Black and Decker JE2200B Review

Everyone aims to be healthy and fit in life. Simple juicer machine helps its user to get the nutrition. If you make a juice in a juicer, it will be much healthier. The vitamins, carbohydrates, fibers, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients of food are kept intact in this Black and Decker JE2200B juicer. The juicer is very easy to use, and you can use it for a long time. Your lifestyle can change by using this juicer. There are the reliability and ease of using the juicer. People enjoy the juices and drinks from the juicer at their gatherings, occasion, weddings and regular life.

BLACK+DECKER 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor, Black, JE2200B

Key Features:

  • In just seconds enjoy the fresh pulp juice extracted in its 400-watt motor.
  • The performance gets much better for its intuitive on/off switch.
  • It will save your space in the kitchen for its vertical style oriented design.
  • The cutter and strainer made of stainless steel for quick serving and easy clean-up.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • The JE2200B model parts are removable.
  • Pusher helps in increasing the maximum extraction.
  • The juice strained in 300 ml pitcher.
  • 28-ounce pulp collector manages the pulp of the food ingredient.

What is interesting about the Black and Decker JE2200B juicer?

The juicer comes with different types of features. Despite its low price the juicer has been designed with excellent modern technologies to deliver a perfect juice for the consumer.

Powerful Motor:

The motor of the model is 400 watt. Efficient and highly powered motor allows extracting the real juice from any food ingredient. The juice becomes more authentic, fresh and pulp- free. All of the buttons and control panels are very user-friendly. It is intuitive on and off switch. Thus the device is fully packed with high abilities to handle the different categories of food ingredients including- harsh, soft, hard, heavy, big, light or small.


The design is very eye-catching and durable. This Black and Decker JE2200B is a vertically oriented type of juicer. The user will be delighted to know about this compact juicer. It saves your countertop space. The elegant design is approved by the manufacturer so that it can fit anywhere and anyplace. The information about the dimension is 13 x 9 x 9 inches. The weight is 5.5 pounds. Therefore, you do not need to think about the portability and compactness of the juicer.


Stainless steel used for its longtime durability. There is no way it can rust due to heavy usage. The user must be aware to clean the steel parts including all other parts. Its strainer and cutter parts need to adequately maintain. Both strainer and cutter made of stainless steel. Cutter functions to work through the food.

Removable parts:

Removable parts mean the device is flexible for cleaning. If the parts are movable, then the cleaning process becomes more simple and straightforward. The assemble and disassemble of the juicer parts is simple. By looking in its instruction manual, anyone can remove and join the parts.


All of the components are dishwasher-safe. Within few minutes you can use hygiene and clean the parts. After juicing it is best to clean with cold water on the residue off of the parts including blades. If any user does not maintain it, then there is also no problem as most of its parts designed with steel. For user's health and hygiene, we highly recommend cleaning it after every use.

Food pusher:

The pusher tech guides the fruits, vegetables and any other foods to the cutter. The pusher has equipped for convenient processing of the foods.

Cups and containers:

It comes with a juice cup where the juice is measured, poured and served. The pitcher holds 300 milliliters of fresh juice. The serving became much handy for its easy-pour spout. 300 milliliters pitcher fits directly under the pour spout. Thus it catches and measures all juices.

Pulp collector:

Managing the pulp is essential. For this reason, 28-ounce pulp collector has introduced. You can custom your juice through pulp collector. The user can easily choose the amount of pulp in their juice with the help of collector method. Pulp collector controls the level of pulp in the juice. A user can use the pulp in their foods and drinks as to increase the taste or for decoration.

Pulp collector:

Managing the pulp is essential. For this reason, 28-ounce pulp collector has introduced. You can custom your juice through pulp collector. The user can easily choose the amount of pulp in their juice with the help of collector method. Pulp collector controls the level of pulp in the juice. A user can use the pulp in their foods and drinks as to increase the taste or for decoration.

What do reviews of the JE2200B say?

The user's review of this juicer is positive. The rating is excellent in all e-commerce sites. Many users reviewed for its low price that comes with extra-ordinary features.

What are the pros in the Black and Decker 400 watt juice extractor reviews?

The juicer is an impressive juicer. Most of its existing users have given positive reviews for its excellent performance of delivering fresh juices on time. It is an excellent addition to the kitchen mainly for its compact body and sleek design.

The juicer produces less waste because for the layout of the machine as it takes very little space between the chute and cutting blade. Thus it maximizes the use of the produce or food ingredients.

The pulp collector system also got the major positive review of its consumers. You will find the pulp collector within the body of the machine. It lets you choose how much pulp you would like to have in your juice. The consumer report says that the pulp collector keeps the flesh very damp to use it on any other food or drink.

In the morning the user can make the juice without disturbing others as this juicer operates very quietly. The skid and slip-free feet of this unit add more reliability during the operation.

What are the cons of the Black and Decker 400 watt juice extractor reviews?

​Some users complained about its small chute. That is also one of the main cons of this juicer. According to the chute size, you can prepare the food ingredients. Most users did not complain and review about the chute. They are satisfied with the pitcher. If you find the chute is small for you then no problem. You have to cut the ingredients into a bit small pieces. The weight of the plunger pushes the food down. After that, the process continues, and the juicer prepares the juice for its user.

The reviewer has suggested a tip for using leafy greens. They said that by rolling the greens up like the cigar, the juicer produces more yield. The juicer would handle the leafy greens much more swiftly and efficiently if it rolled like a cigar. Thus the green will give more nutrients from its leafy greens. The wastage of the produce also decreases.

Another problem some user found is that the user needs to invest more time to clean up the device. The statement is not true at all. We know the parts are removable and dishwasher safe. So some consumer reported about clean-up time. It is essential to follow the manual while cleaning the juicer. The problem of those users can be solved if they remove the parts and rinse directly after every use. If the user does not clean the device after use than it is a big problem. The juicer becomes unhygienic for use. So it needs proper cleaning and maintaining is essential so that the bacteria and germs cannot build up inside and outside of the juicer. Again the basket can be cleaned with cold water, and you have to scrub lightly with a scrubber, toothbrush or cleaner to remove the leftover residue.

The Black and Decker juicer has very positive reviews and feedback. The criticisms are very less. The criticisms can be solved by following some ideas and rules. Firstly if you are making a juice, then no problem cut the food ingredients if required so that it can load quickly. Secondly, if you want to maintain the juicer nicely, it is best to give few minutes to clean-up immediately after use. Therefore, following the above advice about the juicer, there will be no issues. But in fact, it is an excellent investment for your healthy diet and lifestyle.

Where can I get replacement parts for the Black and Decker JE2200B?

Many users are very happy for its supports. The Black and Decker has the 2-year limited warranty. The warranty support is given mainly for using the juicer in a home or residential environment. It covers all defects in the material or craftsmanship. The support system of the juicer is helpful for their juicer user and clients.

The Black and Decker Authorized Service Center only covers the warranty issues. If some repairs or maintains the juicer by any unauthorized service center then the warranty becomes invalid. The warranty will not give to the user for this cause. So to get the full support the user should be aware of the Black and Decker Authorized Service Centers.

Also, you can note that the extended warranties can also purchase. The retailers mainly provide the extended warranties. Many users try to buy the extended warranties for more support. If any user is not satisfied with the warranty, then the extended warranty can help them to get the peace of mind.

However, if your juicer needs replacement parts not repairing, then you can order through e-commerce websites. The parts are available in the market and e-commerce sites. You order the new blade, juicer container or any other part of the vendors. There are huge stocks of parts and accessories in online markets especially Amazon.

On the other hand, you take your juicer to Black and Decker Authorized Service Center to get the replacement parts. You can search the websites to know the nearest authorized support center of Black and Decker; the support center will cooperate with you to fix the problem. There also contacts in their official sites of this juicer. They will help you to replace its parts or body.

What’s the best price for the Black and Decker JE2200B and where can I buy it?

In online websites and e-commerce sites including Amazon and big stores, Black and Decker can purchase. Different retailers also sell the juicer in the market and stores. The vendor offers their policy and warranties including extended warranties. Amazon provides the variety of deals, discounts, and extends in their online sites. So check the price ranges which one is suitable for you.

The juicer is a budget juicer with excellent features including 400-watt extractor. It is ideal for wallet-conscious buyers. You need to keep in mind that Amazon gives many deals including special weekly offers, discounts, and deals. Therefore it is best to check the latest range of price of the juicer on Amazon. In Amazon, you will get the best and latest on-going price.

Verdict: is this juicer for you?

The juicer is very cost-effective for a buyer. It has the high-quality juice extractor. The 400-watt juicer is suitable for health conscious people. In gatherings or occasion, its users can prepare the variety of food items and juices for the recreation of the people. Again for the regular diet, it is also very purposeful and beneficial. For every standard of household, the juicer is simple and reliable for use. The size, clean-up, and operation are incredibly convenient for long-term use.

The added warranty system and abilities have made the juicer unique regarding support and performance. The two tears of coverage show the confidence and belief of Black and Decker. Their products are durable for this reason the manufacturer is confident about it and stands behind it to support the consumer. They get the happy customers for their excellent service support. For over 100 years Black and Decker are doing its business. In their product, you can analyze the experience by using it. They know the demand of a customer about what they want in a juicer. As a result, the customers are getting satisfied for a long time.

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