Super Angel 5500 Review – Stainless Steel Masticating Juicer

The Super Angel upgraded, improved and automatic regarding performance and functions. The parts include- motor, gear, box, safety sensors, cooling system, control panels and many more.

  • Super Angel has self-adjusting speed control.
  • It has the anti-jamming system as it has automated built-in speed adjustments.
  • There are automatic reverse functions.
  • The cooling system is fully automatic if the juicers get overheated.
  • Control-board is easy to operate.
Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer

What Is Interesting About the Super Angel 5500 Juicer?

Steady and efficient function

If you analyze in the first stage, the food fed to its chute which can found on the top of the juicer. After that, the two stainless steel gears starts the grinding function. It manages the abrasive activity very slowly and steadily much slower than high –speed centrifugal juicers. Therefore the food turns into a pure fresh juice.

How the juice and pulp get produced?

Again if you analyze its second stage, the juice that has made after the slow grinding process is pushed through an excellent screen. The beautiful screen allows separation of the pulp and juice. Thus the food pulp gets separated from the juice. You have to look at the bottom of the juicer because this is the place where the juice comes out. In the meanwhile, the pulp gets out at the front part of the juicer. There are separate containers for collecting the juice and pulp. The juice and pulp need to raise in their tanks. The screening stage which is an added feature helps to produce more juice of higher quality from the food ingredients, unlike most other juicers. The pulp is the byproduct of this screening process. The pulp gets much dryer. To prepare any other recipes of food or drink this pulp can be used or can be used as the compost heap.

Rotation per Minute (RPM)

The Super Angel 5500 makes high-quality juices without any doubt. The gears run by its speed of 82 RPM as low rate but the RPM varies from model to model. Thus the juicer falls under the category of masticating juicer. Masticating juicers like this model have many advantages. One of the benefits is that the level of oxidation is shallow in this juicer. For this reason, the amount of foam you will see gets reduced by its slow but efficient process. Therefore the juice becomes more healthy, natural and in its pure form. The higher level of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibers, enzymes, carbohydrates and other healthy components gets activated into the juice. The juice gets packed with full of nourishment and nutrition. So the juice can be stored for the extended period in your refrigerator and freezer.

Horse Power (HP)

The motor turns as twin gear function with 3 horsepower. It can handle any food (hard or soft, big or small, heavy or light, solid or liquid). The power of this juicer is incredible, and so it is trendy in different parts of the world. It can give you more juice per ounce. The gears designed in such a way that it can blend and pulverize almost every food. The thick leafy greens like spinach, kale, wheatgrass, parsley and other are tough for a juicer to squeeze. But this juicer can squeeze the thick greens flexibly without slowing down. You will get the juice of the greens correctly as it processes the greens by its slow turning method.

Premium standard designed juicer

This Super Angel 5500 body is stainless steel which is strong, rugged and elegant. The inner and outer part is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. There is no risk of rust. The gears also made of high-quality steel.

Weight and dimension

The juicer will not take up much room and space on the counter. The size is 19.5 x 7.8 x 10.5 inches with the weight of 30 pounds. The weight is a bit heavier than other juicers for its stainless steel body and parts. You can also disassemble the gears and parts for storing and cleaning up the device.

Impressive warranty support

Super Angel gives the warranty support for 10-years with specific terms and conditions. The manual of the juicer comes with recipe book called as Juicing Bible. The book is an excellent resource of ideas for different recipes of juices, drinks and food items made from a juicer.

What do reviews of the Super Angel 5500 say?

The reviews of this Super Angel 5500 are positive as it has analyzed and conducted by our research team and product development unit. All of its models well tested. The community liked the service of the Super Angel.

There are no vital issues with the juicer at all. Very few users have said it needs to improve for soft fruits like oranges and banana. The soft fruit attachment is to be collected to get the yield. The food chute is not that big in diameter. So the food needs to be cut down a bit before feeding into the chute.

How Does The Super Angel 5500 Compare?

Buying a premium juicer is a big decision. To get to the conclusion of a choice the juicer needs to compared with other premium juicers and brands. Let us check the different the models and compare it with this juicer.

  • Super Angel 3500 VS 5500: Both the models are almost identical regarding features like they have the same high-quality parts, powerful motor and steel design. The main difference is in the reverse function. The Super Angel 3500 model has the manual anti-jamming reverse feature. While on the other side, the Super Angel 5500 model has already built- in reverse feature. For 5500 it automatically handles the clogging if it happens. Well if you are concerned about jamming, then it is evident that model 5500 will be the better option for you to buy.

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  • Super Angel Juicer 5500 VS 7500: The primary difference is that the Super Angel 7500 gives you the soft-fruit attachments and parts. Otherwise, both 5500 and 7500 models are identical and similar. You should consider all the aspects of both 5500 and 7500. Both the models are useful in every phase. The soft fruit attachment needs to be purchased separately for 5500 model. But for soft fruits, the model 5500 works well without the soft fruit attachment.

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  • Super Angel 5500 VS Breville: Breville and Super Angel make a wide range of quality product for making juices. Every model of both brands is different from one another. So depending on the model, it is better to compare. But basically, the Super Angel is high in price because all of its components made of the premium grade, for example, its stainless steel housing and twin gears. On the other hand, Breville juicers mostly made of single auger whose efficiency level is a bit less than Super Angel. To get any quality juicers Breville brand has some excellent options. But if you chase to find a premium juicer, then Super Angel is best.

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  • Super Angel 5500 VS Green Star: The green star not made with stainless steel components and gears. Their lines of juicers categorized in horizontal juicers. The housings made of plastics in most of Green Star models. So the weights of the Green Star juicers are light. They also use the twin gear function. If you judge the Super Angel 5500, they are highly durable for its stainless steel juicer facilities. For this reason, the weight is a bit heavier. Heavy juicers are more long-lasting and durable. Super Angel juicers are expensive for its durability, versatility and premium quality. As a result, Super Angel is much more preferable for those who are severe juicers and want the best juicer in the juicing line.

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  • Super Angel 5500 VS Omega Vert: Omega has the series of vertical juicers. Most of them are quality machines. Vertical designs are better for soft fruits. On the other side, Super Angel is of horizontal designs which works great for leafy greens. Omega is good but not a premium. To get the best juicer, it is much better to purchase Super Angel rather than Omega. Super Angel is one step higher for its multi-functional usage and versatility.

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  • Super Angel 5500 VS 8500: There is a massive similarity between Super Angel 5500 and Super Angel 8500 models. The core difference is that the 8500 model has surgical grade stainless steel and the 5500 model has the food grade stainless steel juicer. The difference does not affect the performance as both give excellent service. The difference is minor. You can buy anyone between both models.

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  • Super Angel 5500 VS Norwalk: Super Angel 5500 gives high performance, and it has the versatility to make different types and quality of juices. The cost of the 5500 is lower than Norwalk. Super Angel is easy to get the support and service, but for Norwalk, it is not the same. It is tough to find and service for Norwalk juicers. Norwalk works by both hydraulic and grinding process that is great to extract the juice. But our research team and the team of experts found that the juice from Norwalk is not worth even for its high cost. Many users said that the juice yield is not worthy of its higher cost. So it better to have Super Angel because it costs a less and worthy to have it for its high performance in serving quality juices.

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  • Super Angel 5500 VS Omega 8006: Both Super Angel 5500 and Omega 8006 are horizontal masticating juicers. The Omega has the single gear function, but the Super Angel has twin gear function. Twin gear is much more efficient, durable and effective in performance rather than single gear. The body of Super Angel made of stainless steel, but the shape of Omega 8006 not made of steel. The super Angel has the higher juicing capacity. It is also higher in price for its excellent performance and long-lasting parts. Super Angel juicer is for the severe juicers who want the best design, long-term durability, versatile juices and quality juice. But Omega is for those who are less passionate about juicing.

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Where can I get replacement parts for the Super Angel 5500?

There is a need for the replacement parts in this juicer. To get the replacement parts you have to know some necessary information about parts.

  • Super Angel 5500 Gasket

It is better to clean the juicer by dissembling the parts including the gasket. After a specific time, the gasket is better to be replaced by a new one. So the question may arise, where is the gasket of this juicer can be found. You know the answer is simple. You can easily purchase, or if warranty support is available, then you can get it from Amazon or Super Angel website.

  • Super Angel 5500 Attachments

You can find different types of attachments options in the e-commerce websites including Amazon and Super Angel. The super angel 5500 accessories of this like soft fruit attachments, cleaning brush, jar, cups and many other accessories.

Where can I find a used Super Angel 5500 Juicer?

If you do not want to spend much money on the juicer, then you can buy a second-hand juicer or reconditioned one. Most people do not want to buy used kitchen appliances. But you can get the reconditioned one from the market, referred person or websites. You can check the other sellers on Amazon site to know if there are any used models available or not. You must keep in mind that used models do not have the warranty support. So it is better to buy a fresh one.

What’s The Best Price for the Super Angel 5500 and where can I buy it?

It has discussed earlier that Super Angle is a premium juicer. So its price is a bit high. The actual price changes due to offers, deals, discounts and many other reasons. So you can quickly do your research by checking various websites and markets including Amazon.

Final Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

The Super Angel is one of the Best Stainless Steel Juicer you can get in the market. The price is affordable if you compare the price with the features and advantages. It is perfect for juicing any type and quality of food as it comes with twin gear and masticating design. The durability is amazing. It also matches the countertop, and it blends with any kitchen design. The juicer has excellent customer service facility. There are also experienced supports as this Super Angel is in the juicing industry for many years. They know how to satisfy the customers by fulfilling their demand. The recipe book can also help you in many ways. It will show you how to use this juicer in the best way. It will also teach you with new recipe ideas and information. The book is called Juicing Bible. If you want a best, every aspect of a juicer than this Super Angel comes to the mind and can be on your wish list to have it.

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