Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Review

Hurom makes variety and different types of high-quality juicers. Hurom slow juicer and Hurom Elite cold press juicer is some of the series of Hurom juicer. It reported one of the highest customer reviews and satisfaction reports. To get all the nutrients, a juicer is necessary for a human. Now the question arises, is the Hurom Elite juicer for your kitchen? Can it meet your juicing needs? In this Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Review, we will answer your questions about the Hurom juicer.

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11 Noble Silver with Cookbook

Key Features

  • Hurom’s uses the new twin-winged auger.
  • It patented with Slow Squeezing Technology (SST).
  • It preserves the natural taste and nutrients for its Slow Squeezing Technology.
  • The advanced self-cleaning system facilitates more natural cleaning of the parts.
  • Safety lock system is highly advanced in this juicer. The machine will not turn on until all the parts and pieces are assembled and locked together.
  • The warranty support is 10 year on motor and two years on parts.
  • The powerful motor of 150 watts which operates near silent and noise free.
  • It processes almost all types of food.
  • You make baby foods, marinades, milkshakes, tofu, soymilk, nut milk and many other items and recipes of foods.

What Is Interesting about the Hurom Elite Juicer?

Volt Information:

Hurom Elite series is one of the trusted brands in the juice industry. The brand manufactures the premier line of juicers. Hurom has produced several different lines of the Elite seriesHurom. The Hurom HH-SBF11 or the Hurom HH-SBB11 alternatively listed which you will find in their range of juicers. The Hurom HH-SBF11 elite juicer uses 220-volt version for European markets. On the other side, the Hurom HH-SBB11 takes 120 volt-version in the North American markets. Features of both the models are excellent.

Design and materials:

The Hurom Elite is a vertical design juicer. Foods fed by its chute situated at the top of the machine. Its chute is big and oversized for juicing significant amount of food ingredients. The food is pulverized and squeezed by the auger. Auger gives force to food ingredients including the fruits and vegetables. The highly durable Ultem strainer used in the juicer. The Ultem strainer is eight times stronger than any quality of plastics in the world.

Advanced Technology:

The Hurom Elite grind the food items very slowly and efficiently. The juicer uses 43 RPMs. Hurom’s Slow Squeezing Technology grinds the food ingredients until it squeezes out every last drop of the juice.

Types of food it processes:

The elite juicer is suitable to juice greens like spinach or kale as well. For leafy greens, it is an ideal machine. The juicer also handles soft fruits like banana and tender fruits like berries. Again you will be able to handle soybeans and nuts to make nutritious milk and other items. In short, the juicer has the high capacity to process and grind any food whether it is hard or soft food, heavy or light food and big or small food.

Powerful and standard motor:

The powerful engine of the Hurom Elite Slow Juicer also processes most healthy foods. The motor won't wake up the whole house when you start and operate the juicer. It has specially designed and made I a way to run ultra-quietly. The juicer will not produce much noise though it still delivers a lot of power for around 150 watts.

Safety and protection:

Safety features of Hurom are tremendous and advanced. The elements have included in the device for user’s stability and security. The machine is harmless to use. Now let's check the safety features of this Hurom Elite Slow Juicer. In the base, it has two sensors. Sensors find out if both latches securely put in place. After setting the latches in place, its two sensors will allow the machine to operate. When you turn on the juicer, the sensors and locks keep the upper unit from coming off the base.

Internal cooling tackles overheat and damage. The motor never gets too much heat. During use, overheating cannot take place for the internal cooling technology, and you will be able to use the machine much longer. While in the process no blades have been used. Resulting, there is no way of getting cut.

What Do Reviews of the Hurom Elite Say?

When analyzing the significant number of reviews, the Hurom Elite users continuously reported that this juicer performs brilliantly. The juices of this machine have satisfied its users. High yield of juice comes from the machine. Even dense foods including leafy greens like spinach or berries deliver high amount and high return of juice. The pulp comes out dry. Ejection process is excellent as it provides dry pulp. After the processing of food finished, there is hardly any juice left in the food pulp.

Many people liked the function of the spout. Its spout is closed to mix juices. People loved it the mixing is done right in the machine. You can close the spout by merely putting various or different foods into the machine. At last the turning auger mixes the juice for the user. Food fed through its chute. Then the pulp ejected out from the juicer. Now open the spout. There you can have the pre-mixed juice. Its pre-mixed juice which is ready to consuming and drink.

People are also fond of the machine for its quiet and noise-free operation. Almost all reviews comment they can hardly hear the juice while it is working. Thus the elite juicers are great for the early morning risers to make their juices when others remain sleeping.

The customer service quality is as good as some people reviewed it. If any user faces an issue with the juicer, then it is better to be patient to get it fixed by the manufacturer, service centers retailers or suppliers. Its manufacturer and users support the product.

Is the Hurom Elite a Masticating Juicer?

The Hurom Elite functions in a slow system as it turns the auger to push the food downward through its screen. Thus the operation of this juicer is quite similar to a feature of masticating juicer. Therefore, it can be considered and categorized as a masticating juicer.
The juicer is unique and special as it handles the dense food including dense greens much better than quick high-speed juicers.

How to Clean the Hurom Elite?

There are several different primary ways to clean and hygiene the Hurom Elite. Using cold regular running water, you clean the juicer after every use of making juice. Internal brushes used to wipe the screen for cleaning.

To give the juicer a thorough, simple cleaning you need to take off the upper portion from the base. Then disassemble the internal parts. Without much effort, you can dismantle as all the parts are the nest inside one another easily. So it comes apart by simple touch. For a new user, it takes a small practice to make the parts apart and putting the parts back altogether efficiently.

How Does the Hurom Elite Compare?

The comparison allows thinking broadly with different other brands and models. A general user will be able to grasp information quickly about various other brands and models. The user buys a juicer which fits their need, situation, choice, and demand.

  • Hurom Elite vs Hurom 700: The Hurom 700 is the older model in the vertical juicer line of Hurom brand. The features of both models are quite similar. But the Hurom Elite embodied with several stages and steps of development beyond the Hurom 700. Both models are vertical juicers. The Hurom 700 runs at 80 RMP’s by its auger. It is a little faster.
    The Hurom 700 handles the dense foods including leafy greens not very nicely if compared it with Hurom Elite. As Hurom Elite grinds any food very efficiently to make juicer. The support and replacement parts of Hurom Elite are highly available in the market and e-commerce sites. 
  • Hurom HH Elite vs HU 100: The HU 100 was the first line of vertical juicers which Hurom has developed and introduced into the market of United States. That juicer uses less power, and the design is the bit outdated of this HU 100.
    New models like this Hurom Elite come with efficient slow squeezing technology and sleek, elegant design. The Hurom HU 100 does not handle much volume as the Hurom Elite.
  • Hurom HH Elite VS Kuvings: Kuvings juicer is a premium juicer like the Hurom Elite. Kuvings juicer has high capacity and abilities. It grinds juice from the wide variety of foods. Both the Hurom Elite and Kuvings juicers are apart from other juicers is that both the juicers juice healthy foods and significant portions of food like whole apples. Thus the juicing time is cut down for this impressive capacity. The watt of Kuvings is the 240-watt motor. And the Hurom is the 150-watt motor. As a result for juicing lot heavy and dense foods Kuvings model is better than Hurom Elite.
  • Hurom Elite HH vs HG: The Hurom Elite models include HH models and HG models. Both their features, designs, and functions are identical. The difference you find is in their color. The HG model has stainless steel finish. The color of HH model is black, silver and sometimes red in design.
  • Hurom Elite vs TribestSlowstar: The Tribest Slowstar works as the slow juicer. According to Tribest double-edged, dual blade auger creates twice the juicing power. The statement made by Tribest whether it is true or not is difficult to determine. But the Tribes have 200 watts with 9 horsepower motor. It cuts a lot of fruit easily. With these amounts of powerful torque, it grinds healthy foods with ease.
    Therefore, the Hurom Elite also juices healthy foods. If a user wants more power than the Tribest is the better option. Otherwise, their functions and performance of delivering juice are similar.
  • Hurom Elite vs Omega: In the juicer industry Omega is a very trusted and famous name. The same company manufactures both Hurom and Omega. Thus many of their models look similar regarding features, performance, and design. The Omega juicer falls above or below the Hurom Elite.
    The Omega juicers are very good in quality and providing service. That juicing unit comes with many of the same features as the Hurom Elite.
  • Hurom Elite vs Premium: The Hurom Premium falls in another series of the Hurom high-end juicers. The Premium series turns at 50 RPM, and the Elite turns at 43 RPM. The looks are also pretty same.
    Valve is present on the juice spout for mixing of the juice. Both juicer series and models include valve, pulp control lever and 10- the year of warranty on their motors. But you may find the slight difference in their prices. Otherwise, the juicers are highly comparable.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts for the Hurom Elite?

In Tribest Slowstar and by Amazon you will get the readily available replacement parts for the Hurom Elite. Match the parts accurately with the right model you have purchased. You install the components by checking the model number of the replacement parts.
The warranty on the motor is ten years. Again, the warranty on the parts is two years. Thus the support is impressive given by Hurom Elite. Resulting, if anything goes wrong with the juicer within the warranty period, Hurom will replace or repair the parts. So before shopping for replacement of the components,, you must check the warranty terms.

What’s the Best Price for the Hurom Elite and Where Can I Buy It?

If anyone wants to purchase the juicer, then they should search online, e-commerce websites, retailers, and traditional stores. Amazon provides the full list and information of the machine with several color options. The price changes continuously in the Amazon for various deals, discounts, and offers. You will get the best and cheapest price on the Amazon website. So it is better to check the latest price on Amazon.

Video: Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Juicing Process.

Verdict: Is This Juicer for You?

For anyone looking to make a lot of juice then, of course, this Hurom Elite Slow Juicer is the quality juicer in the market. The quality of the juicer increased for its powerful motor and brush system. The closing spout helps the user to mix drinks right in the juicer itself. The users don't have to do any other mixing. Therefore the decent amount of dry pulp ejects out to show how much juice extracted from the ingredients of the food.

Safety features prove the reliability of the juicer. It protects the juicer from overheating and damage. People will be confident to use the machine for its features and safety. Safety must be the priority. The Hurom Elite works excellent with the variety of foods like apples, oranges, berries and many others. It works great with leafy greens like kale, wheatgrass or spinach. The slow turning auger does the magic of perfect grinding and pulverizing. The stop valve on the spout also juices soybeans or nuts for milk, milkshakes, nut milk and other foods.

The customization of juice is possible with the help of pulp control dial. It easily allows making custom-made juices. Pulp control dial is required to custom the juice. How much pulp the user wants in their juice is instructed by the user through the custom-made pulp. Most people probably do not need this control dial as they make their juice usually. But sometimes to create different kinds, flavors and textures of juices pulp control dial help a lot for its user.

Health conscious people use the Hurom Elite for making healthy and quality juices. The rotating brushes keep the juicer clean and clog free for many years. Thus, Hurom is one of the leading brands and so do not hesitate to try it out.

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