Breville BJB840XL Review

Breville brand is a well-known brand in the juicing and food industry. They have a model called as Breville BJB840XL. This Breville model is very experienced in making different types and textures of juices, drinks, foods, and smoothies. It is a superb quality juicer. Many dieticians and doctors suggest using juicer regularly to make green juices and fruit smoothies. By Juicing is a great way to get all the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. If you juice foods, then you get to taste the real flavor, and it directly helps your body to absorb its nutrients. The vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, enzymes, and fibers of foods become much more dynamic if you want to do juicing to foods. It is better to have a good machine so that proper juicing can do. In this Breville BJB840XL Review, we will prove that BJB840XL is the right juicer for you. Because we provide the information sequentially. As a result, anyone can understand that information and decide whether to buy the juicer.

Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender

Key Features Of This Breville BJB840XL

  • The die-cast base is interchangeable along with juicer and blender attachments.
  • The 3 inches extra wide chute takes and processes any food ingredients including fruits and vegetables.
  • Breville in this model added with a technology called as Hemisphere Blade & Bowl technology.
  • Food traps are eliminated as the technology hugs the base of the jug.
  • Each appliance has confined with five variable speeds.
  • Overload protection system has made the device special. The Breville BJB840XL handles the overload through its control panel and settings.
  • Its motors are powerful but produce less sound. It is very quiet that you would expect for a versatile, powerful model.
  • The glass pitcher is scratch and chip resistant.
  • The blades are stainless steel.
  • The inner and outer layer is of substantial and heavy materials which give much durability, reliability, and stability.

What Is Interesting About The Breville BJB840XL Juicer?

Finding a combination of both juicer and blender is tough. But this BJB840XL is a juicer and a mixer. It works both ways like juicer and blender which sounds innovative. The single base performs as the powerful motor for both functions. Therefore, one can customize the blending preference. You can create much more quality and variation in juice making.

A Juicer

Hard foods usually work well with the juicer. So it is better to utilize a juicer. The juicing mode of this model carries the 5 cup or 1.2 liters as the pitcher. The pitcher then sits to the side of the base. After that powerful Hemisphere Blades, ™ separates the pulp and other materials from the nutrient-rich juices of the foods including vegetables and fruits. Pulp gets discarded into the ejection container. Thus it is the simplest way to process difficult foods which is risky to throw into the blender whole.

Breville BJB840XL Review

You can fit large portions and pieces of food like pineapple or cantaloupe slices. The 3 inch opening of the juicer takes all inside and starts to process by user instructions. Nutrition of food increases by juicing, and it creates a concentrated liquid of your foods including the fruits and vegetables. Instruction guide has provided which one can find inside of the pulp container. The instruction guide is given for user's assistance. If someone does not know how to make a particular fruit juice, then this guide will be helpful for the person. There are five settings for creating a juice. Each setting makes different textures and flavor. For this reason, an instruction manual or guide will be extremely beneficial to give the ideas of making various juices of foods to its user's.

A Blender

Blending mode mostly did after the juice extracted from the food. To convert the juicer into blender mode, you have to remove the juicer head and place the pitcher carefully on the base. Now by adding milk, ice or any other food the whole ingredient is blended correctly. Customized settings give perfection and versatility. Five speeds control the base. You should custom your smoothie or juice of the food depending on the toughness and thickness of the ingredients.
One-touch smoothie setting is an extraordinary setting of this Breville BJB840XL. This blender has one-touch smoothie panel. The setting varies by its speeds. Following the speed, the blender processes the ingredients. The mixture gets froth automatically. Smoothie receives thick automatically in this blender juicer. You don't need to add honey or yogurt to make smoothie thick. Therefore, you can just cut off calories from your smoothie.

Safety Features

Safety locking arm attached to keeping both pitcher and juicer attachments and accessories. The feature has made the model more efficient for use. The attachments will not fly off at the time of usage. The blades and other sharp accessories parts cannot make a mess by harming or injuring someone.

One of its coolest features is 60-second overload protection. The device gets shut off automatically after 60 seconds if the user is not there or has walked away for some reason after starting the machine. At last, its user's do not have to worry about over-blending.

How the Breville BJB840XL juice and blend?

The watt of the juicer is 1000 watts. The wattage of the blender is 1200 watts. For this reason, it is one of the most powerful machines in the juicing and blending industry. Hemisphere Blade & Bowl technology hugs the base so that the food does not trap in its bay. The device is of 5 settings enables to process any food ingredients and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. There are separate settings for ice-crush, pulse-setting and smoothie. In short description, it works exceptionally well as a juicer and blender on the whole.

Preparation time of the produce

The device will not waste your time in precutting the foods. Its 3-inch wide feed chute takes whole fruits, vegetables and other foods for juicing and blending. That means you do the juicing and blending in few minutes.

How safe the device is?

Overload protection system protects the device and food from overheating and damage. The device shuts down automatically in case of an overload issue.


This Breville two-in-one machine is cleaned using a nylon brush and cleaning materials. The parts need to wipe as assembled and dissembled way. Attachment parts are dishwasher friendly.

Additional benefits

Collecting jar also includes the froth separator. It provides a recipe manual for making different types, flavors, and textures of foods, juices, shakes, and smoothies.

What is it suitable for?

The juicer blender can make different types, quality, and textures of juices, shakes, smoothies, green juice, green smoothie, dips, blended drinks, desserts, soups, and food mixtures as well as many other foods and drinks. It works well with any frozen fruits, vegetables, and foods. It crushes ice easily.

Is the Breville BJB840XL a Masticating Juicer?

Masticating juicers are excellent to process leafy greens including kale and wheatgrass. They pulverize and grind the foods including vegetables up into pulp without spinning and crushing them. The Breville brand of this model is a centrifugal juicer. It works well with any types of smoothies. But for vegetable type smoothie masticating is better.

Most users drink the smoothies, juices, and foods right away. For this reason, they cannot notice the differences of the juice. The pulp of the masticating juicer can be stored, and it also lasts longer. So if your purpose is to store the juice for an extended period then masticating juicer is better.

What Do Reviews of the BJB840XL Say?

Breville model BJB840XL has been running well in the market for a long time. In the consumer testing and reviews, a lot of people and users have given positive and very high reviews and ratings.

People loved the combination of both juicer and blender which has increased its versatility. Its versatile features also made this model very popular. It is both a juicer and a blender altogether. It has saved your space in the kitchen cabinets and countertops which mean you do not need to have separate machines of juicer and blender. As it goes all-in-one to make healthy juice.
Many people commented on their reviews about its weight. They liked its weight. The weight is 15 pounds. For its die-cast metal, the machine became stable, robust, reliable and highly dependable for regular use.

It is to remember that the gasket between the base and the upper fixtures must change after extensive use for a long time. Its parts are available on Breville websites, e-commerce sites, and markets. So the replacement of parts may take place if the device had used for a long time.

Some reviewers reviewed for green leafy greens like kale the juicer blender cannot completely process it. This device is not a masticating juicer. It handles food differently than masticating juicer. As a result, a user needs to be aware of it.

How Does the BJB840XL Compare?

Comparison gives more information and shows the right device one can choose. It enhances the user to buy the best one and get the quick knowledge about the brand and model.

  • Breville BJB840XL VS BJE820XL: Breville has another model named as BJE820XL. It is also popular like BJB840XL. The powerful motor can blend different types of foods including fruits and make a healthy smoothie. Its speed settings are five which are used to process the foods into pulp and mix it with the smoothies, juices, and foods. Many customized smoothies are prepared by the process from blend to puree. A user chooses the level of thickness for its smoothie by instructing to its control settings. There are many similar features in between BJB840XL and BJE820XL. Again each model has some differences. The main difference is that BJE820XL is only a juicer. It has no blender options. To make a smoothie, you need to transfer the extracted juice to a blender. Hence BJB840XL is a multifunctional and versatile machine as it is both juicer and blender at the same time. It has many options for juicing.

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  • Breville BJB840XL VS Vitamix: Vitamix brand is a very well-known brand all over the world. They manufacture different models of blenders. Sequentially Vitamix G-Series is one of the models. It is the closest comparable series for BJB840XL. Their settings are similar regarding blending and puree. The price tag is also very close between the models. Vitamix G-Series models are a bit more potent than BJB840XL. It is to note Vitamix has only one option which is blending. It does not come with juicing option for extracting the pulp. Thus it leaves the user with just the concentrated liquid. The choice becomes limited for the user. It becomes tough to mix and add ingredients to the smoothies. On the other hand, BJB840XL comes with all settings of blending and juicing. Therefore it is considered more multi-functional and versatile than Vitamix blenders.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts for the Breville BJB840XL?

Breville brand gives the top-rated customer service with dependable and reliable machines. The components are interchangeable with their designs and products. As a result replacement parts are always available. If a product of Breville gets out of production, then it is not a serious matter to get the replacement parts. You can find its parts on their official websites and e-commerce sites.

Breville & Amazon website provides different parts, accessories and replacement parts which can be purchased from the website easily. Separate categories incorporated for the full line of parts and replacement parts. According to the demand, parts purchased individually. For example, whether you ordered a jar, gasket or blade assembly through Breville, it will be shipped and send right in your door anywhere in the world.

What’s the Best Price for the Breville BJB840SL and Where Can I Buy It?

The price range differs in the e-commerce market. It changes quite often. But if you check Amazon, it serves you with latest price, deals, and discounts. So to get the best and updated price it is the much safer idea to visit Amazon for BJB840XL juice and blend dual purpose juicer and blender.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

The BJB840XL is a multi-functional and multi-purpose machine. The functions and features are quite versatile. You test your creativity by making smoothies, shakes, juices or any food with the help of BJB840XL. The possibilities of what type, texture and flavor of smoothies, shakes or food you would make are limited only by your creativity and action. Almost any food, as well as fruit and vegetables, are efficiently processed precisely in this machine. The device is easier to use for its user-friendly settings. Within an hour anyone will be able to run the juicer blender as an expert.

In recent years the popularity of smoothies has reached its peak. A glass of smoothie contains all the nutrients and nourishment that taste nice and very nutritious for the body. The blend and juice combine function is hard to find. But this model is an excellent investment as it comes with both the combination of juicing and blending. This device pulverizes the wide variety of foods.

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