Omega 8005 Juicer Review

Omega brand produces top quality masticating juicers. This Omega J8005 juicer is one of the highly recommended kitchen appliances. In this Omega 8005 Juicer Review we have found that; it is for household or commercial use the juicer can perform heavy-duty tasks of juicing food ingredients. It adds significant value to your household. 

A buyer generally purchases a product by looking at features, price, and benefits. In the review, we will discuss some information about the J8005 juicer. We will also compare the juicer with some other models. But before discussing the info let's give a thorough look at some basic features of the juicer which pointed below:

Omega Juicers J8005 Nutrition Center Juicer

Let's Sort-out Its dynamic Features:

  • A user will get a high yield of juice.
  • There is an auto pulp-ejection function for doing continuous juicing.
  • It has reverse modes.
  • It comes in a dual stage juicing system.
  • The juicer runs at a low speed of 80 RPM.
  • Due to its low speed, you will get no foaming, clogging and heat buildup in the juice.
  • It's multipurpose functions as a juicer, grinder, food processor, homogenizer and pasta extruder.
  • Voltage is 110V.
  • Ten years of warranty support.

What is So Interesting About The Omega 8005 Juicer?

Omega J8005 juicer is getting favorite day by day. It created a massive storm in the juicing world. It needs a little research to pick the perfect juicer from the market. For this reason, the review will help the customer to find an excellent juicer by showing essential factors.

Now the question may arise, what has made the J8005 juicer stand out? The answer is it is one of the models of Omega brand. For many years Omega maintained their quality. They have manufactured this J8005 juicer with user-friendly features. Let's discuss what is so interesting about this juicer and what this juicer model has that other brands don't have. 


The Omega J8005 is a full masticating juicer. It also referred to as the nutrition center for its multipurpose activities. In your kitchen, it will not just yield juice but also provide many other functions as well. It has 6 nozzles. There is each nozzle for a different purpose and use. It will function as a juicer, grinder, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and food processor.

There is no need of extra appliance for the kitchen. This J8005 juicer can truly benefit the user by having it around in home or commercial area. The juicer whips up juice in its pure and nutritious form from the food ingredients. The juicer can extract, mix, grind, and mince different types of food items. For example, a user can mix baby food, make butter from nuts, create pasta, mince herbs or grind coffee beans. As a result, the juicer is very priceless genuinely worth for its versatile use.

Complete Nutrition

Auto-pulp ejection function provides a higher yield of juice. In today's marketplace, the auto pulp ejection feature is more demandable. It is also one reasons that this J8005 became a popular trend. The primary function of the auto pulp-ejection is to allow continuous juicing and heavy-duty task. The juicer automatically ejects the pulp during operation of the machine, and it is not necessary to stop now and then for constant juicing as it works efficiently for its features. Thus it saves your time by allowing continuous juicing. For heavy duty tasks, it can create juices batch after batch.

The design of the juicing system is in the dual-stage juicing system. The dual-stage juicing system works at a consistent low speed of 80 RPM. Thus its capability is excellent in every possible way. The users do not need to worry about clogging, foaming or even heat buildup in the juice because it runs in low speed of RPMS. All the nutritional value like vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, fibers enzymes, and others remained active and protected as a result of the efficient low speed of auger. Therefore a user gets the real taste and whole goodness from the drink and food.

In a healthy juice, there are many enzymes which are beneficial for the human body. Those enzymes get lost due to oxidation. But if you prepare your juice or food from this J8005 juicer, then there will be no problem. The juicer prevents oxidation in the juice because of its low speed. Low speed does not allow heat buildup in the juice. As a result, the healthy enzyme remains fresh and active in the juice. A user can even store the juice for long hours (72 hours) without any worry about degradation. You can store your juice on the refrigerator.

Professional Performance

Omega 8005 has all the capabilities of professional grade juicer. At your home, you will get the access to high level of professional performance from the juicer. In many commercial places, it used for heavy-duty tasks and varied tasks. Many chefs also recommend the juicer for use. If you buy the juicer, then it will be very much beneficial for your kitchen activities of making juices and processing a variety of food items.

You know the J8005 is a single gear masticating juicer. It is also a commercial type masticating juicer. The appearance of the juicer is very professional and dynamic. Its color is in chrome and black. The measurement is 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches.

The weight of the juicer is 17.64 pounds. The parts are efficient and durable. It for a long time and can surely satisfy its user by delivering quality juices and food items.

How to use the Omega 8005 juicer?

There are many qualities of this Omega J8005 juicer. One of the classes of this juicer is the ease of use. It has found through market research that people pick that type of juicer which comes in easy configuration. For this reason, the manufacturer Omega has made the juicer very user-friendly. Anyone with some basics can utilize the juicer smoothly. The functions are quite sophisticated in the juicer. But it has the user-friendly controls and configuration.

The first task of the user is to assemble the juicer step by step. It comes with fewer parts. In that case, it becomes easy for the user to assemble correctly. You have to take the main plastic piece that has the chute in which you will place the raw materials during use. Then you have to connect the chute onto the main body of the juicer. There is a white auger piece. You should put the auger inside carefully.

At last the juicing screen goes in. The end cap has to be sealed perfectly during each operation. The black funnel is to put on top. You need to put the two containers in place. The first container is to collect the juice and an extra screen given with the container. The second container is to receive the pulp. The white tamper is required to push down the raw produce, and it needs to be kept ready.

Food ingredients are prepared by cleaning the ingredients and slicing them into small pieces before putting into the juicer. After that turn the juicer ON and place the ingredients or produce in the chute. You can push the food to produce one after the other onto the juicer. Now you keep juicing the produce you have prepared.

How to clean the Omega 8005?

It is a significant priority to clean the Omega J8005 juicer after each use. It is to note that the 8005 model has only five significant parts. For this particular reason, it became more comfortable for the user to clean the juicer. Otherwise, some juicer has too many parts in which the cleaning becomes tough for the user. But in case of this model 8005 of Omega, the clean is simple, basic and comfortable. In the juicer, the screen has less surface area. As a result, the user can clean it effortlessly even though it is quite hard to remove the pulp if it gets stuck to the juicing screen. A user should try to clean on the spot if they had made massive quantity of juice at a time.

Some basic instructions given below:

  • A user needs to apart the parts.
  • After each use of the juicer, a user must clean with regular water.
  • The parts are to clean with relatively warm water.
  • If there is too much pulp stuck in the juicer, then try to dislodge them with water.
  • It is better to use regular water from the sink to remove the dirt.
  • Thick dirt, pulp or food particles are to cleaned with soap, liquid cleaner or detergent.
  • In case of too much dirt, the juicer parts need to be scrubbed using a nylon dish brush.

The whole process will take less than minutes to keep the juicer spotless. Removing the dirt from the juicer is not very difficult.

What do reviews of The Omega 8005 say?

Customers appreciated the service of this Omega J8005 juicer. The customer ratings in the e-commerce sites and Amazon are very high with many positive reviews. Our team of experts analyzed the reviews of the customer in which they found that people are pleased with the purchase. By examining the reviews ratings, it can say that it is one of the best masticating juicers out in the market. The juicer will provide its users with quality juices. It satisfied many customers. Any buyer can research on the internet and read the reviews about the juicer.

The juicer structured in a simple format. So it became undoubtedly easy to assemble, use and clean. For the health conscious people, the juicer is ideal for utilization. It preserves and maintains all the nutrition in the juice pulverized from the food ingredients.

In some reviews, people said that they found it difficult to clean the juicing screen. In the analysis, we noted that the juicing screen must cleaned after each use as a regular wash. If it not cleaned immediately, then the food dirt or particles may get stuck in the screen by which it will be difficult to clean them later. So our suggestion will be to clean the juicer after each use whether you do massive task or light task with the juicer. Some people found the feed chute is narrow. Narrow chute will not make any severe problem while making any juice or food items.

How Does The Omega 8005 Compare?

Let us compare the Omega 8005 juicer with some other models and juicers to get the total information. It will help in market research and product research as well.

  • Omega 8005 VS 8003: Both the models differ in color. Otherwise, the functions are the same. The Omega 8005 is predominantly chrome and black. The 8003 is white and bit more massive than 8005. The auger of 8003 is regular. Ultem auger used in 8005.
  • Omega 8005 VS 8007: In the 8000 series of Omega, the 8007 is their heavy duty masticating juicer. The 8007 and Omega 8005 differ in their external form and shape. The color of the 8007 is silver and has 2 HP. The parts are BPA free.
  • Omega 8005 VS 8008: The 8008 has the chrome in color and form. Its warranty is 15 years. The parts are BPA free. Regarding horsepower, this 8008 is of 2 HP which is stronger. The funnel design is large and juicing screen is very upgraded in the 8008 juicers.
  • Omega 8005 VS VRT350: The VRT is expensive than Omega 8005. The 8005 is versatile in functions especially it is good with harsh ingredients like nuts. Tough items like nut butter are easy to make in 8005 juicers. All the Omega series is much more straightforward and more straightforward to clean.
  • Omega 8005 VS 8004: Omega 8004 is a masticating juicer also referred to as the nutrition center commercial masticating juicer. It is also heavier than Omega 8005. Its weight is close to the model 8003. The cost of 8005 and 8004 is quite similar. The auger of 8004 is Ultem, and its color is white.
  • Omega 8005 VS 8006: In the market research, it has found that the 8006 is one of the certified best sellers in the Omega line. It is also a masticating juicer. Chrome and black color used in the juicer just like the 8005 model. Auger of 8006 is Ultem which means it is a heavy duty masticating juicer. 8006 auger is 8 times stronger than 8003.
  • Omega 8005 VS Omega Vert: The main difference is the chute size. The crescent-shaped chute used in Omega Vert. The chute size is more prominent than 8005. For fruits and vegetables, Omega vert will be better.
  • Omega 8005 VS Green Star: Single auger used in the Omega 8005. The Green Star works with its twin screw press auger system feature and its feed chute is square. Omega has the round feeding chute. Green star RPM is 110 that means it works in high RPM. Juice pitcher made of glass in Green Star, but the Omega's juicer pitcher made of plastic.

Where can I get Omega 8005 replacement parts and accessories?

What to do when something goes wrong within the juicer? It is a common question. Of course, the parts need to replaced or changed if anything goes wrong. Omega 8005 has the 10-year warranty on all parts which is good news. So the manufacturer and Omega's official service provider will solve the problems of accessories and parts. Customers do not need to worry. Omega or service center will not charge any amount until the validity of warranty.

What’s The Best Price for the Omega 8005 and where can I buy it?

Amazon.com offers many discounts and benefits for their clients. So visit their websites and manufacturer's official websites to get the latest information about the prices. You will get the best price for the Omega 8005 in Amazon, and you can order it from their site.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

This masticating juicer use same power as like as  Omega NC800. Of severe juicers this Omega 8005 is one of the excellent juicers. It is an excellent kitchen appliance in which you do juice, food processing, mincing of foods, shaping of foods, pulverizing, grinding and homogenizing. so, in this omega juicer reviews we tried to analyze this J8005 masticating juicer features hope that helps you to make the right decision before buying this one.