 15 seconds.
  • The manufacturer of this blender unit made it bled with stainless steel with cross bled system it does ensure the bled strength and longevity.


  • Mini bullet blender accessories are not interchangeable with other bullet blenders
  • It is not designed to crush ice.

There are many logical reasons behind we put it into the first part of our expert blender reviews. Firstly, this is suitable for a small family for single use. Secondly, we found that this got the best seller rank from the Amazon Customer reviews with the 4.2-star rating on a scale of 5 and also for a huge positive response from the existing customer. The most notable factor that makes our expert team happy and that is it is highly capable to blend some ingredients better than another top mini blender. So, if you have 2 or 3 family member or you live alone then this blender is the perfect one for you.

2. NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

NutriBullet is a high-speed blender with mixer system to make smoothies. At the same time, which is capable of crushing the seeds and shredding peel then this NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System is the best option for you. This system of the blender is from the reliable manufacturer magic bullet. Basically, this machine is capable to make smoothies and other food drink mixer on the easiest way. The manufacture of this blender unit also made this one with the concern of portability and kid’s safety. This model comes with high-speed blender bled that is capable to pulverize the fruits, vegetables, protein shakes and so on.

This foremost blender unit can make smooth smoothies and mixed it up deliciously and make ultimate healthy smoothly.

The motor power capacity: The motor power capacity of this unit is 600-watt output which is best to make smooth texture blending smoothies. On the other hand, these watts output capabilities ensure the blender high speed.

Power patented bled design: This unit of blender comes with power patented bled design that enhances the power of cyclonic blender combined action and ensures to make healthy smoothies and other drinks. Resulting, you can effortlessly get the healthy smoothies to drink and live a healthy life.

Blending capacity: This blender food processor combo unit blending capacity is highest because really this unit is capable to crush busts open seeds and it cracks it into stems. Its capable blending bled also able to shreds though skins and even capable of breaks down the toughest ingredients. As a result, you get the best nutrition from shreds and also from toughest skins of any food like shreds tough skin.

Longevity: Basically, this unit manufactured with the compliance of the USA and Canadian electrical standards. You may know that these two countries compliance is the best to produce electrical item with the highest quality especially food-related electronic item. Basically, the manufacturer uses poly-carbonate to protect the user from unwanted electric shock and also from the accidental breakdown. This is also a UL listed product from magic mixer series. Finally, to ensure the user longevity this unit comes with one year warranty.

Portability: The overall weight and dimension are allowed you to transfer this one easily one place to another place. The item dimension is all around 9 X 12.87 X 13 inches and the weight is only 7.65 lbs that ensure the portability issue if this dynamic unit.

Set includes the machine: This unit comes with all the necessary parts that need to make healthy smoothies and another food processor you demand to drink. The set includes 1 high torque power base, 1 extractor blade, 1 milling blade, 1 tall cup, 2 short cup, 1 handled lip ring, 2 stay fresh re-seal-able lids, 1 user manual & cookbook and 1 pocket Nutritionist. So you do not need to buy any other equipment to make your drink. Resulting, you can say this is a cost-effective blender for your home.


  • It is capable to blend smoothies effortlessly.
  • This unit is easy to clean
  • The 600 watts is powerful enough to blend the solid food like nuts and greens.
  • The compact size of this unit makes it easy to store.
  • Many of the users said that this one is much sturdier than a magic bullet.
  • This unit of blender comes with the modern design so its enhance your kitchen look.


  • This unit is best for short bursts not for long.
  • It won’t blend solid foods either you use some water to make smoothies.

Basically, healthy smoothies help to fight the disease it also relieves the joint pain and makes your skin younger. So this unit of blender makes healthy smoothies for with complete smooth texture. At the same time, this is also a longer usable and cost-effective blender to fulfill your drink demand.

3. Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

If you searching for the professional and blenders for making smoothies then this Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660) is the best option to buy. This is a high powered professional kitchen tool with 1100 watts electric powered motor to make smoothies. This is also known as the best blender for ice and frozen fruits smoothies. Because this unit comes with highly powered stainless steel bled for crushing the harder frozen fruits to make the delicious and healthy juice.

 So without a doubt, this one is also the best to choose for buy.

Best of total crushing blender series: This model is from the professional crushing series and it can able slice through the food and also able to make them smooth texturing paste within a minute. This model is suitable for health lovers, chefs, moms, and barmen. Because it’s tremendously capable enough to provide icy and healthy drinks through its single served total crushing blades.

Easy to use and clean: This unit comes with proper user manual and easy settable parts and cups. You need put all together and make your smoothies for your entire family. On the other hand, you can easily clean it like dishwasher because you just need to remove the cup and blades from the main body and clean it through the cleaning materials. If you think necessary you can also use dish towel or rubber to clean it perfectly.

User versatility: As we said before in this part of the review, this unit is suitable for crushing the ice and frozen fruits. At the same time, it can blend almost any crush able foods. So undoubtedly you can make healthy juice anytime you want to make.

Design and dimension: Our team of blender expert found that it comes with a modern technological design which enriches you kitchen ultimate look. The other thing is that this unit comes with smallest dimension and weight with higher performing capacity. The overall dimension is 9.2 inches X 12 inches X 16.4 inches and the total weight is around 9.96 pounds. Resulting, this is also an easily movable unit for your home and also for professionals use.

Opening factor: We have found that this is the easiest opening blender for use. its liquids can pour through the spout. Another noticeable thing is that there are no provisions for adding solid foods during the smoothies’ blender process.


  • 1100 watts ensures the professional performance with 3-speed power pulse and sing served a function.
  • 72 oz strengthen this unit for crushing the ice and also to make creamy frozen drink within 1 to 2 minutes.
  • All the parts come with BPA free and dishwasher safe is a concern.
  • It makes you feel like
  • This is also a cost-effective unit as compared with its similar category.


  • Processing of tough food may be a little bit longer than others in its senior category.
  • This is all around 17 inches resulting you do not set this one under your counter.

Without taking a doubt into your logical mind you can buy this one to fulfill your smoothie demand for your home. This is also a reliable unit that you can easily believe because the manufacturer of this unit offers 8 years. So in the end, we strongly recommended you to buy this tremendous item to make smooth and healthy smoothies for you and your entire family.

4. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender

If you browse for a personal size and best blender for ice then this Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid is not escaped your logical eyes. Because this personal blender comes with some solid and notable features that are enough to fulfill your smoothest drink demand. This unit is also capable to make icy drink within a minute with delicious and great testing flavors as like the restaurant smoothies and any frozen drink at a little price. You can also call this one is a little master or all in one mixing blender for personal use. It has the capacity to make the smoothest smoothie through its mixology and highly durable stainless steel blades. So for your personal use, this one is undoubtedly great blender unit as recommended by our team of expert.

Portability: This is the best ever features that founded by our blender team experts. Sometime when you go for a campaign or you traveling to anywhere then we must say you are in the right place for blender reviews. Because this Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender comes with the smallest design that helps you to set it easily in your kitchen and It can able to serve the stationary ultimate drink at any time. At the same time, this unit comes with smallest dimension & weight that’s the main reasons behind we said this unit highly portable. The overall product dimension is 4.2 inches X 11.5 inches X 5.2 inches of dynamic size. On the other hand, its overall weight is only 2 pounds.

One touching blending capacity: One touching blending capacity is another notable feature of this unit. For this features, you do not need to be spending extra money for adding bells and whistle because all the things are done by its single touch blending button. This single touch button feature allows you to make smoothest smoothies wherever you go.

Convenient and easy to use: This is a convenient unit blender as compared to a jumbo-sized blender. Because this Hamilton personal single serve blender can able to make healthy and smooth smoothies for the betterment of your health. This unit is easy to use because it comes with measuring lines on the frontal of the jar that gives you the freedom of mixing and making smoothies without spending any wastage. No matter you blend the fruit, vegetable or icy drink this personal blender can make your drink anywhere even in your small home.


  • It comes with a compact design which is ideal for traveling or campaign and also you can use it in your small living space.
  • This unit is perfect for making smoothest smoothies, baby formula foods shake and marinades even for delicious salad dressings.
  • This unit also comes with efficient 175 watts motors that ensure the best performance as you want from a blender for smoothies.
  • This unit is free from BPA means Bisphenol A.
  • It’s durable and stainless cutting bled easily blend you smoothies that ultimately give you healthy smoothies to drink.
  • The jar and LID of this unit are dishwasher safe resulting you can clean it at you convenient.
  • This best cheap blender for smoothie’s series blenders.
  • This is also got its possible and you’re living in the small place.
  • This unit also has the extra storage capacity to give you secondly time smoothie drink regularly


  • This is not suitable for big family, it’s a high performing single serve unit
  • The jar of this unit made of plastic which is a little bit harmful to your health. But its refining system answer.

Really buddy, if you are searching for an inexpensive smoothie blender then our team of expert recommended this single served unit because it has all the capacity to make healthy smoothies within a second. At the same time, its notable features make it extraordinary as compared to others. So you can buy this best blender under 100 smoothies blender to fulfill all your need that you want from a blender as well.

5. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

Most people want the perfect blender so that they can enjoy cool and colorful smoothies. Smoothie is very nutritious and healthy for our body. In that case, a quality blender like Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender with 5 speeds & 4 oz. Glass Jars is essential that can satisfy your demand for a healthy smoothie. This blender has the smart blending cycle programmed for smoothie by its specific speed setting and pulse control. This particular feature has very amazing benefits while preparing for a smoothie or any type of meal or drinks. It gives the precise texture of the smoothie by which your tongue and taste buds will become active and surely you will enjoy that smoothie until the last drop.

Pulverizing and mixing: The blender is fantastic for crushing ice as it consists of blades that are of high quality and sharp. The blades are able to crush the ice and will mix it with the recipe for you to enjoy. A particular blade called Ice Sabre Blades is attached to this Hamilton Blender who will mix the ice to make the smoothie more dense, pulpy and yummy by giving it a nice and cool texture.

Power and capacity: The Hamilton blenders have the capacity to blend and crush any frozen ingredients for a smoothie. This blender is capable of pulverizing the items appropriately with its 700 peak watt power. With this much of power, it can fully mix the loaded items from inside.

Control and settings: User-friendly control is very important as it will follow the instruction to prepare a particular drink or meal. According to the speed settings and control a user defines what he or she wants to blend and how far the blend will go on. This smoothie maker has one-touch blend speed control having variations in buttons for variable speeds to be ordered by the user.


  • The blender is dishwasher safe.
  • Durability is tested and it can run for long period of time. Tested to prepare 8000 frozen drinks.
  • Supported by 3 years of warranty.
  • Wave action will blend the items quickly and easily.
  • Pitcher and jars are strong resistants.


  • Careful while using it excess or for a long time as you have to avoid the overheating.
  • Attach the parts nicely.

The ratings are high enough which 3.7 stars out of 5 stars are. Follow the guide manual for instructions that will dictate you how to use it properly and accurately for a long time. For regular smoothie making it is very good and demanding blender.

6. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)

Ninja blenders are among the most demanding and popular kitchen appliances in the national and international market. The blender is very cool and excellent for making meals or drinks quickly than other blenders on the market. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) has the Total Crushing Technology that will blend anything from hard ingredients to soft ingredients within seconds. It can mix the ice very well with the drinks like smoothie, juice or cocktail by crushing it swiftly by its superb 550 watts of power and speed variations. The controls are effective and highly user-friendly for operation.

Speedy preparation: If you need a creamy smoothie you will get it very fast by using this Ninja blender. The meals like desserts, ice-cream, soup and drinks like smoothie, juice and other food you can easily make with less time. For the single serve, it is also one of the finest ninja professional kitchen systems.  It is a specialist device to crush hard or tough ingredients like ice for mixtures.

Parts and accessories: The blades are stainless steel and curves that will perform the task. Total Crushing Technology is done by the blade rotation and spinning it in a certain way in order to prepare the meal or drink smoothly and with increasing the taster. 40 oz. processing bowl is provided for utilization of the blender in an effective way. NutriNinja cups are vital for the preparation, mixtures and pouring.

Wattage: The 550 watt is standard for any quality blender for any recipe to be put in order by a blender. The speed adjustments with powerful watt are the amazing combination to make the meal or drink better.


  • Easy in operation.
  • Cleaning of the system is simple.
  • Pulse technology assists in the processing while pulverizing.
  • Customer ratings are 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.


  • Overloading may damage the blender.
  • Sound frequency is little high.

Therefore the discussed features are unique and informative for the buyer. The right blender will fulfill your demand of having excellent meals or drinks made by a blender. The above characteristics must be taken into consideration as it is one of the qualities and nicest single serve blender you can come across.

7. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

Oster blenders hold huge popularity in the market for their different types and features of blenders. They always try to add new features in every model they have. One of their special models is this Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sports Bottle which is also called as Kitchen-aid diamond blender. It has unique features that will blow your mind. This blender is for those people who are always in hurry and lacks the patience of waiting. The individual blender comes with sports bottle that you blend instantly and drink from that at the same time without pouring the recipe into another pitcher.

Blending: The recipes can be blend in the bottle and no need to pour into another pitcher as you can use or drink right from that bottle. Carrying became easy and swift with that bottle. Surprisingly, the pulverizing of ice is done by crushing it in 400 watts of power. The 250 watts is for combining and mixing the items smoothly and perfectly.

Sports bottle: The 20-ounce sports bottle is very handy and flexible for use. After blending it you can take and carry that bottle anywhere with its lid. The bottle comes in many colors. BPA-free plastic will not odor and can be cleaned very easily with warm water.

Blade: The high-quality steel blades are very significant for crushing of ice and frozen ingredients effortlessly within seconds. Straight and curved blades will perform the task rapidly then you can enjoy smoothie, shakes or desserts right away.


  • The bottle is dishwasher safe.
  • Improved blade quality for blending smoothly.
  • Cool for dieting purpose.
  • Too much helpful for fast lifestyle.
  • 3 year of satisfaction guarantee and 1 year of warranty.
  • Re-settable fuse revives the powerful motor.


  • Rough handling of the device can harm the system.
  • Carefully take out the bottle after pulverizing as it has steel curved blades.

So the customer ratings are 3.9 out of 5 stars which sound great! Right. Every feature is beneficial for the user as it is a user-friendly device. Among other blenders, it is much appropriate for individual users that have little time to waste.

8. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender (BL482)

The Ninja blenders are superb in terms of functionality, user-friendliness and performance delivery. All of its models are masterpieces that vary in performance and characteristics. Now the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender (BL482) has the special distinctiveness known as Auto-iQ Technology which has been patterned for perfect blending, pausing and pulsing with specified timings in speeds and controls. For this remarkable feature, it has massive demand in the market. The powerful 1000 wattage motor swiftly pulverizes tough ingredients like frozen fruits, vegetables or ice. It can easily create textures and add nutrients through pulverization in the smoothie, soup or any other meal or drink.

DisplaysThe ninja mixer blender has timer display for countdown under Auto-iQ technology for checking the patterns of the recipe inside. Thus it helps the user to know what is going in their function. All of the control panels is simply allocated to the front side of the blender for the user to give instruction to this Ninja blender.

Included elements: It provides 18, 24 and 32 Tritan NutriNinja cups for preparing various recipes and items. The cups are generally used for measurement of the ingredients and for pouring down after blending. All of the included elements are BPA- free and are not contaminants in the meal or drink pulverized inside it.

Base: The 1000 watt base is vital for crushing the ingredients smoothly and superbly. Otherwise, it will be lumpy and cannot be consumed easily. Powerful motor signals the Auto-IQ by the instruction given according to user choice through its control panel.


  • A preprogrammed setting delivers consistency into the recipe instructed by the user at the touch of a button.
  • Easily twist the lid and sip it when in hurry.
  • One touch intelligence for control and operation.
  • Trouble-free extraction of vitamins, fibers, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  • All of its parts are BPA-free.
  • Simple cleaning with dishwasher or by rinsing with warm water.


  • Must handle it safely as there are sharp blades attached to it.
  • Rough use is not suggested.

The features and advantages will confidently convince you about this Ninja blender for your kitchen or another place for utilization. The design is compact and will take less space by providing quality service. The customer rating is brilliant 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

9. New Age Living BL1500 3HP Commercial Smoothie Blender

The 3 horsepower is so powerful that it can pulverize any hard or tough ingredients like ice and frozen foods into small particles by emulsifying all of its essential nutrients. Vitamins, fibers, and minerals are necessary for our body to function properly. Therefore this New Age Living BL1500 3HP Commercial Smoothie Blender will be very much useful for your healthy diet and nourishment. Its performance is so fast that it can extract all the nutrition’s from the food. Smoothie, shakes, puree, soups, mixtures, dough and other items can be processed and blended with this New Age blender.

Adjustable speed and controls: The 3HP can shred and pulverize the fruits, vegetables and other items smoothly and nicely. The blades spin at 5000 up to 35000 RPM which can handle any type of tough elements for preparing the recipe. Hot items like soup, puree and other can be easily maintained the warm temperature in it. Cold items by crushing ice to make smoothies, desserts and other can simply be prepared with this blender.

Blade: The 6 blade is designed to crush and mix any type of ingredients. This high-quality blades can be used for a long time. It is commercial graded strong and safe in spinning.

Pitchers and cups: With 85 oz. you can serve delicious meals or drinks like smoothie or soups to your family or multiple people.  All of its plastic parts are BPA – free.


  • Resistant pitcher or jar can handle overload and high force.
  • Up to 35000 RPM spin, WOW! That can easily pulverize any hard or soft, big or small items.
  • Healthy diet becomes easy as it extracts the nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  • 5 years of warranty support.
  • ETL rating as safe in the USA and other countries.
  • Variable speed and control buttons.


  • Alert if it is overheated while excess use in a day.
  • Parts should be assembled appropriately.

As a result, this New Age is extremely amazing and cool for family use and commercial use. There are many colors of this model. The customer ratings are very high 3.4 stars out of 5 stars.

10. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender

Personal blenders are very vital for a healthy diet and nutritious lifestyle. For this Hamilton Beach, Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid is tremendously nice blender you can ever imagine. The significance of this Hamilton model is highly appreciable. In morning rush you can quickly make a healthy dense smoothie and you are good to go. Within seconds you can sip delicious drinks and meals made with this blender. The motor efficiency is 175 watt with which you can combine and pulverize any drink or recipe you wish to make at that time.

Portable blender: It takes small space. You can fit it in your kitchen or counter or any other place and extremely suitable for small living spaces. It also provides portable travel cup measures 14 oz.

Performance: The motor 175 watt gives an amazing performance in preparing the smoothie, desserts or any other meal or drink. Hard or soft, big or small it can pulverize any items nicely and smoothly.

Jars: 14 oz. the pitcher is provided with this cool blender that can also be used as travel cup with lid. The jar is BPA-free (no bisphenol A). It is dishwasher safe so no need to worry about cleaning.

Operation: Easy and simple operations are ensured through this device.  One touch advanced operation for quick and fast blending. The steel blades possess high durability. As a result, the whole device is for long time use and utilization.


  • Cord tucks are wrapped around for convenient storing the drink or meal.
  • Ratings in 4 stars out of 5 stars.
  • The bottle fits in the cardholders.
  • The lid allows easy carry of the bottle anywhere.
  • The sturdy base facilitates standing or rests out of the bottle.
  • The jar is BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • Strong resistant jar.
  • Single serve for a healthy diet.


  • Friction may happen for hard ingredients to pulverize.
  • Be cautious while overheating wait for cooling down.

The single serve and personal blenders are compact and take less space, for this reason, it is much popular for the people who are health conscious and always in hurry. You can delicious and yummy meals like desserts, cookies, and drinks like shakes, smoothies with this extraordinary blender.

11. NutriBullet Pro – 13

Nutribullet Pro-13 is one of the coolest blender and processor in the market. It has brilliant features and qualities for that reason it has to stand out from other blenders. The 900 watt motor with high torque power base creates excellent smoothies, shakes and different types of drinks and meals. Quality and texture of its pastes and creams for mixtures is very high and tastes very nutritious. Hard or soft, big or small it can pulverize and mix any type of fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, seeds and other very smoothly and with ease. Therefore this NutriBullet is so helpful for the user. Its control panel and speed are very updated and modern. The speed settings are variable according to user choice.

Unique extraction: The motor of 900 watt and cyclonic blade powerfully emulsify the foods or ingredients nutrients and nourish our body by preparing smoothies, soups, dips, sauces and other things. The blades are fully stainless steel called as Emulsifying Extractor Blade. This blade pulverizes from top to bottom within seconds after starting to blend.

Provided parts: It gives 2 sets of 32 oz. colossal cups for the preparation of the item or recipe in order to pour and hold the ingredients before and after blending. The cups are very resistant and well-built. 2 pieces of flip top lids for keeping the ingredient fresh and saves it from pouring down. 2 pieces of handles lip rings and 2 pieces of comfort lip rings for ease to carry around and take on the hand finger nicely for holding tight.

Cleanliness: Better clean and wash the blender after every use so that any odor cannot remain in the pitcher and system. By washing and cleaning properly it will run smoothly, you know that right!


  • Highly durable device.
  • Fast and quick pulverizing and blending.
  • A sharp blade will hold and extract the vitamins, fibers, and minerals from the fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients.
  • Useful for multiple people.
  • Helpful to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Warranty support is for 1 year.


  • Careful while overloading.
  • Little loud.

So the customer ratings are very good and better than other blenders. The rating is 4 stars out of 5 stars. An amazing device to prepare any food or drink for family or professionally. Counter-top system that can blend for multiple people by providing enjoyable and healthy meal or drink.

12. Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

Ninja blenders are famous for its amazing function, performance, and capacity.  One of its models is Ninja Professional Blender whose design looks very advanced and updated with excellent delivery of performance for its users.  With this blender, you can make various types of juices, puree, desserts, and smoothies. Any ingredients like vegetables, fruits or any solid food can be used for pulverizing to make any meal or drink for you to enjoy and feel good. The wattage of its motor is 1000 which can also perform heavy duty tasks. This device has been introduced with Total Crushing Technology.

Highly developed technology: Introducing Total Crushing Technology this best ninja blender standard level has gone very high. With this technological system, and pulverizing and crushing can be done easily. It can easily crush ice for blending and mixing with the ingredients.

Grinding and chopping: Chopping of any food and grinding of oats and other soft ingredients fully can be done perfectly through this blender.

Control and settings of a speed program: Its panel has power buttons, three levels of speeds and functions for pulsing. Low speed is for chopping ingredients like veggies, making puree, salsas, and others. Medium speed for preparing cheese, nuts and hard type of foods. Lastly high speed for crushing ice or frozen ingredients in making smoothies, juice or shakes.

Powerfully built: The motor has the professional power of 1000 watts that can perform heavy duty tasks and activities of blending.

Materials: BPA free containers like cups, jars, and pitchers are provided.  It has 72 oz. pitcher which is nice and good for preparing any smoothie, meal or dessert for the family and multiple people. High-quality blades constructed of 6 stainless steel blades.


  • Swift devise to crush ice and chopping of vegetables.
  • Warranty support for one year.
  • Many countries can use this device including USA, Canada, UK, and others.
  • Its plastic elements are BPA free and any type of contamination is impossible.


  • A little bit noisy while crushing frozen things.
  • Complicated to operate without reading the manual.

The customer ratings are very high and brilliant which is 4.3 out of 5 stars. The reviews are positive and it can ensure you to acknowledge about this blender to be good or not for regular use in the family or in another place.

13. Smoothie Blender Willsence 300W 2-in-1 Personal Blender

Will since is a personal blender or single serve blender. It can crush and combine any vegetable, fruit or food into a nice and cool smoothie or shakes. The Smoothie Blender, Willsence 300W 2 in 1 Personal Blender and Grinder, Single Serve Smoothie Maker, Mini Bullet Blender with 20 oz. Tritan Sports Bottle for Juices, Shakes, and Smoothies has 300-watt motor is able to handle the frozen ingredients, ice or nuts to prepare any type of drink or meal. This model has multipurpose and versatile usage.

It can grind and chop any beans, nuts or spices for the user. Copper motor with 24000 RPM quickly delivers the service of blending.

The operation of this system is very simple and easy by following simple instructions in the manual. The plastics and other elements are not harmful as it is BPA free and Tritan with no contamination from mixing any chemical during the utilization.

Versatile and handy: The device can be used for chopping, grinding, blending and mixing of any ingredients to prepare any salad, desserts, meal or drinks. The carrying is possible to anywhere you want for using and preparing any smoothie or other foods.

Fast pulverizing: A quick system to pulverize and crush ice or frozen ingredients with its 300-watt motor power run with stainless steel high-quality blades. Within seconds you can surely get the blending result, experimented with our research team and groups.

Safe and secured activities: Auto shutoff protection and overheating control technology minimize the risk of flaming, excessive heating and blast. This best personal blender for smoothies consists of Overheat Protection Technology is a built-in protection programmed and designed for an intelligent device for the safety of its users.

Elements Descriptions: Stainless steel is used for the blade and outer fragments. Copper made motor and Tritan BPA free plastics. Comes with a travel cup of 20 ounces can be used directly for blending and carry for traveling. The lids are channeled with anti-skid that will remain fixed and protected in the place during and after use.


  • Excellent customer reviews 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Technical and warranty support for 2 years.
  • Different types of meals like soup, salads, desserts, smoothies can be made with this device.
  • User-friendly as it is simple to operate and handle.


  • During excess use, the blender can be restarted after the motor cools down.
  • It is a single serving device.

As a result, the above-mentioned features and advantages are very rare among other normal blenders in the market especially single serving or personal blenders. Therefore it is the best single serve blenders for smoothies. This is a nice and compact multipurpose use blender for the user to their fast pace life.

14. Ninja kitchen system pulse (BL 201)

Ninja kitchen system is a very good appliance for the society. The blenders of Ninja kitchen system pulse (BL 201) are amazing with extraordinary functions and capabilities. This model is one of their unique models that will fulfill your blending needs and demands for kitchen use. Ninja Total Crushing Technology is defined in this system so that it’s blending action can be on another level for pulverizing the foods efficiently. 550 watts of power helps to get any smooth smoothie, puree or meal. The attachments and accessories provided are also very beneficial for the kitchen use. Cool looking cups and pitchers are also given with this blender for the utilization while preparing any type of dough, soup or cocktails.

Sizeable bowl: The processor bowl size is quite nice comes with 40 oz. It can effectively take all the force and actions of preparing the dough, meal or smoothie for the user. This type of container is absent in some of the blenders in the market. You can use the processor bowl for any type of mixture of spices, greens, vegetables or meat to make pizza, kebab or cookies.

Inputted tools: The technology used in this device is Total Crushing Technology which can combine and crush any frozen, hard or soft ingredients within seconds. The device has become very flexible in operation for this technological tool.

Preparations: Two nutria ninja cups, processor bowl, and some other accessories help you to arrange any type of ingredients to pulverize and combine like meat, spices, puree and other pastes for pizza, dough’s, and kebab and for other mixing.

Sharp blades and high power motor: The vitamin, fibers, and minerals are extracted with the fast action of the blade run by a 550-watt motor. Silky smoothie, juices, pastes for food mixing are easily done through this blender.


  • Extremely helpful for kitchen tasks for making meals and drinks.
  • Fastest delivery of blending a smoothie and other mixtures required to make pizza, cookies, and others.
  • Chopping and grinding can be ensured.
  • Warranty support for one year.
  • Ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars.


  • Proper handlings of blades during clean as they are sharp.
  • A single serving tool.

Therefore you can check the reviews which are positive in most of the cases and situations. The customer rating is also high enough for acknowledging the fact as the best-rated blenders for smoothies that it is a great system for your kitchen appliances.

15. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

NutriBullet Rx is one of the best nutrient extractors. Its smart technology providing 1700 watts motor extracts the nutrients of fruits and vegetables and any solid food very swiftly that exceeds the efficiency of many blenders and juicers. The Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender has 7 Minute Heating Cycle allows making yummy soups, dips, sauces, and beverages by transforming the ingredients of raw vegetables, fruits spices, nuts or any food. The healthy blender also shows you how to maintain a healthy diet by its recipe book called Nature’s Prescription.

All shredding, grinding, chopping, and blending can be easily functioned and executed for multi-purpose and flexible usage. So this model is the best smoothie blender value for money.

Power and base: 2.3 horsepower motor has made the device very strong and well-built to pulverize any solid and frozen foods immediately. High Torque Power Base features the extraction and emulsifying the nutrients from food inaccurate speed timely. The G button is for heating any type of food with its 7 Minute Heating Cycle that is used to prepare soups, sauces, dips or puree.

Blade and its structure: Twisted blades of this machine assist to extract the fibers and minerals from fruits and vegetables into pulpy and liquid form for use. The blade can be removed effortlessly if it gets stuck with the cups or pitcher.

Electrical standards: This product is designed and made with US and Canadian electrical standards. The warranty may be voided if it is converted to different electrical systems.

Pitcher and lids: While using the blender in soup making control system you should SouperBlast pitcher and Lid. The lid helps to direct the heat and pressure and the pitcher spout permits trouble-free servings.


  • Multiple servings are feasible for over-sized cups.
  • The uncomplicated function of the device.
  • Too much user-friendly for high torque base and heating controls.
  • Automatic systems included as Smart Technology.
  • Present with 10 sets of pieces for usage of this blender.


  • Warranty may avoid due to unauthorized alteration.
  • Throw the seeds of vegetables and fruits before starting the blending.

NutriBullet has a very logical warranty and service support. The warranty is for one year with technical support which has a limitation. Therefore you can check this model for regular or occasional use at your home or any place.

16. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Ninja Mega Kitchen System is the combination of a blender, juicer, food processor and mixer. It comes with 72 oz. blender pitcher, 8 cups of a food processor, 2 NutriNinja cups 16 oz. The best smoothie maker device can formulate any meal or drink with its 1500 watt motor and 2 horsepower motor. Total Crushing Technology for combining and crushing the ice and frozen solid ingredients. This blender is suitable for the people who live the fast life and have little time to wait. Blades are detachable and organized to process any ingredient into a cool smoothie or hot soup.

Components of this processor: Processing bowl is 8 cup XL that is mainly used for the chopping and grinding any dough. The stainless steel blade assures of mixing the 2 lbs of dough in 30 seconds. Chopping becomes very comfortable and simple for its high-quality blade.  Total Crushing Technology enables the extraction of essential fibers, vitamins, and minerals from the ingredients.

Clean-ups: The blender is totally dishwasher safe. Without any doubt, you can clean and wash the parts, pieces, and accessories.

Free from Bisphenol A.: There are no contaminants substance and BPA in its plastics. Without any hesitation, you can pulverize the food for consumption.

Instruction manual: There is a user guide for its functions and how to use this Ninja Mega Kitchen. A recipe book is also provided for healthy diet and living.


  • BPA free processor.
  • Advanced control settings.
  • Powerful motor that can make a silky smoothie and crush ice or frozen foods.
  • Versatile and multi-purpose use for puree, paste for mixing, juice, desserts and many other foods.
  • Speed variations for a range of usage.


  • A little bit loud during use.
  • Careful while cleaning and washing up.

The warranty support is for one year with technical supports also. The technical support is absent in many of the brands. For this reason, it can be concluded that this machine is smart and up-to-date in its every action and performance delivery to their user. For sure this processor will benefit you to get different types of drinks and meals with its recipe guide for getting sufficient nutrients for the body.

17. Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender

Oster is well-known brand and its models can prepare delicious meals and drinks from its high competent systematic tasks. You will get the smoothness and consistency of a smoothie, soup, and desserts by blending through this versatile Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, Black device. The blender countertop purpose that looks elegant with its lustrous design and performance. This blender is very demanding in the market because this unit is an ultimate model from Kitchenaid incorporated from the master electric item manufacturer Whirlpool. At the same time if you have a question like who makes KitchenAid. Yes, dear, your answer is it’s from the giant American brand whirlpool and the model name oster 6812-001. It is an efficient speedy blender of 450 blending watts or 700 power watts which can compress any ingredient for the mixture to make new recipes. Surprisingly it consists of 16-speed settings for grinding, shredding or pulverizing the nuts, fruits, vegetables or any type of solid food. The durability is long lasting for the metal used in the blades, motor and other fragments of this system.

Designed materials: It is designed with crush pro 4 blade stainless steel for pulverizing any food into nice texture and consistency.  10 year of durable blades comes with All Metal Drive Limited Warranty.

Velocity: The velocity of its blending speed is very speedy with different types of speed settings and controls. The 16-speed setting lets you pulse to puree.

Quality: The quality of the jar and cups are very excellent. 6- Cup glass jar is very strong and resistant to handle high force and speed pulse while crushing ice or solid foods.

Easy to clean: The parts are dishwasher safe and can be rinsed with soap or warm water after use as cleanliness and for hygiene.


  • With its 16 speed setting, you can make any meal or drink you want.
  • Long lasting durability as blades and fragments are made of metal.
  • Full warranty support for 1 year


  • Assemble the parts carefully.
  • Wash the pitcher and blades carefully.

The Oster blenders are very cool for use regularly to make nutritious meals and drinks. The technical support and warranty support has some terms with one year to fix and solve the problem that can be absent in some of the blenders in the market found through consumer reports blenders. The customer ratings are pretty good 3.8 stars out of 5.

18. Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo (NN102)

The Ninja models are one of the finest brands you can get available in the market. The design and versatile delivery of service have made this brand a masterpiece. Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo (Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) NN102 holds 1200 watt powerful motor with Auto-iQ Boost function that can easily run the device smoothly to make and preparing snacks, drinks, meal, and dough. It can quickly split the ingredients to make healthy and nutritious meals and drinks for our body to enjoy. The Nutri bowl comes with 4- cup measurements that facilitate chopping and mixing the dough for food to be prepared. These nutri ninja cups come in various sizes and shapes will be too much use for the ultimate user.

Programming: The device is installed with Auto-iQ technology that can do pulsing, blending and pause into certain time pattern for it. This is one of the main reasons this model has gained a huge popularity and became a trend. The nutrient fusions add tastes and nutrients into the meals, smoothie, and drinks when any ingredient is blended with this blender.

Extraction: The blades are the significant factor to facilitate and help in extracting the essential nutrients from the solid foods. The steel and well-curved blades followed by the speed variance and control systematized by the user helps in extraction and pulverizing the mixtures.

Motor: The powerful speed using 1200 watt motor power capacity executes the blending, chopping, grinding and mixing. The quality also depends on the motor and its longevity assurance.

Parts: 2 piece of 24 oz. Tritan Ninja Cups, 2 sections of spout lids, Nutri Bowl, precision prep blades and dough blades. The following parts are useful and needed for the preparation of delicious deserted, smoothie, juices and many other foods and drinks.


  • Consists of 5 Auto-iQ programs and Auto iQ Boost.
  • Brilliant wattage to make high-quality smoothies and shakes.
  • Smoothly extracts the vitamins and nutrients.
  • Silky Textures are noticeable while eating and drinking the food and drink made with this Nutri Ninja.
  • 4.3 out of 5 stars.


  • Should be washed carefully the whole device and its parts.
  • Excessive use is not recommended in a day.

The warranty is lifetime service guarantee with simple and easy terms and conditions. This benefit is very rare in other brands and blender models. For family and multiple uses, it is a good gadget to make your drinks and meals enjoyable. For sure it can satisfy your daily nourishment and nutrition on dieting.

19. Oster BLSTVB-RV0-000 VERSA 1400-watt Pro Performance Blender

Oster is equipped with 1400 watt motor that sounds very dominant for crushing any solid foods. The sophisticated blades allow spinning 250 MPH for blending fluently and with ease. Typical blenders cannot spin with this much of rapidity. The Oster BLSTVB-RV0-000 VERSA Pro Performance Blender with Tamper 1400-watt, BLSTVB-RV0 can combine and pulverize the recipe at high speed and pace. The ability of this model is so versatile and all-around in order to pulverize from soup to nuts. Frozen food also grinds very swiftly. The recipe for diet and non-diet can be functioned through this device.

Setups: The model is programmed with 3 programmed settings for food and drink variations. The touch buttons make it so handy and easy to access the blender to make a variety of meals and drinks like-smoothie, soups and dips. You can adjust the speed according to your demand. The speed dials are changeable like high, medium and low by its pulse.

Multipurpose use: The system is used as a food processor, mixer, and high standard blender. In kitchen appliance, you do not need any extra food processor, mixer or ice crusher. Therefore it saves the money and space in kitchen; you can exercise three functions in one device.

Connections: 6 stainless steel blades are inserted. Rotates and spin at 25 MPH for pureeing and pulverizing the recipes. Comes with 64 ounces BPA free Tritan plastic pitcher for measurements easily, lids can be fitted with ease and spouts are well organized.


  • The robust base that is firm while operation and functioning.
  • 7 year of full warranty.
  • Metal in connections for durability.
  • Tamper for perfect blending.
  • 1400 watt strong high-quality motor that can hold any frozen or hard ingredients.


  • Overheating may occur due to excessive use but in that time restart after cooling down.
  • Secure the pitcher and assemble nicely by following the manual instruction.

So this blender model is widely acknowledged by the user and buyer. There is no such severe complain about this blender after use by the user or buyer. Without any hesitation, you can test out this amazing blender that will blow your mind after delivering its performance.

20. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Many blenders cannot process the recipe correctly and perfectly by blending. Sometimes blenders over-process or unevenly process the ingredients inserted that demolish the taste and nutrients from ingredients. The meal or drink becomes lumpy and disgusting. But Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender perfectly solved the problem by introducing its innovative system called as hemisphere blade system. It creates the texture, enhances the taste and pulverizes the recipe smoothly. Thus with this system, you can make different types of the meal by crushing and combining hard and soft ingredients like nuts, green vegetables, fruits, ice and other things.  

Functions: Powerful blending, food processing, and mixing can also be ensured. The powerful motor 750 watt or 1.0 horsepower enables to crush and create texture quality in the meal or drinks. A high torque motor is also another factor and innovative hemisphere blade system effectively performs the tasks with much efficiency and competently. Automated functioning to improve the pulverizing providing quality and texture in the recipe.

Controls: Plus pulse with 5-speed settings makes it cooler to allow the ingredient into nice smoothie, juice, dessert or puree. An adjustment of speed helps to prepare different types of food and meals.

Durability: Stainless steel blade with hemisphere control inputted is one best innovative function in this device. The blades are of high quality and classy. Metal base ensures for heavy duty and long lasting durability for long period of time.

Vessels: It gives large 48 oz (1.5L) Eastman Tritan Copolyester Jug with 6 cup capacity for ease of operating and blending the ingredients or recipe.  Hemisphere bowl system as a pitcher for pulverizing. The product is BPA free.


  • LCD timer and can be preprogrammed.
  • The setting can be preprogrammed for crushing ice and making a smoothie.
  • User-friendly control system.
  • Customer ratings 3.9 out of 5 stars.
  • Warranty support for 1 year.


  • Being careful during washing and cleaning the blade as it is curved and sharp.
  • Needs high voltage electricity for functioning as it is for heavy duty usage.

The model is nicely packed with modern features and facilities that will satisfy you for sure by the performance of its service. This blender is on another level in blending; food processing or mixing that is very versatile for using it according to the demand and need of the user.

21. Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express Dispensing Smoothie Blender

This amazing model pulls down the ingredients for the blades and prepares creamy smoothie and shakes for the user. The wave action is very advanced through its blades for emulsifying the fruit, vegetable or any ingredients. The power is 500 watt to its peak facilitate with nice speed capacity to give the perfect smoothness and texture in the desert, puree, juice or smoothie of this Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express Dispensing Smoothie Blender with 48-Ounce Jar, Red (54618). Speed pulse is 4 settings for various purposes utilization. The blender is easy to carry anywhere and fix easily as it is very simple and easy to operate by following the instruction manual.

Safe: The pitcher is dishwasher safe if you clean it. Simple cleaning is also possible by rinsing soap with hands and washes it with warm or cool water. The pitcher is made of resistant ability that can easily handle extra force or pressure during blending. 48 oz. Dura blend jar is provided with it.

Peak power and pulse: The peak power is 500 watt which can efficiently blend any recipe including smaller chunks of ice. The crushing system with the blade is followed by its wave action blade system according to the speed dial. Brilliant 4-speed pulse for the user to get the meal or drink according to the demand inputted by the dial.

Dispenser: The dispenser is removable easily after use for cleaning and for convenience spout cap is also used.


  • 3-year cool warranty support.
  • Excellent result in blending smoothie, shakes or desserts.
  • Modern wave action system to pull down the ingredients for pulverizing.
  • 4 stars out of 5 stars in ratings.


  • Cannot crush tons or excess amount of ice.

Therefore this blender is nice one for you and your family as it has amazing warranty support and good features. The customers of this brand and model are satisfied by its functions and performance deliver. For a healthy diet, this product is excellent for quick and fast making and preparing nutritious meals or drinks.

22. Nutri Ninja blender system with auto-iq bl682

You will not get better pulsing, blending and pausing pattern other than this NutriNinja|Ninja Blender Duo System with Auto-iQ with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL682). The well-patterned functions in this model deliver amazing smoothie, shakes and any type of meal. The Auto-iQ technology has the innovative system programmed for quality blending. The blender powerfully combines and pulverizes the mixtures of hard or soft ingredients to make any recipe. The blender is cool for the family as it provides Nutri Ninja cups in three different sizes and measurements.

Technological device: The intelligent program allows functioning well by its Auto-iQ technological tool. It has patterned with pulsing, pausing and bending. As a result, different qualities and types of meal or drinks can be made with this device.

Containers: Total Crushing Pitcher with measurement 72 oz. pulverizes the ice or frozen ingredients to prepare the smoothie, shakes puree or desserts. 8- Cup food processor bowl helps in grinding, chopping and mixing the dough up to 2lbs within seconds. 18, 24 and 32 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with lids can be used for the personal purpose and carry while traveling.

Base: The motor base is 1500 watt strong enough to combine and crush any hard ingredient into small for preparing any recipe.

Weight and dimension: The weight is 10.4 pounds and dimension is 9.8 x 7 x 17.6 inches. The dimension is quite nice for a quality standard blender in looking and design.


  • Frozen or ice can be pulverized within seconds.
  • Processor bowl facilitates chopping and grinding properly.
  • Setup and controlled by Auto-iQ technology.
  • Easy preparation and operation of the blender.
  • Full warranty and technical support for one year.
  • 4.4 stars out of 5 stars in customer ratings.


  • Restart if it is overheated while excessive use, wait until the machine cools down.
  • Assemble the pitchers in order to use properly otherwise the recipe or ingredients it may fall apart.

Our blender is very user-friendly devised with updated features that will complete your level of satisfaction. The fruit ninja blender ratings are high enough for acknowledgment. The Auto-iQ system is one of its main advantages that created popularity and demand in the market nationally and internationally.

23. Best personal blender - Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

There is a scarcity of quality personal blenders on the market. It is extremely important for an individual to hold a blender for own personal purpose or use. Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle is one of the finest personal blenders that you easily and quickly operate to make smoothies, juices, desserts and other meals or drinks for consumption. The powerful and strong motor of this device helps to crush any fruits, vegetables, hard and soft ingredients within seconds. It can hold the food temperature up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. You can experience silky, creamy and textured smoothie with this fantastic personal blender.

Versatile purpose and use: You can blend, chop, grind, whip and mix with ingredients which may be hard or soft like frozen solid foods, ice, and other things together. The blender provides the fastest delivery of blending to prepare any meal or drink.

Motor power: Surprisingly with a 300-watt motor and 23000 RPM and sharp blades it can deliver very fast smoothies, soups, and shakes. Those blended shakes, sorbets, soups, and smoothie must be tasted for belief.

Bottle and jars: The 20 oz. the jar can turn into drinking bottle after blending you can carry and keep the recipe inside by connecting the spout lid. This facility is not available on other personal blenders.

Protection and safety: Secured shutoff protection if the jar is not attached.  For counter-top use, it can be gripped with suction feet. It can easily be stored in the freezer, refrigerator and can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • The recipe can be easily carried anywhere as it has the facility of taking along the bottle.
  • The mug has the sealable lids. As a result, it will not spill.
  • Durable stainless steel blade.
  • One-touch blending system for ease of operation.
  • The lightweight bottle which is easy to handle and take anywhere you want to.
  • 2 years of full warranty support.


  • Must be cleaned safely as it has sharp blades.
  • Being careful while excessive use in a day

The customer ratings are 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. It is a nice and quality blender for personal use in gym, office, outdoor or indoor. The features are very informative and modern for personal blending. You can easily fix and operate the blender by looking and reading its instruction manual.

24. Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24 oz Smoothie Cup

Oster brands and models are very powerful blenders that can formulate the hard and soft ingredients into delicious smoothie, puree, desserts, and shakes. This Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24 oz Smoothie Cup has advanced control and speed settings that allow for preparing the recipe and dishes nicely and quickly. It possesses the versatility and performance. The performance is shown by delivering the right recipe after blending and speed settings are also important to ensure the texture of the meal or drink. It will surely amaze the chef or any person with its 1200 watt power that blends the mixtures of hard or soft ingredients like rice, vegetables, fruits and other foods.

Technology with advanced tools: This Oster blender has 7-speed control settings with 3 programmed settings called as smart settings technology. Thus with this speed adjustment and variations, it can pulverize any type of ingredients for preparing any meal or drinks.

Blade device: The steel blades are very active and quick in action with its speed variations directed by the user. Wider blade with 3.5 “blade system facilitates chopping, grinding and pulverizing easily and ingredients flow smoothly with it.

Durability: The blender is very durable due to its design and long-lasting motor system. It has 10 years of limited warranty of durability for the metal driven system.

Accessories: It gives 5- cup extra-large food processing bowl. BPA-free Tritan jar extra-large 8-cup. Thus its accessories are provided with the blender by which it becomes possible to prepare different types of recipes and dishes.  


  • Pulse system helps in precision and control.
  • High-quality blades push down the ingredients for the faster preparation of the recipe.
  • Boroclass glass jar can take the thermal shock.
  • One touch control for making smoothies, salsa, and other meals or drinks.
  • Support of 3-year satisfaction guarantee and 10 years All Metal Drive Limited Warranty.


  • Attack and fix the attachments like blades, bases, and a pitcher with plug-ins nicely and calmly so that nothing goes wrong.
  • Little loud but not too much noise.

So the blender is very highly devised and its customer ratings are 4 stars out of 5 stars. Therefore you can make any smoothie, shakes, soups and other meals and drinks with this blender according to your demand and need.

25. Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL642)

Ninja brand blenders are very popular and demanding blenders on the market. It has very good and positive goodwill. Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ is one of the best models of Ninja that provides quick service. Pulverizing becomes easy with this excellent system. Its Auto-it has made the device unique compared to other blenders. The 1500 watt motor allows the Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL642) functioning very smoothly and efficiently. 2 HP is high enough to produce very good textures and taste in the smoothie, shakes, desserts and other recipes of meals or drinks. It is very much beneficial for the breakfast smoothies for weight loss. High-quality blades make the ingredients to combine and mix well with the flow of recipe and items inserted in the blender.

Intelligent device: The Auto-iQ technology is programmed with speed controls that can blend according to the user demand for pulverizing the elements in order to make silky smoothie, shakes or juices.

Crushing blender: Total Crushing Technology defines the pulverizing and combining the elements nicely in the device while preparing the recipe. It crushes ice very smoothly and efficiently.

Components: Blades are vital for the movement and crushing of the ingredients. The pro extractor blade easily breaks down the ice, fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

Pitchers and cups: The quite big pitcher is given which is 72 oz. in measurement with lid and pour spout. Other ninja blender cups are 18, 24 and 32 multi serve cup for user utilization.


  • The blades, cups, and pitcher are dishwasher safe.
  • Warranty support for two years.
  • 2 horsepower very good for silky texture in the meals or drinks.
  • The product is BPA-free.


  • Little loud while crushing ice as it creates friction and force in the machine.
  • The pitcher should be assembled correctly at the time of use.

Therefore the features, ratings and warranty support will give you some vital information about this model which will help you to choose this product or not. The customer rating is excellent 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

26. COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Professional Kitchen Smoothie Blender Maker with 70oz BPA-Free Pitcher & 27oz Bottle

The blender has 1500 watt motor for pulverizing the hard, tough and soft ingredients smoothly. The commercial graded blender with 2 HP runs in 30000 RPM that sounds very strong in speed. Smoothies, ice creams, milkshakes, whole juice, frozen ingredients, nuts, puree and other ingredients can be blended easily and finely. 6 premium stainless steel razor sharp blade efficiently breaks down the ingredients, fruits, and vegetables for vitamin and nutrients extractions. The speed control of this COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Professional Kitchen Smoothie Blender Maker with 70oz BPA-Free Pitcher & 27oz Bottle, Commercial Heavy Duty Food Processor for Ice, Soup, Nuts&Batter,2HP  is superb as it is very user-friendly to adjust according to the recipe and user demands.

Performance: The 2 HP or 1500 watt motor confidently pulverizes the foods into silky small particles and combines well with the recipe.

Multiple people: This blender is excellent for family use or professional use in shops, canteens or offices for multiple people. The heavy duty food processor can easily make soup, smoothies and other meals for multiple people.

Containers and bottle: It provides 70 oz. container with 27 oz. personal travel bottle for carrying anywhere the user want. Thus the travel bottle helps to take the nutrient-rich super juice or smoothie to any place.

Safety and washing: The pitchers are BPA-free and can be dish washed easily. Cleaning brush is also included with this model.

Extra functions: The soup function is a distinctive component of this blender. It facilitates the heating system quickly for making hot items and recipes.


  • Speed settings allow desired consistency in the meal or drinks.
  • Soup function for heating the recipe or ingredients of food inserted.
  • Multipurpose use as a food processor, coffee grinder, ice crusher, whole fruit juicer and many more. So it is also the blender food processor combo.
  • Safety as hazard-free operation, automated overheats protection, automated overload protection and the pitcher sensor if the jar is not properly placed on the base.


  • Fixing the lid correctly otherwise the ingredients may spill.
  • The motor should be handled properly as it may get heated for a long time or heavy duty professional use.

The customer ratings are 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. For this reason, this model is in huge demand in the market. The warranty support is extremely good for one-year parts and lifetime for the product. As a result, this blender is excellent for family and professional use in bars, juice shops or offices.

27. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender (58148A)

Hamilton blenders are multi-function blenders to make a fruit smoothie, green smoothies, purees, desserts and different types of meals or drinks. The power of this extraordinary blender 700 watts at its peak that can blend ice, frozen ingredients, and solid foods very effectively. You will get the best quality meals and drinks with this Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender with Glass Jar (58148A). 12 blending functions are versatile enough to prepare many recipe items and dishes. Those dishes can be blended in seconds with this amazing blender. Pulverizing the ice or frozen foods is tough for many blenders but through this tremendous blender, you can do the task quickly and nicely. As a result, this is the best smoothie blender with a glass jar.

Tasks: The blender provides quick service of delivering the meals or drinks within seconds to count. The multi-function blender can make desserts, smoothie, puree and other drinks or foods with quality texture and that will surely taste nice and nutritious. Good for family gatherings and multiple persons.

Speed functions: There are 12 blending function options for the user. The user can blend by choice according to the consistency the user wants in their smoothie, dessert, juice or other food.

Cool jars and pitchers: The model gives 40 oz. glass jar which is very resistant and strong. The jar is dishwasher safe.

Wave action system: The blade allows for wave system to pull down the ingredients nicely and smoothly so that the recipe gets pulverized and mix well with the ingredients. Therefore this action is much important for quick delivery of the meal or drink.


  • 3-year warranty support with simple terms and conditions.
  • Dishwasher safe jars and pitchers.
  • Multi-function abilities to prepare any type of meal or drinks.
  • No way of spout while pouring as it has a hinged cap.
  • Adjustable speed control with 12 variations system.


  • Overheating may occur due to excess load or usage.
  • Careful plug-ins and fixation should be ensured.

Therefore this multi-function blender is certainly one of the best gadgets for enjoying a yummy smoothie, shakes, desserts, cookies, soups, and others. The customer ratings are pretty well it has got 3.7 stars out of 5 stars. It is better than another cheap blender. Careful using this blender will last long and the durability of the motor and other parts is excellent.

Best Blenders for Smoothies Buying Guide

Before going to buy the best blenders for making smoothies, you have to understand precisely about two things; one is what the difference between Juicers and blenders is? And another thing is which one is the top blender to buy. In this top rated blender for smoothies buying guide, our team of expert tried to give you a guideline how to choose the best model to fulfill your demand.

Let’s start with the first thing what the difference between juicers and blenders is? A juicer was juicing the liquid from the vegetables or fruits and leaving the fiber. On the other hand, a mixer is blending the fruits, vegetables, hard foods and so on. So the fundamental difference between juicers machine and blender machines is one just juicing the liquid from the nuts without fiber and a blender blend all the ingredients’ with textures to make delicious smoothies for your healthy life. At the same time, a blender also blends frozen fruits and can able to, make an icy drink.

What is smoothie blender?

Smoothie blenders usually have a strong motor and high-quality blades for pulverizing any solid food, ice, nuts fruits or vegetables. There are different types of smoothie you can make with a blender like a green smoothie, vanilla smoothie, fruit smoothie or chocolate smoothie crushed with ice. For breaking the ice, it needs quality and sharp blades that can be used for extended period. Smoothie blenders are that kitchen appliance was that is usually used regularly for diet. It gives the smoothie high consistency packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibers for the nourishment of the body. This blender provides high performance with its wattage motor capacity, sturdy resistant pitcher jar, and cups, stainless steel blade with multi-function abilities.

Now we are going to talk about how you can choose the top blenders for you?

Generally, in the market there more than 100 models of blenders are available and if you decide to choose a random model or going to select one model recommended by someone else will be the wrong decision for you. Because every single person or family has different limitations, needs and of course purchasing capacity or budget whatever you say. So, before buying a smoothie blender, you need to find what types of mixer you need. There are four main types of the blender is available in the market which are personal bullet blender, traditional counter-top, hand blenders and top of the line high-performance blenders. To resolve this confusing situation our team of expert found some technique for those people who do not have enough knowledge regarding choose a best and suitable blender for them.

Our expert team found three common and easy steps for choosing the best smoothie blender to fulfill your final demand for personal, commercial or for the whole family use. These three easy steps are:

  • check
    Find the types of blender that suitable for you.
  • check
    Choose the perfect model that 100 percent fulfill your demand
  • check
    Buy your chosen blender to achieve your ultimate desire.

Step 1: Find the types of blender that suitable for you:

This is the first steps that help you to find out the best forms of smoothie blender to fulfilling your desire demand. Out team expert recommended that before buying any blender you have to do some research and make some comparison between models with your needs by following our Blenders for Smoothies Buying Guide & reviews; you will be able to find the righteous one that fulfills your demand.

In these steps, we recommended you to ask some question yourself and tried to find the proper answer, and these questions are:

  1. What do I want from a smoothie’s blender?
  2. What’s my budget is?
  3. How much does motor power my blender needs to fulfill my demand?
  4. How much storage do I need to satisfy my family smoothies demand?
  5. How many people in my family?

After finding the answer to these questions, you see the type and capacity of blender do you need to fulfill your demand?

Now you can see this comparison table between earlier mentioned four main types of the blender and their limitations about storage space, single serving versus a large number of serving and so on. This table result shows the exact comparison between 4 main types of blenders, their capacity and price.

Table: Different Types Of Smoothie Blender Comparison Table-


Hand Blender

Traditional Counter-top Blender

Personal Bullet Blender

High Performance blender

Other Types Of Blender


KOIOS Powerful 500 Watt Hand Blender Setting 6-12 Variable Speeds,4-in-1 Immersion Blender Includes Food Processor, BPA-Free Beaker and Stainless Steel Egg...
Oster Reverse Crush counterforms blender
Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set
Vitamix 5300 Blender, Red
Hamilton Beach (51101BA) Bullet Blender with Travel Lid, Single Serve, For Shakes & Smoothies, Black

Used To Make

soups, Simple smoothies with soft Ingre-dients

Simple smoothies with soft Ingre-dients, protein Shakes, Milkshakes

Some models can make all types smoothies and protein shakes

Specially used for making tough ingredients smoothies like nut butter, nut milk.

This types are single serve, can make smoothies for 1 person and for traveling

Makes Smoothies?

Best for making soft fruits smoothies

Mainly for soft ingredients smoothies

Make smoothies with all ingredients

Yes, Its able to make any ingredients smoothies

Multi-function are makes all smoothies

Storage space required






Can it crushes ice for Frozen Drink?






Is this table helpful for you? But then again if it is harder to understand let's explain to us how you use this table to find the types of the blender with examples.


For example, mainly you are looking for a blender which is a best inexpensive blender for smoothies and capable of making fruit and vegetable smoothie. At the same time, which is single serves that means able to make smoothies to a portable cup and ready to serve you within a minute than hand blenders and personal blenders are best for you undoubtedly.

On the other hand, we see that hand blenders are not strong enough to make hard ingredients smoothies it better to use for soft ingredients like banana, strawberries and some other mild parts. In that case, you can use a personal blender to make single serve smoothies.

When you found the right types of the blender, then you can smoothly go for analysis the models. Do not worry you do not need to go for others for analysis in this best Blenders for Smoothies Buying Guide and reviews we thoroughly reviewed some top most personal blenders models which are easily meet your final demand. The models are like a particular magic bullet or secret ninja mini bullet blenders and so on. You can quickly check it out from our whole website reviews sequence.


Suppose you are searching for the best blenders for smoothies with ice for making cold smoothies with a harsh ingredients’ like beet or nut butter even soups and so on. Then the high-performance blender is suitable for you that recommended by our blenders experts.

To be more explicit now we are going to answer a question like which types of blenders are perfect for making healthy smoothies?

The imaging thing is that most of the blenders come with the quality of making smoothies. But you need to know the precise benefits and differences between different types of the blender. Otherwise, it is quite difficult for you to find which one is perfect to fulfill your demand. At the same time which model can serve the best according to your lifestyle? In this part of the reviews, we are going to give you a clear and accurate overview of 4 main types and others subcategory blenders features and quality which will tremendously help you to find your one.

Let’s go with to know what they are:

Personal bullet blender:

Depending on the models this types of mixers is just excellent for making 1 or 2 serving smoothies and shakes. This personal bullet blender is bit smaller than traditional jug blender’s series, and it comes with the blending cup which looks like a bullet. These personal bullet blender models like Nutribullet and NutriNinja blenders available in the market. The most notable thing is that you can get these personal blenders for smoothies under 100 dollars. These blenders’ models also known as cost-effective smoothie blenders and can able to make healthy smoothies within a minute.

These blenders come with some notable advantages like these models needs less space to set causing these are suitable for the smaller kitchen. On the other hand, its blending cup is perfect for single service within a minute, and most importantly some models can crush the ice to make an icy drink. Another notable advantage is that these models are more affordable than high-performance blenders.

Traditional Countertop Blenders:

As per name you may understand these types of the blender are more suitable to sit on your counter, and they are more potent than hand blenders. Then again many of these types of blenders don’t feel able to deal with some smoothies ingredients as a personal bullet, and high-performance blenders do. This category of blenders is taken much space than any others blenders. At the same time, these blenders are more challenging regarding cleaning as compared to hand blenders. But they are powerful enough to handle a wide range of smoothie’s ingredients. In case of making icy smoothies and icy drinks, this is not the perfect one to buy.

Hand Blenders:

According to its name, you may understand this category of blenders is handling by hand. In general, we found that this types of blenders are highly versatile and can able to do everything for making soup, smoothies, marinades and even mayonnaise. But usually, hand blenders are not able to handle the tough vegetables and leafy greens. So today’s era this types of blenders often we are not recommended to you. There are many reasons behind. For example, they are quite noisy, and they can't handle a lot of ingredients at a time. Resulting this category is only suitable for single serve, but there are time factors. There are lots of blenders for smoothies are available in the market like Oster, NutriNinja, and Hamilton, Magic bullets blenders can able to make smoothies and other drink of food within a minute. But if you are alone, then this one may be suitable for you and can fulfill your demand.

Top line high-performance blenders:

Easy to understand, this category of blenders are high performing and professional blenders to make smoothies by crushing almost any ingredients whatever it is challenging to grinding by others similar types of blenders. If you have a big family or you have to do business, then this types of blenders are suitable for you. Otherwise for home and kitchen blenders like personal bullet types blenders are much better to handle than this one.

As for high performance, this types blender come with some advantage like these can make smoothies with a silky texture and can make consistently and can able to make many smoothies at a time. This category of blenders can easily cope up with challenging ingredients for making smoothies without taking the risk of motor burning. On the other hand, they are big so take massive space for sitting to run, and they are also noisy as compare to hand blenders.

Then again if you have a big family, then you can think about this, or if you have a business, you can take this high performing blender. We have found two best high-performance blenders for you; these are Vitamix and Blendtec. There are many other high performing capability blenders are available in the market but this twos current users response is quite good, and these two models got the most top star ranking from Amazon customer star rating and reviews.

Others Types or category of Blenders:

In this part of our blender buying guide and reviews, we are going to introduce some others types of blenders that are mostly used by today’s era. That’s why we have put this category of blenders for you. These types are actually for home and kitchen use only. Some are for the single serving; some are best for their size and performance. Let’s have a look at how they work and what is their capability:

Single serve blenders:

This is actually from the personal blenders types with 8 to 20 oz. These blenders are suitable to make smoothies for your breakfast if you want to drink. Some of the models come with the features of multiple cups, lids, and blades with versatility features.

Icy Drink makers:

These types blenders are more powerful because they can handle the terrible ingredients by crushing the glacial to make icy smoothies and the cold drink. They come with a powerful motor to serve the healthy smoothies within a minute. Some the models of these types of blenders come with multiple pitchers with versatility.

Multi-function blenders:

If you are facing up the space problem over your counter or you want to merge your smallest appliances, then these types of multi-function blenders are suitable for you for sure.  Because this types of blenders able to make smoothies and at the same time able to work as a food processor. For example, Ninja food processor attachment unit is one of the most popular combo blender today’s markets. This model is entirely a multi-functioning home appliance with the ability to process bowl, chopper, soup, nuts pasting and so on. On the other hand, in case of making healthy fit nutritious smoothies for fit your body with the instruction from your gym instructor or nutrition then you can think about other multiple blenders called ninja fit blender. Because this model from ninja can able to make smoothies, nutrient juice and so on to gourd your body from various disease. These multiple functioned blender models are not just a blender or juicer they also know combo type blending giant.

The mini Blenders:

These are actually from the category of personal blenders. They are 1 or 2 serving capable blender to make smoothies. The most popular and best seller mini blenders are like the magic bullet and NutriBullet blenders. They are smaller in size as we said before of this buying guide and reviews at personal blender option.

The battery fired blenders:

If you are outside of the kitchen or go for the campaign, then you can efficiently use this category of blenders. The most popular battery operated blenders are: Waring Tailgater TG15, Margaritaville Bahamas DM0700, B&D HandyMixer and so on. Some of the models come with a rechargeable battery worked, and some use 12 volts battery power system to make smoothies outside of your kitchen even in your grid campaign area. These types of blenders are also known as portable blenders for smoothies.

Gas fired blenders:

This types of blenders are also known for their excellent portability. The gas-powered models like “The Extreme Daiquiri Whacker, Handheld Milk Frother and so on. These models are also known for their using versatility. Because wherever you go for a campaign or going a long distance by train, you can easily carry this category blender to make healthy smoothies and shakes without any help from others.

At the end of this session we can say that these are best types of blenders for making healthy smoothies and at the same time, our team of expert found many of the models are highly portable some multi-functioning, and some are best for your counter. In the last sentence, we hope that these step by step guidelines are helpful for you to find the Top model of blender that helps to fulfill your health demand by making smoothies and can be able to serve for a long time.

Step 2: Choose the perfect model that 100 percent fulfill your demand:

This step is the higher priority and essential because after made the decision what types of blender do you needed to meet you and your family drink and smoothies demand. So to find the best model you have searching by these way that was given by our smoothie blender’s team of expert. Our team of experts makes these 11 points that help you to find the best model of the water heater and these points are:

Let’s see how and raise your knowledge regarding this many types of blenders:

  1. Some people you need serve: This is the essential steps to find the best model.
  2. Available space for setting your blender: before buying a model of smoothie blender it is crucial to think about the scope of your counter to accept the model.
  3. Can your chosen model easy to clean up: in this part, you have to think about some critical question like is your blender jar dishwasher is safe? Is it designed for easy cleanup? On the other hand, if your model with touching pad then you must have to think that is it possible to keep the cleanness including knobs and dials easily.
  4. Availability of blending controllers: In this step, you have to find out if your chosen model has blending controller. Because this is the vital part of any blenders. The best controlling speed is 5 with a pulse is enough to get the smoothest smoothies. The pulse functions of blender useful when you go for blending the frozen fruits or other harsh ingredients to make the smoothies.
  5. Is your motor is powerful enough: In this part, you have to look at your chose model motor power. Because without the absolute motor power your model isn’t able to perform well to fulfill your desire demand. So another most critical factor that you have to look up carefully. Otherwise, you need to face-up the losses and maybe need to buy another one. To find the best-powered smoothies blenders, before buying you can compare between the models you encountered from our blender reviews and comparison must include rating comparison.
  6. What types of materials use to the jar best to buy pitcher made jar blender: Basically, all the blenders’ pots are made with plastic, glass, stainless steel, poly-carbonate or mixed materials like glass and plastic. If your blender is made of plastic, then this will make more comfortable to handle because plastic is a lightweight material, but there is a considerable possibility of absorbing, staining and scratching. But if your model comes with a plastic pitcher, then please make sure that is it BPA free. The BPA free materials are considered for safer food making. On the other hand, Glass jars are quite heavier and breakable as you know, but glass jars are free from absorbing odors or natural scratching. The caution thing is that glass jars are not safe for powerful blenders because of vibrating and lifting the metal object like the spoon is accordingly forgotten in a glass jar. Resulting, there are high chances to unwanted breakdown, and it raises the potentiality of injury to your body.
  7. The using versatility: There is saying if you do not target to use blender frequently or daily two times in a day! You may be thought to buy a cheap model, but my dear friend the result is not right for you. Because the most inexpensive blender is not able to give the best performance as compared to a quality blender. So think like you investing your money in buying a blender so buy a quality blender to get the best performance you were always searching for a mixer.
  8. Longevity: Think that how important is to find a blender that can able to crush your ice and harsh ingredients over the extended period. At the same time, you have to think about another factor that you’re chosen unit can take the overload and does it work correctly with the accurate motor protection. To get these questions answer our team of expert-recommended you to buy higher priced models for understanding the service for an extended period. Because cheaper models are usually burned earlier sometimes its motors burn happening after few months.
  9. Accessories availability and attachments: Most of the manufacturer includes temper to help ingredients moving freely inside the cup pitcher for blending to get the healthy smoothies. The most exciting thing is that every blender comes with pulse button that also helps as like as tempers do so if your models do not have temper attachments don’t worry buddy just push the pulse button that will give you the same effect for making healthy smoothies.
  10. Importance of Warranty period: there is saying that your warranty is like as an insurance policy. Because warranty is the term that can able to save your expense for repairing later on. Most of the higher priced and efficiency blenders are comes with 5 to 10 years of warranty whether lower priced models comes with one year only.
  11. Budget consideration: In the marketplace, there are many blenders for smoothies under 100 dollars and higher efficiency models you can buy 400 $ and above. The price depends on the product quality and serving efficiency to make quality smoothies. There are also few lower price models comes with exceptional quality like mini ninja blenders and other personal bullet blenders are not so much expensive as compared to similar quality blenders.

Step 3: Compare the top features of a Smoothie Maker:

In today’s era, all the blenders come with some standard and the wide variety of functions. These features are made them readily usable and also raise capacity to give high performance. These common features are:

Blender watts Power and horsepower factor:

This essential feature of the blender and the power are measured by wattage. This is the only way to compare one blender to another for finding which one is best. Because it shows the how much power consume by a blender and the horsepower measure the capacity of a blender motor. Our team of expert found that high strength of a mixer can perform the best. That’s why they recommended that to buy a higher watt powered and horsepower blender to buy. At the same time, high watts and horsepower are better to make tasty and healthy smoothies and can able pulverize the seeds, fruits, and veggies more efficiently.

Can you use a blender to make a smoothie?

Yes, of course, a quality blender is a key to making a perfect smoothie. If you want your smoothie smoother in consistency then you have to find a good blender that will make it more healthy, drinkable and tasty. It is not possible for a food processor or juicer to achieve that smoothness as they do not have that ability to keep the fibers, vitamins, and minerals of fruits and vegetables intact while mixing and whipping up. Therefore a blender does not fade the healthy components from the fruits, vegetables, and solid foods while making a smoothie. That’s why I use a smoothie blender to make healthy and tasty smoothies.

Now you may ask a question to know the answer in details like how and what are the benefits and advantages of using a blender for making a smoothie.

Can you use a blender to make a smoothies

Can you use a blender to make a smoothies?

Quick and speedy: In a very small amount of time, it can blend and pulverize any ingredient with its speed capacity by taking electrical power ranging from 200 to 1200 watts (according to its model). The tamper pushes the ingredients downward and allows all ingredients to pulverize smoothly.

Modern and user-friendly control: According to the user choice, it is adjustable with its speed and pulse considering the type of fruit or vegetable for making the smoothie.

Portability: Many food processors, juicers, and mixers are not portable by size to handle, fix and carry around. Portable blender takes a small space for its functioning and can be easily carried to anywhere at any time.

Washing and cleaning: After use, you can easily clean the pitcher and blade with warm water mixing with soap or detergent by turning the switch on and rinsing again with warm water nicely. Then you have the perfectly clean blender. Mostly touch pads are much easier to clean.

Cost-effective: On a budget, you can easily get a cool blender where you can pulverize hard and soft ingredients like almond, nuts, ice, spinach, banana, pineapple and many other things for making a smoothie by your choice.

Servings: It has many sizes for servings come with family or medium sized jars including extra jars and accessories according to user needs and family size. You should consider your family members to choose the right jar or pitcher so that everyone can enjoy the healthy and nutritious smoothie made by the blender.

Great device: Over 800 watts is considered as a powerful blender. But the wattage cannot define the quality by its power. Many low wattage blenders provide excellent service to its user.

What blender makes the smoothest smoothie?

If you want to enjoy the smoothest smoothie then you need a blender that has a powerful motor with sharp quality blade and big or medium size pitcher. A fresh smoothie at morning will make your day! To get that enjoyment and satisfaction you have to analyze some basic information. That information will give you the knowledge and you can easily choose what type of blender you have to buy for getting the best smoothie. Forgetting the smooth texture and density it is vital to get the quality blender. Some of the notable models and blenders are Hamilton Beach Personal, Hamilton Beach Smoothie, and Ninja Kitchen.

There are many brands and models of blender which can be found in the market. For making a smoothie, quality blenders are to be searched out which is not very difficult to find.

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid

Varieties of smoothies can be made as it is very easy to use. Compact in size and a personal blender for a single serving is worthy of investment. 175 watt is used for its functioning and performance.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender with 5 Speeds & 40 oz Glass Jar

Excellent for icy smoothies as it uses 700 watts and more power to pulverize the ingredients downward of pitcher inside the blender. Glass jar in this device will not catch any food odor, stain, and mark due to use.

Oster BLSTVB-RV0-000 Versa Pro Performance Blender with Tamper 1400 watt, BLSTVB-RV0

Powerfully built motor with 1400 watt power can handle any hard ingredient to pulverize and mix efficiently. You can adjust the speed by its advanced speed dial accordingly your need for consistency in your smoothie for tasting.

COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Professional Kitchen Smoothie Blender Maker with 70oz BPA-Free Pitcher & 27oz Bottle, Commercial Heavy Duty

It consists of 1500 watt motor and 2 HP motor for commercial purposes like in big shops, office and food court. It can easily extract the vitamins, fibers, and minerals from the fruit, vegetables, nuts and other ingredients through its 6 premium razor sharp blade.

Therefore from the above discussion, we can conclude that the smoothie must be made with a powerful and quality blender in order to get the real taste, nutrients, and nourishment for our body and enjoy it for long time use.                              

Which is the best ninja for smoothies?

Ninja blenders have gained a significant popularity in the market. They entered the market with nice and quality blenders that have to build their goodwill to its buyers. Varieties of ninja blenders come with different models and it owns many merits and some downsides. Though it has coped nicely with its downsides by manufacturing new models of blenders that came with high performance and work efficiency. It has brought specific models only for smoothie makings so that their buyers can be satisfied. The ninja smoothie blender is very affordable and very cool and easy to operate with amazing working capabilities and performance. 

Nutri ninja with Auto IQ is one of the best ninja product as it can pulverize and emulsify any hard, big, soft or small ingredients like frozen ice, flax seeds, nuts and others. Descriptions of best ninja for smoothies are included below

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ blender (BL482)

The features of this product include 1000 watts motor system, can easily crush ice, frozen ingredients, and seeds, Auto-iQ technology that has extraordinary pulsing control and blending patterns. Pitchers are 18oz, 32oz and 24oz Tritan Nutri ninja cups with spout lids that are beneficial and necessary for the user.

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

It is a six blade technology like other ninja blenders that will help to mix, crush and pulverize any edible materials. The sharp blades must be handled carefully in order to be safe. The blade takes the most space inside of the pitcher is one of its unique features.

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo System with Auto-iQ

Comes with 1500 watt motor that sounds brilliant right! Possess multi function abilities with Auto-iQ technology that you will get in most of the ninja models served by the amazing pulsing system, efficient blending, and pausing patterns. All of its models are BPA free.

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo

This system has one base and two interchangeable vessels, motor power is 1200 watts with Auto-iQ that will help to influence the extraction of essential nutrients and vitamins from the ingredients of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Icy smoothies can be quickly made through this blender model within seconds to count. You can take pleasure by sipping the silky smoothie that can be made from any fruit vegetables or nuts by this device.

The above five models are high-quality ninja products that have been excelled in making smoothies by satisfying the buyers and drinkers. We recommend you to try and get the models like- nutria ninja auto, ninja professional blender, and ninja mega kitchen system.

What is the best smoothie machine?

If you want to change your diet plan and move to a healthy diet routine then you need a smoothie machine in your kitchen. Now you may ask, why to choose a smoothie machine! Because you can whip up and pulverize any fruit, solid foods or vegetables to make a consistent low-fat smoothie according to your choice. Many doctors advise today to have fruit and vegetables on a daily basis so that our immune system can remain good and we can maintain a good health. So, for this reason, a quality blender will be very much helpful to pulverize the fruits, nuts, and vegetables easily and instantly to make a nice smoothie.

Some of the best smoothie machines are discussed below with its important elements and features:

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

Oster blenders of this model excellent for traveling and fast pace lifestyle comes with travel sports bottle. The bottle is 20 ounce, BPA free with complete carry hook and lid system. The 250-watt motor makes the ice, solid food and frozen fruit into your favorite smoothie. You can easily replace the blade from the drinking lid while drinking.

Epica Personal Bottle with Taking along Bottle

This multipurpose blender jar can turn into drinking bottle and you can take it to the gym, work or anywhere. It can hold the temperature ranging from -40 degree to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. It consists of a 300-watt motor, 23000 RPM, and 4 stainless steel sharp blades for use.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

It is very easy to use and clean. The ring pull lid helps to remove the lid easily from the pitcher. It can be used for commercial purpose or heavy duty because it is made with a 750W motor that sounds very powerful. A user-friendly machine with LCD timer control system and programming, plus PULSE 5-speed electronic control device and the base is metallic for long and heavy purpose usage.

Oster BLSTMB-CBG-000 Pro-1200 Blender Plus 24 oz Smoothie Cup

This model is highly versatile with its efficiency and performance. The startup power is impressive which 1200 power watts are. The force of blending will be very significant when you make a smoothie with his machine and that smoothie will definitely be pulpy, consistent and smooth in texture. 

The smoothie machine comes with different models and features. The best models and its features have been discussed in the upper section in order to be helpful for you to get the proper and right machine for your occasional or regular usage. You can also look and judge this model like- Oster BLSTPB, New age, and Hamilton beach.

Can you use a hand blender to make a smoothie?

Yes of course by using hand blender it is very suitable to make a healthy smoothie. Hand blenders have that versatility to make different types of smoothies. It is known to all of us that the quickest way to liquefy any fruit or vegetable is through hand blender. Within seconds the hand blender can make delicious smoothies. By mixing and combining milk, juices, nuts, and fruits into this hand blender you can easily create tasty homemade smoothies. This type of blenders takes small space and can be fixed anywhere at any time. The prices are also very cheap so you can suitably get a quality hand blender by investing a little sum of money. It provides quick and speedy service by making smoothie within seconds, that’s cool right! You can swiftly clean the pot or jar with its blender piece.

Notable hand blender’s brands are described below with its unique characteristics

Breville hand or immersion blenders

Breville hand blenders produce the finest texture in the smoothie than any other models in the market that has been found through research and customer ratings and reviews. All of its models are smartly designed with speed variations, no suction gasket, modern handling device and many more unique features. It has 42-ounce jar that is big enough to make two smoothies at a time and easy to pulverize many ingredients for making smoothies like nuts, fruits, vegetables and other solid foods. Controllable speed variations with precise 15 setting system, 6’ extra-long cord, designed ergonomically for effortless handling, control, and operations.

Hamilton beach hand blenders

You can do simple blending with the advanced control system and technology directly in the pan, bowl, pitcher or glass for making a smoothie. All of its attachments can be removed conveniently for cleaning and washing. It includes blending shaft made of stainless steel.

Oster hand blenders

Most of its models have 250 watts motor for the quick and fast performance of making smoothies efficiently. Highly durable stainless steel S-Blade with proper measuring and blending cup. This product has been systemized for North American Electrical Standards.

Ninja immersion or hand blenders

This hand blender brand can crush ice with its amazing 1100 watts (depends on the variation of models) of power for pulverizing ice cubes. The 72-ounce pitcher and blade can be washed in the dishwasher according to the ninja hand blender models. Again, many of its model's parts and pieces can be cleaned in the sink with soap and water. Thus you can enjoy the brilliant and yummy ninja smoothie with any of this hand blender models.    

The power of the hand blender does not depend only on the wattage motor efficiency. But rather depends on the control system, safety release buttons, pulse and blend system, power buttons, cord attachments with extras and many more. You can also check some of our most selling models- NutriBullet Pro, Blender Willsence, and Ninja Kitchen.  

Are fruit smoothies good for weight loss?

If you make a smoothie with raw fruits without adding extra sugar, sweetener, canned fruits or vegetables, sweet fruit or any type of dairy then it is very good for weight loss. You can simply make a healthy smoothie according to your choice by controlling the ingredients. The low-calorie smoothie will give you a healthy diet and nourishment for your body. Just combining the correct ingredients you can make your drink that can help you to lose some weight. The main reason a fruit smoothie will help you to drop some pound is that you can attain all essential nutrition for your body in a glass of smoothie. In a fruit smoothie, there are fewer calories so it enhances the metabolism of the body. A smoothie maker is a great source to prepare any kind of healthy fruit smoothie for a regular diet.

The weight loss can be boosted up by following some simple rule on ingredients and fruit values which are found in your colorful fruit smoothies those are featured below:

Smoothies prepared from avocado

The creaminess and thickness of smoothie increases by mixing avocado in it. It has a healthy fat called ample that keeps the body satiated up to next meal by giving minerals and vitamins.

Prepared from berries

Berries make the smoothie full of flavor because of its natural components without adding any sugar or calories to it. It has high fiber with antioxidants that keep the body sound.

Prepared from leafy greens

Valuable nutrients and fibers are can be provided by the smoothie prepared from kale, spinach, and other greens. It also has low calorie.


The coconut oil fats in a smoothie make the body energized and satiated. This fat is not harmful to the health as it is not stored as fat in the body. Ample healthy fats are found in coconut.

The ingredients to be avoided while making smoothie:

  • Dairy products like milk, ice cream or frozen yogurt as it contains a huge amount of extra calories.
  • An excessive amount of sweet fruit in the smoothie.
  • Sweeteners which are artificial are very damaging to the body. Bottle and canned juices contain a huge amount of sweeteners that also count extra calories. So all sweeteners must be ignored.

The fruits are very beneficial for our body. By taking fruit smoothie it will definitely improve our overall health and immune system. We must be careful about extra calories, added preservatives and extra artificial sweeteners while taking and making a healthy and nutritious smoothie. Some of the products and its models - Magic Bullet NutriBullet, Oster 6812-001, Black and Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl.

What is the superb blender to make smoothies?

You can prepare varieties of smoothies from a nice and classy blender. People make different smoothies according to their personal or professional preference and need. For example, a health-conscious person can make a kale smoothie for diet purpose. On the other hand, a professional chef prepares a vanilla smoothie according to their custom order. Thus you can acknowledge that a good blender has that ability to make any type of smoothie for its users. Blenders are very useful to fulfill family purpose during breakfast period or hosting gatherings for party and celebration.

Magic Bullet Mini, High-Speed Blender, and Mixer

Within seconds you can make a cool smoothie. It is a very compact quality blender. Easier to carry around or anywhere you go like office, out of town or abroad. Its main features are High Torque Power Base, comfortable lip ring for its mug to handle, cup, lids and many other accessories.

Nutri Bullet 12 Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

It has a 600-watt motor that can efficiently pulverize any fruit, vegetable or solid food for a smoothie. It also includes high torque power base. The patented blades are sharp with cyclonic action for extracting valuable nutrients from the foods.

Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

This is model gives profession performance as it has 1100 watt motor with 3 speeds, pulse, and single serve functions. With 72 oz. a pitcher can crush solid ice for making a cold smoothie. Two 16 oz. ninja cups are also provided with this system. The parts are BPA-free and you can clean them with dishwasher easily. Assembled with single serve blade device.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)

Delicious drinks can be made from this 550-watt power motor blender. Its processing bowl is 40 oz. with high-quality blades which can easily pulverize any frozen fruit, vegetable or food into a smooth smoothie.

The descriptions mentioned above will be valuable for you to find and get the blender from the marketplace. You must analyze the information of any blender before you buy. Analyzing that information will help you to search for the right blender you want for your use. Some other suggested models for you- Oster BLSTVB, Breville BBL605XL, and Hamilton Beach.

What is the best blender to crush ice?

The powerful motor is very significant for crushing the frozen ice. At least 500 power motor is required to crush a certain amount of ice with good blending ability. The friction and force raise very high while crushing the ice. In that case, you need a blender that has the capacity to compress the ice without overheating the device. Some brands like Ninja and Oster have high-quality specialized blades that can easily pulverize and mix the ice with the yummy smoothie. At the time of crushing ice, it creates a huge impact on the blender. For this reason, the pitcher must be heavy and made of resistant glass or co-polyester.

New Age Living BL 1500 3 HP (Horse Power) Commercial Smoothie Blender

The model is made from Tritan food grade plastic BPA-free where you can prepare healthy smoothie without any chemical contaminants. The pitcher is tough, resistant and will not fog up. You can make up to 85 Oz. of nice and cool smoothie. Adjustable speed and power ranging from 5000 to 35000 RPM by which you can make different types of smoothie.

Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, Black

It consists of 700 power watts with 450 blending watts. It also comprised of the resistant jar, high power 16-speed settings, and user-friendly control panel. This device also has special appliance feature for ice crushing for a smooth smoothie that is enjoyed by the user.

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender (BL642)

It can pulverize ice to silky snow within seconds. The Ninja XL blender pitcher is 72 oz. that can crush any frozen or solid foods for preparing smoothie. The blades are efficient enough to extract the fibers, vitamins, and minerals from the fruits and vegetables. Auto-IQ technology facilitates timings, speed, control and high performance throughout blending.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

The capacity is 1700 watt powerful motor with smart technology. Hand-free smart technology assists in speed along exact timing for making a silky smoothie. It is also followed by 2.3 horsepower as High- Torque Power Base.

Smoothie with ice tastes very delightful. Most people prefer ice with a smoothie, especially in summer. In that case, it is vital to have a blender that can easily combine the ice with the mixture so that the drinker can enjoy the natural ingredients simultaneously. You can test out some of the models and brands- NutriNinja Ninja, Epica Personal, and Oster BLSTMB.

Which is the best ninja blender to buy?

Ninja blenders are versatile in its power, performance, and capacity. You can target ninja blender and its models to fulfill your demands of having smoothie, juice or any meal. It has high-quality blades that can compress any foods in seconds. It features four or six blade technology that allows cutting the food into pieces inside the container. Thus cleaning becomes easy and quick. You will get consistent blending and pulverize. Ninja blenders will provide containers in different sizes so that you can prepare anything you need. The parts of this blender can be cleaned in the dishwasher, therefore, no need to worry about that. For an individual serving, it gives small size containers ranging from 18 to 24 ounces. Large containers are also provided for the capacity of utilization. You can party

Ninja blenders with multipurpose functions are identified below:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Blender, Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) BL770

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has been built with 1500 watt power that makes delicious drinks, smoothie, and meals. The pitcher is XL 72 oz* with Total Crushing Technology has the ability to pulverize ice or any frozen foods. You will also get 8-cup food processor bowl, chopping blades and dough blades for making different foods.

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender (BL482)

This remarkable model has 1000 watt motor. Featured with Auto-iQ technology for carrying out the programs of pulse timing, pausing and blending. The preprogrammed setting is capable of delivering healthy and nice drinks and meals with the touch of buttons. It is a BPA-free device. You will get 18 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz Tritan Nutri Ninja Cups with pot lids.

Ninja Professional blender (BL610)

Ninja professional blender has got 1000 watts power by which you can crush ice or solid food easily. This model looks very advanced for its sleek design. You can clean its parts by dishwasher without any hesitation. The device is BPA safe so no need to worry about.

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo (Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) NN102

This food processor can easily perform advanced functions for making smoothie, soups, and desserts. Quickly and efficiently can crush ice into snow for your frozen drinks and juices with 1.6 HP or 1200 watt powerful motor. You can take your smoothie in 24 ounces container attached with spout lid.

As a result, the mentioned models of Ninja brand are very popular in the market. The rating and reviews of customers are also good. So just decide yourself which one fits for your regular or occasional use. Models you can also buy- Oster BLSTVB, Breville BBL605XL, and Hamilton Beach.

Which blender is best for green smoothies?

The right blender can make any green smoothie more nutritious and tasty. An excellent blender can be acknowledged by its specifications, features, and functions. You have to choose the blender by looking and examining the elements so that it fits your need. Obviously, to make a green smoothie you must consider the high powered motor and blades for a silky smoothie packed full of fibers and nutrients. The key characteristics you should look for are durability, speed settings, the liquid volume capacity of the pitcher and jars and powerful motor. The motor of the unit suggested being at least 1000 watts though it does not count for better blending. For heavy usage, the torque of the motor plays a vital task. Investing in a nice quality blender for getting green smoothies is important for your regular diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Explanations of some blenders that are good for green smoothies-

Smoothie Blender, Willsence 300W 2-in-1 Personal Blender and Grinder, Single Serve Smoothie Maker, Mini Bullet Blender with 20 oz. Tritan Sports Bottle for Juices, Shakes, and Smoothies

This is a single serve blender that can effectively break, combine and pulverize any vegetables, fruits and solid foods for any green smoothies. You will get 20-ounce travel cup and can be used in the blender. It is used as a personal blender for its one-piece smoothie delivery for the user. No BPA in its plastics and the cups or jars are of high quality with resistance capacity.

Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express Dispensing Smoothie Blender with 48-ounce Jar, Red (54618)

Wave action blending system makes this model a unique piece that can easily blend and crush any food or vegetable with its stainless steel blade from top to bottom. Includes removable dispenser valve for convenience and ease of operation.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender with Glass-Jar (58148A)

Cool to prepare mild green smoothie by crushing ice with the recipe mixture using 700-watt power. 12 blending functions for user demand and recipe instructions. As a result, variation can be inputted into the healthy and nutritious green smoothie.

Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

It is a highly developed kitchen appliance with amazing 1100 watts of power featuring Total Crushing Technology. XL 72 0z. is provided as a pitcher with cups. Carefully you should clean and wash it by keeping attention over the blades so that the cup cannot be damaged.

Hamilton and Willsence are affordable with nice functions and performance with long-term utilization. On the other hand, Ninja presents no guarantee for long-term functionality. You should judge the reviews and ratings of the customer. Models, you may also like-NutriNinja Ninja, Epica Personal, and Oster BLSTMB.

What is the best blender on the market?

If you pay more to buy a blender in most cases you will get better versatility in functions and control with high performance. Again there are some exceptions sometimes you may get a low-performance blender with the less versatile system but that cost you a lot of money. By being a little bit careful you can simply find and search for a blender that can ensure your demand to taste a nice soup, dessert or smoothie. The conventional blenders are less expensive that are best for lower intense tasks such as blending fruit smoothies or milkshakes. On the other hand, you can get any meal, smoothie or juice if you have high performed powerful motor and quality blades for spinning, chopping or grinding.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Breville is a well-known Australian manufacturer that produces various top quality blenders including countertop and immersion. This model has 5-speed control plus electronic system and user-friendly control setting. For heavy duty 750W motor.

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid

Hamilton blender products and models are one of the best leading manufacturers in the market. They have created a huge goodwill for their quality models and advanced functions. This particular model is very compact and very useful for traveling or carry around comes with 175-watt motor and 14 oz. the jar that can also best used as a travel cup.

COSORI 1500W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Professional Kitchen Smoothie Blender Maker with 70 oz. BPA-Free Pitcher & 27 oz. Bottle, Commercial Heavy Duty Food Processor for Ice, Soup, Nuts & Batter, 2 HP

Perfect for family and multiple uses. Possess two horsepower commercial graded motor system that can smoothly blend any nuts, frozen foods for making soups, desserts, juices, puree or smoothie. Amazing and cool device for elite and versatile use.

Magic Bullet Mini, High-Speed Blender, and Mixer

You can easily prepare quick and fast juice, smoothie or any type of meal within seconds. Very much handy to carry around. Easy and simple speed and control settings. Too much user-friendly. Consists High Torque Power Base and cross blade.

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo (Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) NN102

Its Auto-IQ Technology is one of the best innovative systems that made this model a very up-to-date blender. The customers are highly satisfied with this model, according to nutri ninja reviews it is a popular device in many countries of the world

The above models and brands are quite famous and have gained good reviews and ratings by customer analysis. Check the models and brands that fit your needs and can satisfy you with its service. Other exclusive models you can verify-COSORI 1500W, Hamilton Beach and NutriNinja.

Can you use ice in a NutriBullet?

Yes, you can use ice in a NutriBullet. According to the capacity of the model, ice can be mixed with the recipe for blending. Most people use ice for making juice, smoothie, desserts or any food. Ice increases the taste of the recipe. NutriBullet has the best products to crush ice efficiently within seconds. Varieties of recipes need ice to give a cool texture and taste. So crushing ice is quite important for a blender. The motor power and high-quality blades can signal the buyer of its blending system and how it works.

Models of NutriBullet that can pulverize ice are described as follows-

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

This model easily pulverize and combines the ice with its 600-watt powerful motor and high-torque power base. Fluently combines the ice with any food, fruit or vegetable. Cyclonic action of the blade enhances the mixture to yummy desserts, juice or smoothie. Manufactured with US and Canadian Electrical Standards.

NutriBullet Pro-13

The size is very compact and can fit on any countertop. Easy to carry around and quick to serve any meal, smoothie or any food made from the blender. Powerfully built with High-Torque Base and 900 watts.

Nutribullet is a well-known company that has the quality and high-performance ability. It can handle regular use or for an extended period. The customers reviewed this brand as one of the best performing and versatile blender. Some of the models you can test out- New Age Living, Nutri Ninja and Ninja Kitchen.

What is the quietest blender?

You will get different brands of quiet blenders in the market. Some of the trendy and popular brands are- Hamilton, Ninja, and Breville. Quiet blenders main advantage is that it reduces the noise of blenders during use. This type of blenders only reduces the sound but cannot silent the noise completely from the blender so it is to be remembered. A blender should have the ability to crush frozen solid foods or ice. Full size or low powered personal blenders must have ice crushing blades. Always focus on your need for the blender you want to use in your household. That will ensure you about the power, attachments, and accessories needed for your use.

Hamilton beach brands and models

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender is quieter than other brands and models. It has 1500 watts of power with four different program settings. It has the ability to make smoothie, puree or any food. Very comfortable and easy one-touch cleanup. Control is very user-friendly run in 2HP the speed goes over 105 MPH.

New Age Living

There is built in the enclosure for the reduction of the sound in its model named as New Age Living Quiet Series Blender. Highly performance system with 3.5 HP peak motor.

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

The amazing information about this blender is that it has no sound enclosure for reducing the noise but its design is naturally quieter in comparison to others.


The Ninja Professional NJ600 is very much suitable for blending any meal, ice drinks, smoothie or puree.

Therefore the blender brands and models discussed in this section are very less noisy and loud if you compare those to others. The demands of less noisy blenders are quite high for commercial purpose.

What kind of blender do they use at Starbucks?

Starbucks prefers quietest blenders that are less loud and noisy. They switched to Vitamix brand. Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance oz. Blender is known as The Quiet One. This blender has a very speedy control system for blending with sound reduction abilities.

Can you make a fruit smoothie the night before?

Yes, a fruit smoothie can be made the night before. You can make a fruit smoothie in advance when you need or prefer to drink later. You can keep the smoothie in the freezer without any worrying it for a long time.

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