Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Review

Fresh juice is highly beneficial for our body. A glass of juice creates the massive impact on our metabolism. It develops our brain and provides essential nutrients that can keep our body fit and active for a long time. Therefore, to make fresh juices, you must need a juicer. The juicer helps to squeeze the juice of different types of foods including fruits and vegetables. The pulp gets separated from the fluid easily through the juicing process conducted by a juicer. There is no need for significant investment to get a high-quality juicer. Anyone can buy a juicer, and it can serve them with healthy drinks regularly.

The hurom juicer models is very affordable comes with extra-ordinary features and advantages. The Hurom Company and brand is in the market for about 70 years. It has gathered long-term experiences by which the company knows what type of product can satisfy its consumers and users. Hurom produces different varieties of juicers in its line. You will find much versatility in their juicers. So, it become one of the leading producers of juicing machines around the world. The juicer will serve you with the quality performance by giving you the results non-stop without any delays or breakdown incidences. Now the central question, is this juicer constructive and beneficial for you to make and prepare juices?

Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Single Auger Masticating Juicer (JP Series)

In this Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Review, you will get the all the necessary information about Hurom Fresh Press and why it is so prevalent in many countries. The studies and questions are discussed below by which you can determine whether this juicer can satisfy your needs.

What Is Interesting about the Hurom Fresh Press Juicer?

Key features:

  • It is capable to 35 percent more juicing extracted from your selected foods than a traditional high speed juicers.
  • This particular masticating juicer able to process vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, leafy greens, nuts, and soya to make a variety of juices, sauces, milk, marinades, even it can make baby food.
  • It comes with slow squeezing technology which gently crushes ingredients with preserving the natural taste & nutrients. Most importantly, slow juicing technology preserves heat-sensitive nutrients such as live enzymes, vitamins A and C.
  • Its long lasting motor comes with 10-year warranty and it uses only 150 watts of energy and runs silently.

Juicing Capacity:

The Hurom Fresh Press Juicer is one of the best masticating juicer as slow press and vertical in style. You have to put the food into its food chute. There is the internal auger which pulls the food downward. Thus the food is slowly gets churned. The food finds force by its screen. As a result, the juice and pulp get separated. The juice is collected, and it comes out from the front section of the device. Its large container collects the juice. On the other side, the pulp gets ejected from the device. There is a separate container for receiving the flesh. After every press, the result is less pulp and dry baggage. The juicer does not require any pressing or squeezing to get the juice. So for this function, the juicing from this device has become very flexible and comfortable.

Ability to Contains Food values:

The enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and many other foods remain highly active and present in the juice. The juicer keeps the nutrients intact. It also activates the nutrients powerfully in the juice. In every sip of the juice, the consumer will get the nutrients that have been building up by its efficient juicing process.

High Capacity Innovative Technology:

Hurom Fresh Press juicer has its innovative technology called the Slow Squeezing Technology. The juicer minimizes the damage of the food ingredients. It maintains the natural taste and keeps the nutrition intact. The slow and steady rotation gives the perfect juice. The slow squeezing achieves the excellent base of the juice. Its auger is exceptionally durable regarding efficiency and performance. The slow rotation of the auger gently forces the ingredients to squeeze out the pure juice. Pulp control lever determines the whole areas of the filter. It also provides more or less pulp based on users preference.

Hurom’s Slow Squeezing Technology and patented technology allows the juicer to provide the high yield in the juice. It gives up to 35 percent or more return. More returns raise the nutritional value of the juice. It also increases the taste. The dry pulp that comes out after juicing process can also be used for cooking or mixing to different types of food to enhance the taste. Thus this juicer is undoubtedly a versatile juicer for its multi-functional use.

VIDEO: Hurom's Slow Squeezing Technology

Versatility Of Juice & Food Processing:

You can prepare baby foods, grind nuts, butter, soups, sauces, desserts, marinades, cocktails and uncountable recipes of food. For its slow squeezing technology, various foods can prepare efficiently. The users of Hurom Fresh Press can also make their drinks and foods by their own choice of recipe and modifying many items of food and beverages.

The Hurom Fresh Press juicer built with the sturdy and durable motor. It uses 150- watts which are extremely energy efficient. It can handle most foods. The operation of the device is very quiet. When you operate the machine, you will notice that it makes no sound at all. The decibel of music is 30 or less which gives hardly any noise. For an early riser in the morning, this juicer is ideal for use as it will not create any disturbance to others.

Space Saving Design:

The single auger masticating juicer has a standard weight. It is very portable that can carry anywhere. It is a lightweight juicer. The importance of single auger masticating juicer is approximately 17.3 pounds. It generally economizes your space and provides room for other items in your kitchen. The product is suitable to use at commercial or residential places.

Easy To Use:

It is one of the most accessible devices to clean within minutes. All of its models have manufactured in such a way that anyone can clean it by themselves. In the user's manual, the models you have bought have been shown in details how to clean it effectively with some techniques. The primary way of cleaning is to run water through the machine after juicing has been done. The individual components of the device can be dissembled easily for cleaning in details.

Warranty & Durability:

Hurom provides ten years of warranty on the motor. On the other hand, it gives 1-year warranty upon all other parts. The warranty support is highly beneficial for the user and manufacturer. There is some possibility of getting added protection which a user can achieve by extending their warranties. 

What Do Reviews of the Hurom Fresh Press Say?

There are specific features which are unique in Hurom Fresh Press. The juicer is running smoothly on the market for many years. Our research and development team has done detail research about the product in which it has found that there are specific features people loved about it. Satisfying everyone is difficult. So we have described some top issues including pros and cons for the benefit of the customer.

  • What People Like

Most people liked it for its affordable price. The price is meager if you compare it with the unique and beneficial features. It can compete for its high-quality features and advantages with the expensive brands.

Many reviewers liked the slow press system which has allowed making more yield. They also loved squeezing of certain foods including orange, condensed milk, berries and different types of hard and soft foods. The special high-quality auger efficiently grinds the foods and delivers right amount and yield of juice. Again the pulp that comes out due to ejection can also be used for cooking and preparing many items of food recipes.

Most users commented about the ease of using the juicer. They liked it for an easy way to operate. The buttons and settings of the control panel are very clear cut for understanding. You can adjust the settings by your choice, and the juicer will follow your instructions. Many of its models have attached with extra buttons and settings for perfect use of making a juice and food. Anybody can adjust and use the control panel for preparing quality juices and meals. The primary function is to turn on and push food through the upper chute. Then the juicer processes it to a high yield juice for its consumer.

People liked its juicing quality. The Hurom fresh juicer patented Squeezing Technology has increased its sales. The dual-step masticating juicer crushes the food ingredients and extracts the juice from the pulp. The pulp pressed against the mesh of the juicing screen. As a result, the juice contains more nutritional value than all juices found in stores. Additionally, you will feel the natural taste in every sip you give to it. The juice can store in the refrigerator for a long time up to 72 hours or more.

The materials of the juicer are long lasting many users have reviewed it. Its auger and strainer made of ULTEM plastic which is extremely durable. The materials both inner and outer layer is eight times stronger than most plastics. Besides, the product is BPA-free.

The device is very versatile with multi-functional capacities. It blends and processes fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, nuts and many other hard foods, dense foods, soft foods and solid foods. You make dishes like milkshakes, desserts, soups, sorbets, creams, green juices and many other food recipes. 

  • What People Don’t Like

Several consumers did not like the slow press system for hard foods. It takes few minutes to make juice from hard or heavy food. It is a slow press vertical juicer for pulverizing any hard food. It takes few moments. It takes few minutes to crush kale, leafy greens, spinach, and wheat. The pulverization process is a bit slow for abundant hard foods. But it can efficiently break and squeeze the hard food, but it takes time.

Where Can I Get Hurom HRM0060 Replacement Parts?

For some years, Hurom Fresh Press is doing well in the market. You will get plenty of interchangeable parts for this juicer. The parts are available in the market. There are different ranges of replacement parts on their official website and other e-commerce sites. You can look on to their wide variety of components from the internet and market.

The warranty policy covers the replacement parts easily which you must keep in mind. The warranty will be valid within the time limits for replacing the parts of the juicer. The parts are replaced or repaired by Hurom. Therefore, it is a good idea to call its support centers and get help immediately.

Where Can I Buy a Refurbished Fresh Press Juicer?

You can mind many lists on Amazon about Hurom juicers if you want to buy a refurbished one instead of brand new. The factory refurbished models gives warranties and guarantees. To save a few dollars restored are not bad at all, but you have to do your research to buy a refurbished juicer. Many people get nervous to get a refurbish juicer. Many refurbished models give same warranties and professional support for the benefit of the user.

What’s the Best Price for the Hurom HRM0060 and Where Can I Buy It?

The Hurom Fresh Press has the standard price on the market. All of its models are very affordable for the consumers. You can find the juicers in many online and e-commerce sites. There is the available stock of this model Hurom HRM0060 in any websites including Amazon and also on stores. You can buy it from deals and discount time periods from any stores in the market. Amazon regularly offers deals on shipping, extended warranties or special discount deal on this juicer brand and this model of Hurom HRM0060.

VIDEO: Hurom Slow Juicer vs Store Bought Cold Press Juices

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

This juicer has nice features, good warranty support, affordable price and many more. It is a very reliable juicer for a consumer. The juicer has been designed to pulverize any type of food like hard food, heavy food, leafy greens, soft food and solid food. The motor is strong enough to crush and squeeze different varieties of food to prepare a high-quality juice. The machine can handle any food. It can extract and retain all nutrients like vitamins, enzymes, fibers, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and many other healthy components from the food. There is no heating while the juicing process is going on. So the nutrients and nourishment remain highly active into the juice.

You should always avoid buying the pre-made juices. The pre-made juices contain preservatives, harmful chemicals, addictives and less nutritional value. The Hurom has gained a considerable reputation in the market for its modern and advanced juicing gadgets which can make juices from any food ingredients.

The vertical design and juicing technology of this juicer have made Humor Fresh Press juicer one of the best brands in the juicing industry. It is among the top line models and is an excellent option for you to get it. The average customer ratings are very high on all e-commerce sites including Amazon.

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