Omega NC800 Review

High-powered, slow turning juicers are excellent to get the maximum yield of juice from any foods. Slow spinning juicer like this Omega NC800 gives the perfect juice for its users. The consistent low-speed rotation of the auger facilitates more juice which comes out from the ingredients till its last drop. In this Omega NC800 Review our team of expert tried to find out it's best features and capacity and how this best masticating juicer works.

Key Features

  • It is the smart way to prepare healthy and delicious juices.
  • You will get the maximum amount of nutrients, taste, flavors, and juice from a minimum amount of foods including vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, wheat-grass and many more.
  • Multi-functional abilities like it turn nuts into nut butter, grinds coffee and spices, extrude pasta, mince herbs and garlic, whips up soy milk in a flash and make baby food and frozen desserts.
  • The speed is 80 RPM. Low speed keeps the healthy enzymes, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other nutrients intact.
  • The juice made from this Omega juicer lasts longer because of its slow and constant rotation that results in minimal heat build-up and minimal oxidation into the ingredient.
  • NC800 comes in dual stage exclusive masticating extraction process.
  • Adjustable end cap gives 5-settings for maximum juice extraction and output at the same time.
  • Automatic pulp ejection allows continuous juicing.
  • The feed chute more significant compared to some other brands and models of masticating juicer.
  • This juicer motor is equivalent of 2 HP.
  • Powerful motor has gear reduction system.
  • The warrant support is 15 years which covers the parts and performances.
  • Built-in handle makes more handy and useful.
  • You will get all of the components in the package of the NC800 juicer.
  • The approximate dimension is 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches.
  • The juicer takes 110-120 voltage.
  • There is no noise at all while operating the juicer. It is a quiet masticating juicer.
  • It comes with 2 juicing screens and 6 nozzles to prepare a variety of foods and drinks.

What Is Interesting about the Omega NC800 Juicer?

The auger of the Omega juicer works systematically to extract the juice from the produce. The auger system forces produce into the chamber to perform the function of grinding and pressing makes more uncomplicated food to squeeze out the juice from the ingredient.


The juice contains maximum nutrients as its auger turns at 80 RPM slowly and efficiently. For its slow speed, it reduces heat buildup and eliminates oxidation from the juice. The enzymes remain active in the juice which is needed for our body to develop. It churns different quality of foods that includes hard foods, soft foods, dense foods, light foods, dense foods and thin foods. Thus you enjoy a great variety of mixtures in your juice.

Juice Anything

The NC800 is a versatile juicer. It is very multifunctional for use. This heavy-duty nutrition system runs with stone mill-like auger which patented and approved from U.S. FDA. It ensures highest nutritional value and tastes. Omega has made the juicer gadget as multi-purpose nutrition system.

  • Fruit juice: The juicer efficiently squeezes hard and soft fruits. Even it also juices harsh citrus fruits.
  • Vegetable juice: This NC800 juices any kind of vegetables like beets, carrots, celery, broccoli tomatoes, radishes, peppers, leafy greens and many more. It keeps the nutritional value and natural flavor intact of the vegetables. The unique extraction process guarantees fresh taste and full nutrition.
  • Wheat-grass and leafy greens: Natural products include kale, cabbage, pine tree needles, spinach, parsley and many more juiced from this Omega juicer. You must enjoy the juice of raw foods offered by nature to acquire its nutritional benefits.
  • Food processor: You can chop and mince the garlic, scallions, red pepper, ginger, herbs and many other foods as a seasoning. It never destroys the natural flavor and nutrition as rotates in a slow speed regularly. For the homogenizer set-up, you can prepare the soft foods as special diets for babies.
  • Nut butter: Pulverize any natural ingredients to make almond butter, peanut butter, sunflower seed butter and many other food items with the help of the juicer.
    Nuts & soy milk: You can create your favorite nutritious milk by using coconut, almonds, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts and so on.
  • Dessert maker: By using the juicer, you make different types of desserts like ice creams or frozen treats.
    Baby foods: Homemade baby foods are very nutritious, and a baby can digest it easily. So, this NC800 is highly suitable to make various kinds of baby foods.
  • Grinder: The juicer also grinds many items including coffee beans and flour.
  • Pasta extruder: In just minutes you can extrude and make homemade spaghetti, linguini or breadsticks with included pasta nozzles.

More than a Juicer

Omega NC800 is not just a juicer it is also a food processor, dessert maker, grinder, and pasta extruder. There are different attachments for making different types of foods. It makes the baby food or foods for older people who cannot chew properly.
This NC800 makes butter from any kinds of nuts. Again if you add some oil to the nuts it becomes the paste, this option is not available in many juicers.

There are also attachments to extrude pasta dough for making homemade pasta with ease. The nozzles for pasta produce different shapes and sizes of pasta dough. Its slight learning curves are very much useful for creating shapes and sizes for preparing a wide range of foods.

Extensive Warranty

Omega juicer gives extensive warranties. For this reason, people always prefer their products. This NC800 provide 15 years of warranty support against any manufacturer errors or parts defects. Customer service of the Omega brand got an excellent reputation. When it comes to the product, their technicians are also very knowledgeable. Thus it gives the user peace of mind because the company stands firmly behind their product. They can solve any problems. Like most warranties, Omega will not cover the errors or abuse done by the customer. But they will cover it for full 15 years if the fault is on the machine itself.

Is the Omega NC800 a Masticating Juicer?

Yes this omega juicers NC800 is a masticating juicer. It is functioning slow ways and grinds the food ingredients to extract the maximum juice from the food. It works well with any solid food, hard food, soft food, heavy food or light food.

Therefore, masticating juicers are versatile in their functions and capability. At last, it said that this NC800 handles any food expertly to make juices.

Is the Omega NC800 a Masticating Juicer?

The reviews have shown that people liked this juicer mainly for its durability, multiple applications, and excellent performance. The average ratings on all e-commerce sites including Amazon are 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

What people like most about this NC800 machine is its ability to extract juice from the pulp even from the driest foods. Seriously, its powerful motor grinds the food till the last drop.
Reviewers said they had found it very easy to clean the juicer. They commented about the machine which says that the users are too much satisfied because they clean it within few minutes.

Finally, reviewer's comments told that this NC800 juicer never clogs. More extensive feed chute process tough, hard and soft ingredients efficiently.

Omega NC800 Accessories

How Do You Use the Omega NC800 Juicer?

All models of Omega juicers are straightforward to operate. You juice your food from the juice by flipping a switch comes in one-speed settings. For juicing diet is fed from the chute situated in the top of the auger. The auger automatically grabs the food for juicing and pulls it down. A plunger also supplied so that it can force the food into the mechanism.

This NC800 juicer slowly grinds the food ingredients and removes the pulp from the juice. Beneath the auger, there is a large tub or any other glass which used for collecting the juice. The paste gets ejected out from the front part. You receive the pulp in a bowl or supplied container.

The adjustable dial is at the end of the juicer. If you need to customize your juice you can do it to by adjusting the dial. You make pulpy, less pulpy or pulp-free juice. So the adjustment allows mixing the food as well as the juice by turning the dial down. Lastly, you clean the juicer.

How to Clean the Omega NC800?

There is no difficulty in cleaning this NC800. It requires a little effort. You must detach the outer assembly. By twisting the securing screw from the exterior assembly, it gets detached. Unscrew the rest of the assembled parts. Therefore you must disassemble the parts carefully for rinsing off the excess food particles. Again the parts are also dishwasher safe. So clean it up quickly and easily.

How Does the Omega NC800 Compare?

  • Omega NC800 vs NC900: The model number may create confusion. Omega's model numbering system is a bit confusing. People might think that NC900 much more upgraded than NC800 which is not true. Although in reality, both the parts of these two models are similar in every aspect. The internal components are same in both the models. So the question you may ask, what are the differences then? The only difference is the color. The model NC800 is also listed as NC800HDS because the "S" on end means for the Silver color. On the other hand, the NC900 model is of chrome color. But this NC900 model is not made of chrome. A material called chrome plated plastic is used to make NC900 model. As a result, the color is the personal preference of a user. So if you like the silver color appearance, then NC800HDS can be your choice. Again, if you want chrome appearance, then the model NC900 is your option.
  • Omega NC800 vs VRT350: The models NC800 and VRT350 are slow masticating juicers. Both the models process leafy greens and dry fruits efficiently. They yield high among of juice till the last drop. The power and price range is very similar for both the models. Let’s talk about the differences. The main difference found in the fed machine. This model NC800 is a horizontally fed machine, and the model VRT350 is vertically fed machine. You can customize the juice better in NC800 for its adjustable output for the pulp. Each of the models assists in the customization. Any user can easily customize the juice from any of the model. Overall, VRT350 model is better with fruit type foods, and NC800 model is better with vegetables. Both the models extract juice correctly from any food. Any person can merely operate and use the models which are VRT350 and NC800.
  • Omega NC800 vs Omega J8006: Omega J8006 is one of the old models of masticating juicers. The adjustable end cap is absent in this J8006 model. But the Omega NC800 comes with a flexible end cap. The wide chute is present in both the models. Wide chute allows more variation and customization. It fine-tunes the level and consistency of the juice made by the machine. So if you need improved control, then NC800 will be the better option. The Omega J8006 model merely works, and the control settings are also simple to use for anyone.
  • Omega NC800 vs Slowstar: The strengths are highly comparable between NC800 and Slowstar model. Slowstar is a favorite masticating juicer. It rotates at 47 RPMs. On the contrary, NC800 turns at 80 RPMs. Accordingly, NC800 is a bit faster than Slowstar. But the difference in RPM between the models is negligible. The Slowstar is a vertical grinder, and the NC800 is a horizontal grinder which is their main difference. This NC800 model attached to control settings. How much pulp a user wants in their juice is controlled by the control settings of NC800 model. Customization in the juice takes place by control settings. The Slowstar model has no facility for customization.  Slowstar is simpler to use than NC800 as you do not need to learn how to set the pulp output. It is a bit different in performance. NC800 model is very efficient with leafy greens and tough foods. The Slowstar is better for fruits. Both the models squeeze juice efficiently from any food. The warranty for Slowstar is 10 years. Omega provides 15 years of warranty. Each of the models is impressive in their function.

Where Can I Get Omega NC800 Replacement Parts?

As Omega gives the facility of long-term warranties, they must need to keep the replacement parts available. A user can collect the parts of this NC800 juicer from the official website of Omega or any other e-commerce sites including Amazon. The customer service is also beneficial. So for any information of the replacement parts a user can share and inform the customer service. The warranty support covers any issues including replacement of the elements of the juicer. Therefore you do not need to purchase it because there is the facility for the warranty period. All parts are generally available in the Amazon, e-commerce sites, and Omega's official websites.

What’s the Best Price for the Omega NC800 and Where Can I Buy It?

In the competitive market, many websites and sellers sell this model NC800 of Omega brand. But if you are searching for the best price then, of course, Amazon provides the better service than any other seller and websites. The cost of NC800 not fixed. It changes in Amazon due to weekly offers, monthly offers, discounts, occasional offers, seasonal offers, festival offers, Christmas offers or yearly offers. As a result, you must visit the Amazon site to get the latest price.

Verdict: Is This Juicer for You?

Omega NC800 model extracts the juice till the last drop from any food. It outperforms many juicers in the market. For its quality performance, durability, warranty support, and customization ability it gained massive popularity in the market. People reviewed and rated this product very high in almost all e-commerce sites, blogs and markets.

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