Breville JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus

We should discipline our lives with healthy diet and lifestyle. The healthy food is essential for our body and mind. For this reason, the Breville brand has manufactured different types of juicers which include Breville JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus. This JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus model helps people to maintain a healthy and proper diet conveniently. It extracts the juice efficiently from various types of foods within seconds. The JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus does not have complicated controls to make different types of juices. The machine is easy to operate. You can juice any fruits or vegetables even big pieces of foods. Its feed chute is large enough to hold big pieces of foods.

Oversized feeding chute has the capability to produce an eight-ounce glass of juice in just five seconds. Breville’s products are very well-known for its high durability and performance. This JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus model is assured by the manufacturer to give its users outstanding service for a long time.

Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus

The exciting things about this JE95XL juicer pointed below:

  • The juicer is working professionally.
  • It can adjust by juicing load.
  • It gives maximum extraction of juice from the ingredient.
  • The power it use 850-watts.
  • At a time it juices an 8-ounce glass of juice in five seconds.
  • The filter updated with a patented micro-mesh filter.
  • This JE95XL juicer attached with 2-speed electronic control.
  • Its feed chute is extra-large.
  • Feeding chute handles whole fruits and vegetables.
  • The parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Juice jug measurement is 1-litre.
  • Pulp container also included in the juicer package.
  • It provides the full warranty support for one year.

What Is Interesting about the Breville JE95XL Juicer?

  • How It Works

The JE95XL model of Breville categories in breville centrifugal juicer. It functions using a spinning force to separate the pulp from the juice by forcing the food ingredients through a fine mesh filter. The motor operates at 850 watts. It takes 14000 RPMs at its highest setting to spin the blades and filters. The lowest setting is 6500 RPMs.

The control settings are of two types. Two configurations used for different kinds of foods in this JE95XL breville juice fountain elite model. Soft foods contain the high amount of liquid. For this reason, it is better to juice soft foods at a low-speed setting. On the other hand, solid foods are squeezed in high speed to extract every last drop of juice out of them.

Food chute is large which is of 3 inches in measurement. The food is feed into the chute. It situated at the top of the juicer. By a plunger, the food is forced down into the mighty blade. The food gets spin through the mesh. Then the pulp is separated from the juice. The pulp is ejected out from the back part of this JE95XL juicer. It then collected in a container. Again, the juice comes out from the front part of the machine. In a jug, the juice obtained. The jug designed in such a way that it does not do any splashing while pouring off the juice.

  • Large Capacity Containers

There are two large containers in this JE95XL juicer of Breville. You can make large amounts of juice quickly because the juicer handles vast food ingredients in its container at a time. Breville made the large capacity containers for the convenient of its user to produce an enormous portion of juices at a time.

Measurement of the pulp container is 2.6 quarts or 2.5 liters. Pulp container catches the ejected pulp from the machine. Its tank holds large portions of pulp, so you do not need to empty the container often for ejected pulp. For disposal and composting of the materials, you need to slide off the container when leaving is required.

If you see carefully, the juice jug fits securely to the front of the juicer. Every last drop of juice which comes out of the machine collected in the jug situated at the front part. The jug holds 1 liter or 1.1 quarts. Froth separator also included with this JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus model. Froth separator reduces foaming in the juice. Foam occurs naturally in the juice as part of the juicing process. Too much foam decreases the taste. For this particular reason, the froth separator has been added in this JE95XL juicer to control the level of foam in the juice. The juice tastes good with less foam in it.

  • Safety and Warranty

The locking arm is one of the safety features of this JE95XL model. The primary function of the locking arm is to secure all the pieces together of the upper assembly in place. Motor performs as a security function because it will not turn on unless the security arm gets adequately locked in place. So there is no chance of accidents and spin off its parts if anyone starts the machine without closing the security arm firmly.

Warranty support is for 1-year when you purchase a new one of JE95XL juicer. If there are any manufacturer error and parts defects then, in that case, the warranty support is provided. Buying a used one will not transfer the warranty.

What Do Reviews of the Breville JE95XL Say?

Many people gave the positive reviews of this JE95XL juicer model and said that this juicer model was running successfully in the market for so many years. Majority of them liked the product for its performance and durability.

  • What People Like

Those reviews of people who have used multiple juicers commented that this JE95XL juicer is not very loud like other brands. Since the gadget is powerful, it makes the right amount of noise. But if you compare it with any other juicer, it is on the quieter side.

Many people commented on its cleaning aspect. They found that the model is elementary and easy to clean. All the components are fully dishwasher safe. Breville supplies a brush with the juicer package for scrubbing the mesh filter. But otherwise, you just put the parts in the dishwasher for cleaning.

The reviewers also stated that the model gives the higher percentage of juice per fruit than many other expensive models. Thus the machine is excellent to invest. That even one of the reasons this JE95XL Breville juicer has become very popular in the juicing industry.

  • What People Don’t Like

There are some limitations in the juicer. As the juicer is centrifugal, it takes a little time to handle leafy greens. That's really best juicer to buy as our team expert found by analyzing it's dynamic features.

How Does the Breville JE95XL Compare?

You have likely come across the model breville je98xl if you have been looking at the Breville JE95XL. Let's check out the comparison and differences between the two models.

Breville JE95XL vs JE98XL

Breville manufactures the models JE95XL and JE98XLBreville. Both models are in the same line of juicers which has been made by Breville. The breville je98xl is the upgraded model than JE95XL. They look very similar. The features of both the models are also the same, but there are slight updates in JE98XL and nothing more. Firstly in the model JE98XL, there is an overload protection feature. This overload protection feature is absent in the model JE95XL.

There is different color material on the top piece of JE98XL. That piece is more resistant to staining and fading. Therefore the part gives a bit longer life and won't give any hassle while cleaning the device after use. The model efficiently handles highly staining foods like beets or carrots.

The spinning speed of JE98XL models is 12000 RPM. Again the spinning speed of JE95XL is 14000 RPM. Generally, most people will not be able to notice the differences.

So, the models are nearly identical to one another. The features are similar and the same. As the model JE98XL replacing the model JE95XL, the JE95XL is low in cost. The replacement parts are equal too. So there will be no issue of discontinued parts if required. You can save a few dollars if you purchase the model JE95XL. However, if you liked the feature of the stain-resistant top then for you the model JE98XL might be the better choice.

What Is Wrong with the Fuse on the Breville JE95XL and Can It Repair?

A large piece of fruit or vegetable may blow the internal fuse of Breville JE95XL. A user must be careful not to overburden the device with significant parts of foods in its feeding chute. There are no reports of this JE95XL in its design flaw because the juicer is highly durable.

If you blow the internal fuse, then the fuse is hard to repair. Breville designed JE95XL in such a manner that you will not have to replace the fuse. For this reason, the fuse has integrated into the circuitry of the juicer which will not do any harm.

Therefore, you will have to take the juicer to a qualified authorized technician unless you have the expertise in electronics. The technician cuts the fuse from the circuitry. After that, it replaced with a new one. The repairing process is fundamental and straightforward. Anyone who works in small appliances can repair it. 

Where Can I Find Replacement Parts for the Breville JE95XL?

From time to time you may need to replace a part of your juicer. So it is essential to know where the parts are available.

  • Juice Jug

If the juice jug gets cracked or overly stained, then you must order for replacement support via the Breville official website. It is recommended to replace this JE95XL and not attempt to use any other glass, chute or container of any other brand. It might lead to splashing during operation of the juicer.

  • Spare Parts

The spare parts of Breville products are available in many places. You can collect it from different locations. You search through Breville websites. Amazon and many e-commerce websites can also supply the spare parts for the user of this JE95XL juicer.

  • Filter Basket

For many different reasons, you need to replace the filter of your juicer. when you use the machine a lot, then the filer might get torn or dull. You should adequately replace the basket by purchasing Nutridisk™ from the Breville website. Many e-commerce sites, websites and qualified dealers also take order to buy filter basket for the user of this JE95XL model.

  • -26 Mesh Filter

Mesh filter is at the center of the juicer. It is attached to the filter basket. You cannot purchase it separately. If the mesh gets damaged, then you will need to buy a new Nutri-disk to replace it. You will get it on the official website of Breville.

  • Pulp Container

Pulp container catches the pulp that comes out of the machine. If the container breaks then try to buy a new one immediately. Pulp container is designed to work with the machine. You can purchase the bottle from a dealer or through the Breville website. You can also catch the pulp using a bag for easier disposal and lessen the staining to extend the life of the pulp container.

  • -06 Juice Collector

Juice collector is the central piece. It separates the juice from the pulp. To replace this piece, you can find through the qualified dealership or on the Breville website.

  • Pusher

The pusher needs to sit flush with the outer chute. Otherwise, the food will not process, or it could create a mess. You order the pusher in e-commerce sites, Breville websites or Amazon.

  • Pusher

The pusher needs to sit flush with the outer chute. Otherwise, the food will not process, or it could create a mess. You order the pusher in e-commerce sites, Breville websites or Amazon.

What’s the Best Price for the Breville JE95XL and Where Can I Buy It?

You know that Breville replaced the JE95XL with the JE98XL. So there is no fixed list for MSRP. The price varies widely among vendors, dealers, retailers and online marketers.

To get the latest price you can visit Amazon. It will show you many offers and deals. The deals may also come in as free shipping.

If you purchase through Amazon, there is the opportunity to add extended warranty protection. An extended warranty has many benefits generally it covers warranty support beyond the time frame of manufacturer's warranty. Extended warranties even apply when you purchase a used model. Therefore, it is a great way to protect the purchase, and at the same time, it covers for many years at only a fraction of cost.

Video: Out of the Box: Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE95XL.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

The juicing from this gadget is very simple and straightforward. You do not need to acquire any specialized knowledge or technique to prepare a quality juice from your favorite fruit or vegetable. You can quickly clean-up the machine by taking the parts off and placing the juicer in a dishwasher.
The machine is affordable with unique features. You can rely on it entirely for a long time. Breville has manufactured this JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus so that it can make quick juices for its use within seconds.

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