Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer Review

The Hurom brand is very supportive for optimal health of its users. For this reason, they make different categories and models of juicers including this one called as Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer. In this Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer Review we tried find out the best thing about this Juicer. Basically, by using these juicers, a user gains their optimal health easily. The Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) extracts efficiently and carefully the juice from the foods by preserving the cellular structures and nutrients. It can process any food to make juices, sauces, desserts, milk, marinades, food pastes, baby foods and many other recipes quickly and effortlessly. It featured with modern equipment and parts. There are also many safety features. The juicer is suitable to use for regular juice diet, family and relative gatherings, office party and many other purposes.

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer, White

What Is Interesting about the Hurom HU 100 Juicer?

The first slow vertical juicer for Hurom Company was the Hurom HU 100. It is an American arm of the Dong AH Industrial Co. Ltd. The Dong AH Industrial Co. Ltd. manufactures juicers for several companies and brands. Though Hurom and Omega both brands are produced by the same company the features are not equal at all. Hurom has many innovative and exciting features.

Slow Squeezing Technology:

You will enjoy the benefits of slow squeezing technology from this Hurom Brand juicer. It makes Hurom juicers stand out in the juicing industry. The primary function of the technology is to pulverize the food ingredients slowly and efficiently. The slow process improves and develops the quality of juice.

Vertical auger:

The vertical auger of Hurom HU-100 takes the turn of 80 RPM. The food has to put from the top chute. Its screen separates the pulp.

Screen made of Ultem:

Ultem is used to make the screen. In the screen, the foods get pushed by its 150 motors. Ultem is a type of amber plastic material. It is eight times stronger than regular plastics which have made it a very durable screen and juicer. The auger of the juicer can quickly push the foods by its vast and powerful force because of such high-quality material.

Automatic pull:

Hurom HU-100 self-feeding automatic pulling of food is a characteristic of this juicer. The meaning of an automatic pulling function is that the auger automatically pulls down the food ingredients for squeezing process. If the food takes time to get down for squeezing, then there is plunger to help the user. The plunger is used to push the food down. There is no need to use the plunger as in all cases the gets pulled automatically.

The capacity of 35 percent more juice:

The slow process of Hurom 100 is powerful and efficient to extract juice more than other high-speed juicers. The force allows 35 percent more juice for its steady spin. In consequence, you get more juice from any food-hard or soft, heavy or light, solid or dense liquid and big or small. The extraction system conducted in such an excellent way that it squeezes till the last drop. The handle is the casing design of this juicer. By giving the juicer a grip, it became much more comfortable to lift, maneuver and pour. Now by pouring every last bit of juice comes out from the juicer.


Hurom products and especially this model is 100% BPA-free. The product has manufactured considering the organic and chemicals safety. Nothing will mix into your juice while using the juicer. There is no way of any leaking and contamination. So don't worry about this issue.

Warranty segment:

The warranty is for 10-year on the motor and side by side it also gives the 1-year warranty on parts. The support will solve the problems, incidences or any issues.

Is the Hurom HU 100 a masticating juicer?

Let's talk about "what is a masticating juicer." The slow process of grinding any food including solid food, dense liquid food, soft food, hard food, heavy food, light food, small food or big food slightly spinning them quick described as masticating juicer. If you follow the previous line of masticating juicer's definition, then HU 100 falls into the category of masticating. So it is another type, class or section of masticating juicer. There are different types and levels of masticating juicer. The Hurom juicers are highly useful for dry foods like wheatgrass, spinach or kale.

Our expert team highly recommends the Hurom as it can easily extract the liquid out of any food including dry foods. You know to extract the juice from dry food is complicated and quite impossible. High spinning juicers cannot extract the juice from dry food efficiently. But this juicer can extract the juice from dry food without any issue. The spinning process is very steady and thick that it can squeeze and extract all the juice liquids from harder foods like dry foods or leafy greens. For this reason, Hurom HU-100 is an excellent option for juice lovers.

What do reviews of the HU100 say?

The model is going well in the market for a long time. Within this time, many customers have reviewed this juicer by using it. So let’s check the review:

  • What People Like

Most of the customer and user liked its juicing performance and capability. They say that this juicer has been used by them regularly. It did not create any problem. Some people loved HU 100 slow juicer for its efficient performance of juicing fruits like grapes, oranges, berries, pomegranate, dry fruits and many more. It has also done well with dry, hard and heavy foods.

The operation process of this juicer is very quiet which has been loved by many users. They say it is hushed compared to high-speed juicers. People reviewed and said that they had made juices in the morning and it did not disturb others while they were sleeping.

  • What People Don’t Like

Some people did not like its cleaning process. It is evident that a juicer must be clean after every use. Thus it will work better for a long time. If you do not clean it, then it becomes unhygienic and unhealthy to make juices from it. People reviewed that they faced difficulty to clean the internal components. Before starting to clean the external and internal components read the manual first so that you can know the basics of cleaning it and how to disassemble the parts quickly.

How Does The Hurom HU 100 Compare?

The Hurom models and Omega models are different from one another. To give you a hint of information it is the best comparison between the models.

  • Hurom HU 300 VS HU 100: Both Hurom HU 300 and HU 100 are vertical juicers. The power of HU 300 is little more than HU 100. The features are similar to both models. The models are available in e-commerce websites and the market. Hurom replaced the model of HU 300 with SJ-200B model.

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  • Hurom HU 100 VS HU 600: If you need heavy duty, premium juicer then Hurom HU 600 can be on your purchase list. The HU 600 upgraded with higher capacities and more options in comparison to HU 100. HU 600 designed with the stainless steel finish. This unit comes with contemporary design. HU 100 designed with the Ultem white material. The non-drip valve attached at the end of the juicer of HU 600. Many people find this valve appealing. The valve allows mixing foods within the juicer and helps in reducing the spills. The valve is absent in HU 100. For the user of HU 100, the valve is not an issue because by being little careful in handling it works as same as HU 600. The rotation of blade of HU 600 is very similar to HU 100. The models balance the pulp and juice. There is the simple screen which filters the pulp from juice. Two different screens are attached in HU 600 one for soft foods and another for hard foods. In HU 100 it comes with one screen for every category of food. So the HU 600 is more powerful and high in control than HU 100.

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  • Hurom HU 100 VS HU 700: HU 100 and HU 700 come in upgraded features and heavy-duty functions. They can perform very well with any food. The pros and cons are same. There is the slight difference in design and nothing else.
  • Hurom HU 100 VS HU 500: Slow squeezing technology, Ultem material, durability, and performance are alike of both HU 500 and HU 100 models. In Europe, HU 500 is an excellent option for its consumption of electrical wattage.
  • Hurom HU 100 VS HU 400: HU 400 is the variation on HU 500. The features are same. In the European country, the juicers highly suggested for use.
  • Hurom HU 100 VS HU 200: HU 200 has the same features of HU 300. It is related to one another in features. Both the models manufactured for the European market. In U.S. HU 100 is the best option.
  • Hurom HU 100 VS Omega VRT: The Dong Ah Industrial Co. Ltd. manufactures both Omega and Hurom brands. Omega and Hurom juicers come in various ranges of price, models, and features. VRT stands for vertical. Omega VRT and HU 100 perform the same function. The models sometimes vary by design, performance, and functions. So according to each model, the primary function is similar but gets different regarding any unique or special feature.

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  • Hurom HU 100 VS Omega 8006: Omega 8006 is a particular type of slow juicer. The function of the juicer is unique. Thus it is a slow juicer. It has horizontal auger which grinds and spins any food. You will find the juice at the bottom of the juicer after ejection process is fully complete. Again the pulp gets out from the front part of the juicer. Both HU 100 and Omega takes the same speed of rotation which is 80 RPM. They process the food for juice by their way and system. The functions of both juicers are different. Each of the juicers provides high-quality juices. It is difficult for an average user to notice the different yield process. Those who are picky and experienced juicer user can see the different function and yield process. For leafy greens, Omega 8006 is better, and for fruits, Hurom HU 100 is better.

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  • Hurom HU 100 VS Omega VRT350: The HU 100 and VRT 350 grinds at 80 RPM as a vertical slow juicer. The inserting of food is same from the top chute of the juicer. The food gets pressed with its highly durable screen. The container is 64-ounce where the juice and pulp get filled. Omega VRT350 is a new model, and its look is different. One of its colors is grey with black highlight which blends into your kitchen nicely. But the HU 100 comes with the color of the first solid white body. It also consists of many other colors.

Where can I get replacement parts for the Hurom HU-100?

The HU-100 juicer is still running on the market for many years because of its excellent design, performance, durability, and demand. From different marketplace, you can get the parts quickly. Many websites and e-commerce sites have the information about its parts and accessories. In the warranty of Hurom, you can easily claim to repair or replace the parts. They will also give you the newer version of the replacement system. Do not worry about the parts and accessories you will find it available in the market.

What’s the Best Price for the Hurom HU-100 and Where Can I Buy It?

The price is not stable. It changes from time to time for releasing new upgrade and the latest version. You need to check out the Amazon for the extended warranty, price, competitive prices, discounts, recent deals and new deals.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

All of us like to drink and consume high quality and healthy juices. The Hurom HU 100 has the long track record of excellence. It has satisfied the customer needs and demands. For this reason, it is very demanding in the market. The vertical design assures less space in your countertop or kitchen. It extracts right amount of juice from different types of juice. For sure it is one of the coolest juicers on the market for a long time.

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